Think of yourself as a specific genre of music. Each genre needs specific instruments to produce the type of melodies that fit its character.
You can’t play heavy metal with an ukulele. Well, I am sure that someone can do it, but it won’t fit as much as an electric guitar, drums and a lead singer with vocal chords forged in the fires of hell itself, would it?
My point is that we are all a different type of energy and we all need certain factors in order for our energy to be harmoniously projected.
Your Zodiac Sign plays a big role in the type of energy that you are.
Here is what gives you harmony according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: Cause and Purpose

Aries rules the head, the face, the overall identity. Happiness for Aries means having a strong purpose and identity in life. Being ruled by the planet Mars, Aries is a natural leader, fighter and sometimes a rebel who loves to change the rules.
Because Aries needs to have a clear cause and purpose, they need to look within and answer the question: Who am I? Once they focus on what they want and keep their fire burning, it’s easier for them to get what they want.

Taurus: Self-Worth

Taurus finds great happiness in having a strong self-worth. By having self-worth, they know what they value the most. Ruled by the Goddess of Love, planet Venus, Taurus is the manifesto of the finer things and personal finances. They rule the throat that helps them to communicate well what they want. Having verbalized their desires, they become stronger and get what they deserve.
They just have to make sure that what they want is aligned with their true values.

Gemini: Communication

What makes Geminis unhappy is when they’re silenced and repressed. They have the natural ability to express their feelings and emotions freely through the use of words because they’re ruled by the planet Mercury, which rules the mind, the thoughts, and all forms of communication.
Geminis are the natural writers, poets, musicians, and speakers. These dualistic individuals have beautiful minds that could speak a lot. Hence, they need to express it because the world is waiting for them.

Cancer: Home

A home is where the heart of a Cancer is. Without a place they can call home, they’re like crabs without cozy shells. Their strong foundation is a happy home where their emotions can freely flow with their loved ones surrounding them, understanding them, and allowing them to be just themselves. They love to create their sanctuary.
Being ruled by the Moon that controls the ocean tides, they are the most emotional of all signs. When something in their upbringing isn’t right, they need to find resolution with their father or mother and clear karmic ties. They need to say what they want to say to find harmony under one roof.

Leo: Brave

Leos thrive in their pride which for them has a purpose. They are social beings and are the center of attention like their ruling heavenly body, the Sun. The sun is the light that shines brightly through their hearts.
They may only discover what they love through creative, self-expression, which often revolves around overcoming fears and issues. They must allow the insecurities to fall by the wayside. They’re naturally born as stars. When they do what they love, they’ll usually do it with grace and passion.

Virgo: Love of Self

Virgos are seen as people who think of others first. Being born as natural givers and teachers, they give up their life for others. When done overboard, they lose their good routine, physically and emotionally and end up unhappy. Ruled by the planet Mercury, they have organized mind and do things in an orderly manner.
Virgos must remember to love themselves first and focus on their needs as well. When they do this, they’re able to do more and make others appreciative of them. Having time for themselves and their routines will make them more productive.

Libra: Balance

Libra equates happiness with a happy relationship whether in business or personal life. They’re just unable to thrive alone. Because they are ruled by the planet Venus, love, and marriage are important for them. Their energy needs balance to feel alive and in good spirits.
Work, socialization, and personal time are crucial to Libra’s well-being. They must not spend too much attention to their partner in life, or in isolation.

Scorpio: Passion

Scorpio is governed by passion. It’s their ultimate happiness. Without passion, they couldn’t be happy. Scorpio is the sign most associated with sex, mystery, and the mystic. They’re ruled by the planet Mars and planet Pluto, which is transformative and icy. Scorpios see beyond the surface and any relationship that’s only on the surface level wouldn’t do for them. They strive on big deals and big business and aren’t afraid to explore the depths of the ocean.
Scorpios must be comfortable with the idea of killing a project, ego or partnership to allow new people, projects and a more awakened self to emerge. They must need to learn to let go and focus on what makes them alive. Above all, they must love those who connect with them at the deepest level.

Sagittarius: Learning

Keeping the Sagittarius from learning new things and discovering new lands make him unhappy. Being naturally-born philosophers and inventors, they’re able to do anything they put their minds to. They need to have enough trust in themselves to think big. The ruling planet Jupiter gives Sagittarius everything they desire.
Traveling expands their horizons and every place they visit teaches them and becomes a part of their essence. When Saturn returns to their sun sign, major changes in life takes place.

Capricorn: Goal

Goals are what makes Capricorn happy. They’re ruled by their time-keeper Saturn and are able to achieve goals when they keep their focus in it. They will survive regardless of the pressures along the way. Hard work and perseverance are their best traits.
Among the signs, Scorpio is the only one that understands life isn’t measured by years or days. Setbacks don’t stop them. What they need to remember is to not take life too seriously and yodel from time to time.

Aquarius: Connectedness

Personal connection matters a lot to Aquarius’ happiness.  Community work and being with great friends and family are important to Aquarius. They quickly connect with others, yet disconnects easily when new topics or new surroundings come their way.
Being ruled by the planet Uranus, their minds work overtime and see things differently from anyone else. They’re able to handle sudden changes and big moves. Having lasting and strong connections, they will always feel okay and re-energized. Social networks like meet-up may even be created especially for them.

Pisces: Knowing

Pisces finds happiness in trusting their intuition. Feeling lost at sea makes them unhappy. They are the seers. Neptune, their ruling planet, keeps them connected to the ethers. But as Pisces is a two-fish swimming in opposite directions, they can quickly disconnect from this strong power.
They are the individuals who can’t run away from the truth. Their inner knowing makes them able to help and guide others. They’re always guided by their intuition. And the more sober and connected they are with their spiritual practice, the happier they’ll get.
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Think of yourself as a specific genre of music. Each genre needs specific instruments to produce the type of melodies that fit its character. You can’t play heavy metal with an ukulele. Well, I am sure that someone can do it, but it won’t fit as much as an electric...