Oh, dear! Not another heartbreak. You can’t possibly handle another one. But you can, you know. You can, and you will. You get going through heartache after heartache because you believe in love, you believe in the magic of love, in its transformative powers. From each heartbreak you learn about life and self; they are very good lessons, indeed. However, if you feel like you’re tired of learning and ready to master love, then understand the self. As the greats have said, Know thyself. No two words could be truer or more powerful.

Heartbreaks hurt, they hurt bad; like literally, pulling on the heart in ways that don’t seem fair or logical. But what is logic when love’s involved? Should you be ready to know thyself and advance further in love, in a serious way, understand what’s really happening. This means looking at the self and reflect. It also means choosing the right partner and not just grasping for the next thing that comes along. Be patient, dear one. Love takes time and is a thing that grows and blossoms should one attend to it properly. First and foremost, understand yourself–otherwise you’re setting yourself up for yet another heartbreak. This article is here to guide you. It’s my interpretation of the signs, as they relate to heartache. Each astrologer has a special gift or quality they bring to a reading. Also, remember, you are more than just your Sun sign; keep in mind that your Moon and Ascendant play a huge role in the self, but when it comes to love, you’d better know all about Venus, Mars, and the Moon–in what sign they’re in, which houses they rests in, and their aspects.

12. Aries: Constantly In Motion

You’re too selfish and aren’t ready to admit it. Your biggest heartbreak is not loving yourself enough, truth be told. You don’t really get your heart broken as much as you’ll break other’s hearts. You’re into the self, self-exploration, keeping things moving, active energy, all movement in general. Aries, you are too focused on the self and life to let love get in your way. Your partner might have felt like they could just never keep up with you. Should things not work out, your attitude is something like: “Well, it was good while it lasted. Now what’s next?” You’re very much like that. Should you find an energy to match your, or a person who’s on a similar vibration and path, yet veers off and leaves you behind, trailing in the dust, that’s when you’ll get your heart broken. But in general, your fire energy doesn’t have time to slow down for a heartbreak, let alone love. Aries is pro-active in love should it see something desirable, but quick to leave something should it not serve a purpose. Should an Aries stay against all odds, they will only be letting down the self, and that will be the biggest heartbreak for Aries yet.

11. Taurus: Over-Possessiveness

You’re getting your heart smashed because you’re smashing the hearts of others. You’re very stubborn and fixed, you don’t take no for an answer and you look at partners with a sense of possession. The goal for Taurus is to have or own. When your partner doesn’t feel the same way about love, you’ll feel shocked as if love is something to have and hold. Not owning love doesn’t make sense for you. If your partner doesn’t see eye to eye, you’ll get your heart broken. Another way Taurus gets a broken heart is by setting sites on partners who don’t offer emotional or financial stability. If you are shelling out more than your partner in any sense of the word, you will get hurt because in the long run Taurus needs to be taken care of and not the one doing all the caring. And don’t take someone who can’t cook, don’t even try it because without food in your relationship, love just won’t taste right.

10. Gemini: Free-Spirited And Light-Hearted

You are too flirty, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it might be a problem with your partner. Gemini, stop picking partners who pick you apart. That judgmental life is not what you’re about. You want freedom and self-expression, fun and light-heartedness; anything less will make you feel confused and even inadequate. Don’t let your partner bully you into feeling bad about yourself for who you truly are–a bright spirit ready to have a good time and enjoy this world. If you keep going for people who are serious, who shun adventure, who criticize too much, who get too deep with it, or who don’t let you communicate properly, you’re setting yourself up for major heartache. But no big deal, really, because Geminis bounce back fast. Light on their feet, they’ll make their way to a new partner with the wink of an eye and a spring in their step.

9. Cancer: Restrained Sensitivity

You are way too sensitive, Cancer, and if you keep trying to make the insensitive become sensitive, you’ll be the only one to suffer here. When it comes to a partnership, you want to feel all the emotions of your partner, both good and bad. That vulnerability is everything for you. It makes you feel needed and wanted, it also makes you feel secure in your own feelings that you guard tightly inside of your shell. Not likely to share your own secrets and desires, at least not at first, and not likely until much later in the relationship, you feel at peace when your lover exposes themselves. If you have a partner who doesn’t need you emotionally, you will feel the gap, which will cause you heartache and eventual heartbreak. Additionally, you need to speak up and tell your partner some things and not expect people to be mind readers. Tell your partner you require attention, whether physical or emotional. Tell your partner you need to feel wanted and loved often, if not frequently. For if you get involved with someone who doesn’t shower you with kind words and touch, you’re susceptible to heartbreak and likely to wait a long time before breaking out of your shell again. Or you’ll snap and use those claws to make an attack, when all you needed to use were your words; you’ll break your partner’s heart and your own in this case.

8. Leo: Unreturned Loyalty And Admiration

You are loyal, despite all this spotlight hogging and hamming it up business. Yes, you love all eyes on you, Leo, there’s no denying that. Nor would you want to deny that of yourself, as it’s in your nature. Be aware of your nature, Leo. You need someone who enjoys the attention as much as you do. But Leo’s are beyond that attention game and more affected by a partner who isn’t loyal. Should a Leo get involved with a player or someone with wandering eye tendencies, then heartbreak city is the next stop of this lion’s journey. This means Leos need to take things slowly, really feel out the person they’re dating. See if they’re physically a good match, which is super important for Leo, but see if they are on a similar commitment vibration. And a Leo will feel a heartbreak stronger than any other sign because they rule the heart. A heartbreak will have you curled up in pain, licking your wounds, and praying for salvation. Make sure you’re selecting the right partner to be a part of your pride or your pride will get crushed.

7. Virgo: High And Ambiguous Expectations

You will get your heart broken because you set yourself up for failure. Gasp! I know, right. Virgo, you’re thinking: “Me, set myself up for failure?! That’s so non-Virgo of me.” And you’d be right, but your tendencies to be so perfectionistic, so demanding, and highly critical will be your demise. If you have high expectations of your partner and they’re not met, that’s how you’ll get your heartbroken. It won’t be by much else. The rest of the stuff you can handle and forgive, really. But should someone not live up to the person they claim to be, should they be irresponsible or immature, should they not use their intellect or logic to make their way in this world and through love, you will feel utterly disappointed. And that disappointment will be Virgo’s heartbreak. Virgos are not super romantic, actually, their love is really practical and service-oriented. If you go for partners who don’t get that about you, Virgo, you’ll have another let down. Be upfront about your perception of love and relationships so as not to confuse anyone. Use that logical mind and express yourself to avoid emotional conflict.

6. Libra: Unbalanced Effort

You are more than a balancing act, but you are class. A heartbreak for Libra can look like someone who doesn’t know how to manage life, emotions, or simple daily interactions. You want a partner who is balanced or knows how to balance you; you’re all about the give and take, and you succeed in relationships because of this. Should you come across a stubborn or carefree personality, you are asking to take on more than you can bear. Don’t go for the laid back partner. Don’t settle for the partner who doesn’t carry their own weight. This is how you will get your heart broken, Libra. Whatever can make the relationship go off-balance is what will do you wrong in the end. You do not want to feel like you are doing all the work, and you are really turned off by a partner who can’t keep their life in order. Be selective when considering a partner to avoid such a messy situation. And be sure there’s plenty of physical attraction too between you and your partner because once the fires die down, you’ll probably evaporate before their very eyes.

5. Scorpio: Unreciprocated Intense Passion And Devotion

You are either in or out, there is no middle ground, Scorpio. Should you be messing with a fence straddle, someone who doesn’t know what they want in love or someone who isn’t as passionate about love as you are, you’re in dangerous territory, Scorpio. Find an all or nothing partner, period. Don’t settle and don’t convince yourself otherwise. In love you need drama. Straight up. You need your partner to go crazy for you and even be at your beckon call. Why? Because that’s what you give in a relationship and you expect the same from your partner. With reason, right? So, if you don’t want a broken heart, Scorpio, stop chasing people less into love than you are. Despite your mysterious exterior, what makes you tick is love. You are loyal to it. And you demand the same from your partner. Any ‘maybe types’ will break your heart. Any loveless soul will break your spirit. Find a heart and soul that speaks to you own, let the love be obsessive and untamable, let it be wild. Anything less will only lead to your ruin.

4. Sagittarius: Unadventurous And Predictable Partners

You cannot be with a person who is sedentary. If you even consider a partner who is a homebody, a couch potato, a super relaxed entity, you are asking to be let down big time. Keep it real, Sagittarius, you need adventure all the damn time. Like you need adventure non-stop, like you need air and water and food and shelter. It’s just that vital for you. If you are dating people who are not ready to go into action at the drop of a hat and be on the move all the time, then you’re doing yourself a disservice and heartbreak will ensue. You need an Indiana Jones, period. You need a travel buddy and a person who can turn the smallest things into a philosophical conversation. But because you’re so active, you won’t really get your heart broken. The energy surrounding you is too free and will lead you down a new path where new adventures await, leaving behind your broken heart, as if it were just another pebble on the road of life. That’s how Sagittarius rolls with heartbreak.

3. Capricorn: Unambitious And Sluggish Partners

You will only get your heart broken if you allow it to happen. That’s just the straight facts. Capricorn is way too serious to let feelings get in the way of life and accomplishment. Being so detached from emotions will give you an upper hand on this heartbreak life that so many other signs suffer from. You have such a controlled nature that you will simply glide over the heartbreak as if it’s a mere bump in the road. That being said, you might get your heart broken should your partner not live up to promises. You are all about being determined, setting goals, and reaching them. If your partner appears to be like-minded, you’ll be deeply committed. However, if in time, your partner fails you and the mission, you will feel the faint sting of a heartbreak. It won’t last for you, Capricorn, because you’ve got too much to do in this life to let a little heartbreak get in your way. You’ll keep it moving and change your strategy for the next time around. And next time, you’ll be much more successful, no doubt.

2. Aquarius: Unauthentic Clingy Partners

You might not even understand heartbreak in the conventional sense because you don’t understand love in the conventional sense. Aquarius is out here floating on different vibrations than most other signs. There’s a real lack of commitment to love and partners because Aquarius doesn’t understand life on those standard terms. Your love is detached. Your love might even be all about freedom and space. One way in which you will experience heartbreak is if you go for a relationship without being friends with the person first. You thrive on friendships and conversations, on being bonded by something other than social ideals, and on breaking concepts about love and lovers in general. If you thought you were with a partner like yourself, but it turns out they have deceived you, that’s when you’ll get your heart broken, Aquarius. You hate fakers, the collective mind, the monkey mind, the follower, the regular everyday person. Those people would simply break your heart.

1. Pisces: Caught Up In Illusions

You are the queen of getting your heart broken. Why? Because while Pisces understands most other signs easily because they are so intuitive and in touch with the physical, emotional, and spiritual world, the rest of the world doesn’t get Pisces. Unfortunately, Pisces will give until they can’t give anymore and give until the last drop. They will be optimistic and even dreamy about love. They will have tendencies to be childlike and live in a fantasy world. Here is the downfall. Pisces gets caught up in illusions, so much so that the end result seems to always be a heartache. The main heartbreak lies in the fact that Pisces wants to give love and be loved, yet not everyone understands the type of love you offer. Your love is beyond deep, it’s almost abysmal; it’s so profound that it might even break spiritual realm concepts. Poor Pisces, all you desire is to experience a love outside of this physical body, outside of notions, and because the majority of the world doesn’t get that, they don’t get you. As a result, you will suffer many heartaches in this lifetime.

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Oh, dear! Not another heartbreak. You can’t possibly handle another one. But you can, you know. You can, and you will. You get going through heartache after heartache because you believe in love, you believe in the magic of love, in its transformative powers. From each heartbreak you learn...