What in the world is an emotional vampire? Think about it. Vampires are associated with darkness and unpleasantness. They drain you of vital things. The emotional equivalent of a vampire is stress. Particularly stress marked by anxiety.

When you live life stressed out to the point that you suffer from anxiety, you are drained of vital things like positive emotions, self-confidence, and energy. You enter a form of depression and many things around you seem scary and like they are imposing on your safety or well-being. As you become more drained, you might even feel less human.

What Stress and Anxiety are?

People talk about stress often, using phrases like “I’m so stressed out” or “this stress is really bringing me down.” But what is stress? Defined largely as tension or pressure, the stress that most people refer to is a physiological response to the challenges and circumstances of life. The response is often emotional and mental, causing anxiety to tighten the muscles and otherwise affect the body. As a result, stress and anxiety can also become physical problems.

Causes of Stress and Anxiety

Since stress is a response to something, that “something” is important to understand. The factors and causes of stress can be internal, external, circumstantial, relational, and much more. For instance, common causes of stress include:

  • Being too busy
  • Having trouble in a relationship
  • Being in unhealthy relationships
  • Struggling at work
  • Tight deadlines
  • Potential life-altering changes unhealthy relationships
  • The threat of illness or loss
  • Having too much to do
  • Poor self-confidence

For many people, factors like these exist at different times and in varying intensities throughout all of life. Sometimes stressors (causes of stress) are short—lived. For instance, when a person in a healthy relationship has a fight (which is normal) they may feel stressed about it.

Of course, stress and anxiety can also be long-lasting. Ongoing sources of stress, like staying in an unhealthy, unhappy relationship or continuing to work too many hours, can make life so stressful that the anxiety can begin to feel like a vampire draining you completely of joy and energy.

Side Effects of Emotional Vampires

The most obvious side effects of stress and anxiety are being drained of energy and feelings of joy or peace. However, there are many other side effects that vary by person and circumstance. Some can be debilitating.

Common side effects include:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Damaged relationships
  • Low self-confidence
  • Making frequent mistakes
  • Panic attacks
  • Physical pain
  • Loneliness
  • Failing at work

Side effects like these can become life-inhibiting. They can affect finances, relationships, health, and much more. When they do, stress and anxiety often become a part of a cycle that can spiral out of control.

Tips for Reducing Anxiety and Stress

When stress begins to affect your life so severely, it is definitely time to take action. Emotional vampires, like the mythical creatures, can only be warded off using certain tactics. Some of the following methods are tried and true:

#1: Address Causes of Stress

Reacting to just the side effects of stress does not really solve the problem. It is better to get right to the source of it. Review the main causes of stress and identify which stressors affect you most. Then, it is important that you think of ways to reduce the impact of the stressor on your life.

For instance, if your chaotic job is a major source of stress, consider what you can do to address it. You might try staying more organized or delegating more tasks. Talking to a manager about changing positions might be an option. At times, it can be more beneficial to develop a calm-down routine after work to leave the chaos behind.

#2: Take Up Some Stress-Reducing Activities

Alleviating all causes of stress is impossible. Ordinary life can simply be stressful, even if the reasons are not entirely clear all of the time. Developing the ability to cope with stress is helpful. One of the best ways to cope is to engage in stress-reducing activities.

Popular stress-reducing activities include:

By engaging in these activities, stress can become more manageable. Instead of taking over your life and your health, draining you like a vampire, stress becomes a part of life that you handle just like taking medication when you need it or getting sleep when you are tired.

#3: Try Natural Remedies First

Sometimes, finding activities to reduce your stress is not sufficient. Many people find that the stressors in their lives are simply out of their control. They cannot relax enough to counteract the side effects of their stress. At that point, an external influence may be necessary. Before seeking out medications, however, you can try using natural remedies to ward off those emotional vampires.

For instance, consider using a natural remedy like Serelax. Designed as a form of mild sedative, Serelax is a very safe product that naturally encourages the body to relax more thoroughly. The capsule is simply taken twice a day. Known for being non-habit forming, Serelax is a popular agent for reducing the side effects of stress because it is effective and carries no known risks. Further, Serelax does not have any side effects that might incidentally make depression or anxiety worse.

#4: Consult with a Medical Professional

If natural remedies are not sufficient and anxiety is still draining you daily when you get stressed, it is best to consult with a medical professional. Start with your primary doctor. Your doctor may have suggestions for other stress-reducing activities or may prescribe a medication that can help.


As you begin taking steps to render your emotional vampires powerless, it is important to note one thing: stress will occur again. No solution to stress knocks it out forever. Take action accordingly. Form habits and find remedies that you can employ over and over again when stress pops up in your life.


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What in the world is an emotional vampire? Think about it. Vampires are associated with darkness and unpleasantness. They drain you of vital things. The emotional equivalent of a vampire is stress. Particularly stress marked by anxiety. When you live life stressed out to the point that you suffer from...