think before u speak

Your words have serious super-powers. My first “spiritual” meditation teacher used to say that when people criticized him they could do so because they would take away his Karma. I used to love this saying. I’m not so sure how Karma works exactly, but just the thought of being critical seems less appealing when you realize you’re entering into an energetic exchange with someone.

Just remember: whatever you put out there comes back to you!

I was inspired to write this post because today someone posted a really critical, nasty and mean article about me and my work. It was negative, a total projection of her own mindset (which is fine) and completely unnecessary.

At first I really wanted to like the article, because it was so well written. I just wished it wasn’t about me! It’s hurts my heart when people forget that the words they put out there can cause distress. In the article, the writer refers to me living a ’life of privilege’. She wrote:

“Not all people are as lucky as Prout; many people are dealing with social issues that can’t be solved by manifestations. The woman who had to drop out of college to take care of her dying father. The guy who deals with racism everyday. The woman who was born into poverty and can’t escape its grip. The overeducated mother of two who is up to her feet in loan debt and who works 60-hour weeks. The uneducated man who pays for her medical bills without much left to spare.”

But what about the penniless beaten wife that left her husband of ten years with 2 small children, two suitcases and over $30,000 worth of debt? The woman that lived below the poverty line on welfare? That woman was ME just six short years ago.

I can assure you that the idea of ‘privilege’ is something very new to me. In the article the writer accused me of giving people false hope when they are facing ‘real world’ issues to generate a daily income. What I think she didn’t realize is that I have LIVED a reality that struggled from dollar to dollar. I experienced it as a child, and as an adult.

I was held a virtual financial captive for nearly 10 years in my first marriage. I didn’t have access to money when I needed it. I was beaten when I was pregnant, emotionally neglected, in fact I was hit several times per year in our mutual physical altercations. This part of my life was traumatic to say the very least, and for someone to write an article that negates all of the inner work I have done to transform my life seems really unnecessary and hurtful. I’m human, so it stings a little even though I can’t resonate with any truth in this lady’s words.

At one point I didn’t even have a washing machine and used to scrub all of the laundry by hand in the bathtub! And trust me, there are a lot of clothes to wash when you have a 4 year-old and a 9 year-old! A really low point was when I purchased my son a second-hand Playstation from a local pawn shop for $50. I went without food that week in order to make his 10th birthday really special considering everything we had endured that year since leaving his father. Within a week the Playstation wasn’t working, and there was nothing we could do about it. It was $50 down the drain and a really disappointed little boy without a birthday present. The next week my son gave me a card with $10 of his birthday money in it that said:

“Buy something nice for YOURSELF Mum, I love you.”

YOURSELF was underlined. I cry when I think of his kindness during this time. In fact, the closeness, the connection and the memories from this time will always be cherished. It’s a chapter in my story I wouldn’t change even if I could.

The truth is that the reason why I am so passionate about teaching metaphysics is because I’ve been on one hell of a journey to get where I am today. I know The Law of Attraction works, I whole-heartedly BELIEVE that everything is energy and we create our own reality with our thoughts and feelings. I’ve seen many success stories from literally thousands of my manifesting students too.

I can assure you, it’s not all flowers, rainbows and unicorns and I completely understand where my customers are coming from and why they need inspiration because I HAVE BEEN WHERE THEY CURRENTLY ARE. I know how I can be of the highest level of service for the people that need help facing uncertainty.

My philosophy during one of the darkest times in my life was to take ONE DAY AT A TIME. I always chose to see the silver lining in my situation no matter what hardships I was being presented with. I always kept my heart full of GRATITUDE for the things that I did have in my life no matter how much it sucked. Sure, there were days when I doubted, when my beliefs were challenged, but I always found a way to hold onto ACTIVE FAITH that my life would shift in proportion to the energy I was willing to inject into my life.

Just remember whatever you put out there comes back to you

Whether people are wanting to manifest money, love, a baby, a house, a job, a freakin’ miracle…I HAVE LIVED IT and I have manifested it. I have used and continue to use ALL of the advice I teach. I use all of the products I create. In the true spirit of integrity and transparency I wouldn’t feel right if I was “misleading” people and not walking my talk. This is what I believe with every fibre of my being:

No matter where you are in your life right now YOU have the power to change your life.

It’s not about luck, “privilege”, experience, background, family or friends. It’s about GRACE. It’s beyond judgement to a space where if you BELIEVE you can manifest your desires then you are embarking on a powerful journey to expand your consciousness. And remember, it’s ALL about the journey and the connection to cultivate to the Divine within.
Your words have serious super-powers. My first “spiritual” meditation teacher used to say that when people criticized him they could do so because they would take away his Karma. I used to love this saying. I’m not so sure how Karma works exactly, but just the thought of being...