Are you curious to know what the week has in store for you? Here is the forecast for the week of 13-19 November.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

Rising above it.

One of these days Pluto and Uranus will have stopped challenging you and when that happens although life may be uneventful you could start to feel a tad bored. Regardless of the upheaval you may currently be experiencing you are being shunted onto the right track. On Sunday ruler, Mars, angles Pluto forcing you once again to draw on your reserves, whether of the financial, physical or emotional variety. Thus, all through the working week you need to be on the alert for land mines of one description or another. Treat any criticism with a willingness to improve your chances of success, and if someone truly takes you to task, retire with grace. Under no circumstances retaliate.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Reach out.
There can be nothing bad about a Venus-Jupiter conjunction, especially when it occurs in the area of relationships. People you meet at this time will be seriously good news, and the steps you take to partner up with others, whether for business or pleasure, should lead to extremely positive outcomes. So, if you have been hesitating to ask someone out or wondering whether to reach out for professional purposes, hold back no longer. There is a small matter of a Mars-Pluto square, but even this could work in your favour, removing obstacles and ending difficult patterns and inspiring you onwards and upwards.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Time to engage.

Normally Gemini would steer clear of confrontation, preferring to keep its options open, but you may have no choice other than to engage this week. Whether you need to tackle an organization that or an individual who has failed to treat you well or because you have waited long enough for someone to make the right move, push has come to shove. For other Geminis these influences could help you make something of a financial killing, and in general finances appear to have a part to play in this week’s developments. This is also a premium period in which to make a fresh start, and anything born under this celestial canopy has enormous promise.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Promise of things to come.

You have a chance to sample some Jupiterian delights this week, whether you have special occasions already planned or a wonderful opportunity comes out of thin air. Not a sign given to tooting your own horn, a little bit of self-promotion could go a long way to guaranteeing you success, whether for personal or professional reasons. And for some Cancerians a new baby or a new enterprise will be on the agenda. Clearly, a Mars-Pluto get-together is rarely the stuff of unbridled joy, but even the darkest clouds could pass quickly to reveal a blue sky full of hope and happiness. Hyperbole aside, good things should come out of this week’s developments.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

A fresh start.

All new moons bring something new into being, but not always in big and bold ways. Saturday’s new moon at the base of your horoscope could be one of the more significant. The foundations of the future is the theme, and it could portend a new home, a new chapter for the family, even a new beginning career-wise. While you could just sit back and wait for the universe to move, why not set in motion a plan you have been discussing for a while. Use the astrological force as a tail wind. One thing you may have to do first, however, is rid yourself of a situation that is draining your resources or becoming a source of pain and sleepless nights. .

Virgo Weekly Horoscope


Virgo is renowned for its ability to break down a situation into its component parts, however where you go from there can present even more of a conundrum. At the moment, you may be able to see all angles of a situation but are torn by which is the best route to take; and when you don’t know what to do, you really have to stand back and wait until you do. And sometimes this is simply a matter of your realizing how you feel and taking actions based on your feelings. Other people could be ready to make a move, which will help you reach a decision, but keep an open mind because it may not be what you expect.

Libra Weekly Horoscope

Sweet and sour.

Monday’s Venus-Jupiter conjunction may not be delivering its sweet messages to you in person, but it is taking place in the zone of finances and self-worth, which could be very good news indeed if you’ve been experiencing shortfalls. Whether you are made aware of how certain people admire you and are prepared to back you or because your income rises and cash flow becomes easier, life could be looking brighter. If only I could stop there… In the midst of all this abundance Mars and Pluto square off, which could lead to arguments, even a confrontation. For some Librans the aggro is focussed on home, property or the family, but wherever push comes to shove, say nothing you will come to regret.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Seize the moment

Venus-Jupiter conjunctions are not exactly rare but at best they happen only once a year. However, when this get-together takes place in your sign, it is a once-in-twelve-year event. So, Scorpio, if you want to take a relationship to the next level or promote your ambitions, have the courage to make that statement from the heart. Add to this a new moon in Scorpio, and a new and wonderful beginning could be on the cards. Not every Scorpio is going to see a dramatic and positive development this week, but even a small shift could change the direction in which one or more situations were headed

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Focus, focus. 

Many of the positive developments set to occur in the future are being hatched at this time. So, contrary to appearances, you are on the up and up. Your trust in the universe may have been dented in recent times, but once we turn the corner into 2018, this should change. One factor that could speed your course to renewed faith, both in yourself and the way the world works, is to establish what aspects of your existence are interfering with your short and long-term ambitions. Use the power of Pluto to eliminate those things that are draining your energies and diluting your focus. Aim those arrows of yours directly at your targets.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Sharing the load.

It’s time to get those garden tools out again and strip away the dead wood that is preventing future growth. You’ve probably guessed: we’re talking Pluto again. Over the weekend Mars will be angling this small but mighty “planet” inspiring those familiar themes of transformation and elimination. Clearly, the best-case scenario is for you to get behind those things that need stripping back and placing on the compost heap, but if events do the job for you, accept it is for a good purpose. Venus and Jupiter are on hand to supply joy and generosity, and maybe you need to recognize that sharing the load is a far better solution than battling on all by yourself.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


Tomorrow is another day.

Venus-Jupiter conjunctions, when in the tenth house, can do
wonderful things for your image and your life direction. On the one hand, love
and relationships could become a top priority and, on the other, the steps you
take to expand your life, most particularly in regard to your career, should
prove successful. Even if a meeting or proposal does not lead to anything
concrete now, it may well do so in the future. Not that everything in the
cosmos is smiling sweetly. Mars and Pluto have business in mind, and that may
well mean a glitch and/or a disagreement. While you should not make light of a
severe infraction, do not allow your ire to get the better of you. Tomorrow is
another day.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Failing to see the wood for the trees

Things are looking a little steamy. Hopefully in a good way, but if you are among the Pisceans currently unable to see a situation clearly, breathe deeply. Rather more important: seek a reliable second opinion to go through the facts and figures as you know them. Sometimes, when we are so consumed with a situation we read things into it that simply aren’t there. What is probably not a wise move is to leave something alone that could morph into a much more serious problem. There is some good planetary back up in the form of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction, so a difficulty can have a positive outcome, and the good times can roll.

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  Are you curious to know what the week has in store for you? Here is the forecast for the week of 13-19 November. Aries Weekly Horoscope Rising above it. One of these days Pluto and Uranus will have stopped challenging you and when that happens although life may be uneventful you could...