A walk-in can only occur when one soul is ready to leave their earthly life and agrees to give the body over to another. Souls decide to leave earth for many reasons, but for walk-outs the most common reason is the desire to cut a life short due to suicidal feelings that won’t subside. In some other cases, their Life Plan may be complete, their karma for that lifetime complete, or because they are unable to learn or grow in that particular life any further. The person’s Higher Self may have plans for them in a new, better lifetime, and so withdraw the essence from the body. With the case of suicide, the soul is saved the need to harm their own body in order to leave it, for the walk-in soul requires a healthy body. So an agreed upon switch is made, leaving a healthy body that another soul can ulitlise.

Commonly, too, the leaving soul has experienced an illness, or some kind of trauma or operation. Without the walk-in arrangement, the body would simply die in its bed or on the operating table. Yet the body undergoes a kind of soul transfer operation undertaken by higher dimensional surgeons. They need to attach the incoming soul to the body on all levels, including to the emotional and mental body, not just the physical. This is considered to be a very large operation for any soul/body to go through.

Walk-Outs Are Voluntary At A Higher Level

There will be an agreement struck on the higher planes between souls that allows the body to survive after the original soul has withdrawn, and for a new soul to become attached to the still living body and project a part of itself into it.

What Happens After A Walk-In Has Occurred?

Usually when the person first wakes up after having walked-in they are not immediately aware of what has taken place. They have all of the original memories of the original inhabiting soul, yet – they are effectively a new person with all that it entails. For example, they think and emote uniquely, which is to say differently than the original soul. They will bring with them new ambitions, and different likes and dislikes. The old soul may have been a smoker and drinker and live unhealthily; but the new inhabitant may prefer a vegan lifestyle that is very active and healthy. Most walk-in souls are highly developed and come here to work in spiritual fields as healers, teachers, etc, so they tend to be more health conscious, give up the bad habits of the old body, and clean up their act.

The new soul who has arrived into an adult body, now linked to it by the silver cord, will begin to live the life planned by them before entering the body. This means in almost all cases the person, seen from the outside, suddenly changes every little thing about their former life. They may quit their job and begin working or studying in completely different fields of endeavor. Their hobbies will likely completely change. They will suddenly have little in common with their former friends or associates. In fact, they will not have karmic ties with any of the people that the original soul had, and will likely drift away from everyone they once new.

Sometimes a walk-in exchange occurs to a married person. In these cases, one spouse is left confused and feeling like they are living with a complete stranger all of a sudden. They tend to know that the old soul, the one they had married, is gone. Such marriages will end and the new inhabiting soul starts to make a new life for themself.

Soul Exchange

10 Symptoms Of Being A Walk-In

Do you think you or another could be a walk-in? Below are a list of common symptoms that show up after a new soul has walked-in.

  1. A terminal patient in a coma or operation miraculously survives and wakes up healthy.
  2. Near Death Experiences are common to these patients, remembering an out of body experience or spending time in an altered dimension before waking.
  3. Memory loss about parts of your life before walking in.
  4. They come back feeling like a completely different or new person; they think and feel quite differently and believe different things about the world and themself.
  5. Personality change. For example, if you were quiet, you may find yourself loud. New walk-ins come in with confidence, so a surge in new life and confidence, assertiveness, and knowing your mind.
  6. Remembering the things that you used to like but feeling disinterested with it all.
  7. No longer understanding the people who were closest to you in your former life. Being disconnected to them on every level, like they are suddenly strangers.
  8. Total change in what you want to do with your life and your time. New interests, hobbies and ideas for career. New talents that manifest themself.
  9. You will identify yourself as a lightworker with all the lighworker symptoms that come with that.
  10. Your life will change and this could mean a location change, career change, new hobbies and new friends. Dietary changes, style changes and almost anything else you can think of will probably have changed too.

Why Do Souls Choose To Walk-In?

Very simply put, the walk-in is an efficient system that allows a developed soul quick access to an adult body, bypassing the need to spend 20-30 odd years on the stages of childhood, growth and development. Forms of the walk-in arrangement have occurred sporadically throughout history but is much more common in this present time, due to large influxes of lightworkers/starseeds coming into our world, coming in a hurry to get their work done. In new age circles there are many conscious walk-ins who are aware of the process they have been through, some of whom are treated like minor celebrities. The reality is that they are like any other soul, except for having skipped the body’s formative stages. There are even walk-in conventions and gatherings that take place so walk-ins can meet each other.


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A walk-in can only occur when one soul is ready to leave their earthly life and agrees to give the body over to another. Souls decide to leave earth for many reasons, but for walk-outs the most common reason is the desire to cut a life short due to...