It is commonly believed that our present life on this planet earth is being lead by our past life Karmas, (Karmaashaya, cumulative actions of our past life or if one may call in contemporary terms, bank balance in our saving accounts, accumulated by us in previous lives). There are three types of Karma; Shukla meaning white or in other words, good deeds, Krishna meaning black or in other words, bad deeds and Shukla-Krishna, meaning mixed deeds, which are both good and bad. If someone intentionally or accidentally kills a snake in order to save another person or animal even with selfless motive, he is said to have committed a Shukla-Krishna karma as though saving one life is a good deed, killing another is bad.

We have many past lives and one of the purposes, in our present lifetime, is to clear the Karma associated with these past lives. Generally, ‘symptoms’ or ‘events’ in our life will signify a specific past life that is presenting – to be cleared. If you choose you can highlight this past life and in doing so, you will resolve the issue that is causing you disharmony in your present system.

Meditation, being one of the best ways to the ‘higher plains’, is the most effective way to clear any past life issues.

Preparing the Mind

Visualise a Great Being that you feel a strong connection.

Invoke this Protection prayer
1. Place your hands on your heart
a. Say: In the name of our Creator of all that is, I invoke for Divine help, Divine protection and Divine healing.
2. Wait for a Deeper connection to Higher Soul

Meditation – Part 1

3. Silently Invoke:
a. Creator of all that is I wish to receive your brilliant white light and guidance.
4. Visualise the Creators white light coming from above and entering your body through the crown chakram.
5. See the light coming out through the soles of the feet and traveling to the centre of earth. As you visualise this ‘feel’ the connection with the Creator and with the Earth Mother.
6. Wait for the deeper connection to the Earth Mother – really visualise it and pay attention to how you feel.
7. The light from the Creator comes down one column and moves through the heart of the child through the soles of the feet to the Mother. It then returns from the earth through another parallel column.

Once you get used to doing this it will take a few seconds but for now take your time. If you just say these instructions but do not wait to see what is happening the clearing will not work.
It is important that you believe you are doing this and you have faith and trust in the Creator’s light.

8. Once you see you are able to feel the white light all around you say:
a. “Where there is light, there is no darkness.” x 3 to 7 times
9. Put your hands down.

Meditation – Part 2

10. Visualise yourself floating in space
11. See an elevator door – go to door and when ready see the door open and go inside.
12. You are now in your personal elevator made out of a brilliant gold colour.
13. Silently say:
a. With the permission that is given to me by God I ask to be taken safely to the Creator’s light.
14. Feel the elevator moving and when ready see the doors open and step out of the elevator.

Meditation – Part 3 Witnessing the Past Life

15. Place your right hand on your left shoulder.
16. Silently say:
a. With the permission that is given to me by the Creator, I humbly ask to be shown the significant past life that needs to be resolved.
17. Witness the past life – this is crucially important – you have to witness what is shown to you.
18. Please remember it is the Creator who is doing all the work – you are merely witnessing the process.

Meditation – Part 4 Clearing of the Negative Cords

19. Ask the Creator to pull out the energy links that are causing symptoms in your bodily system.
20. Silently say:
a. Creator of all that is please resolve this past life issue that is causing me negativity in my present life-time.
b. Beloved Creator please help me resolve the negative issues from this past life for my highest and best good.
21. Now…Wait and witness the process.
22. Do not attempt to do it yourself – this is the Creator’s work, so wait and see what the Creator is doing about this.
23. You will know if you still have clearing to be done, you will feel it in your heart.
24. Wait – witness don’t rush – this is where the healing is done.
25. Trust in the Creator’s energy and the work that is being done by the Creator.
26. This energy may be channeled through the Masters or your Spiritual Guidance.
27. When you feel the work has been completed – focus on your heart.
28. Now see the Elevator doors once again
29. Put your hand down.

Meditation – Part 5 Cleansing of all the body systems

30. See the elevator door open – and in front of you there is a pool of brilliant white liquid energy. Jump or fall into this pool and feel yourself completely immersed in this liquid white light.
31. Spend as long as you want in this light – swimming, moving, shaking, cleansing.
32. Silently say:
Where there is light, there is no darkness.
Where there is light, there can be no darkness.
I am Light.
33. Really feel all the darkness in your system being sifted out, so not a trace of darkness is left.
34. When ready say:
a. “Beloved Creator please send me back to my current life.”
35. Elevator door opens

Meditation – Part 6 Returning to Earth
36. Visualise yourself once again floating in space
37. See the Mother Earth in the distant supported by the Four Supernal Angels.
a. Give thanks to these Great Beings who do the Creator’s work so diligently and without pause.
38. See your country.
39. See your body and when ready, enter your physical body.
40. Pray with gratitude and again give thanks.

Different Methods
Every person will experience this meditation in a different way and detailed below are some of the visualisations and sensations that may happen:
41. A white energy may come next to you, or an Angel or a Holy Being and may start pulling the cords.
42. You may feel more than one Great Being and there may be smells or touch as well.

General Information

43. Do not cancel or delete a past life as we need to learn the lesson that the life has given us. We are only asking for the lessons to be resolved so we can use the experience gained and stop the negativity of the past life affecting our present life. Every experience we go through is ‘Food for the Soul’ – so we do not want to negate any event, just resolve it. We don’t have to get too caught up in exact detail.
44. Each mind should be prepared, if the mind believes then nothing can stop you accessing this info.
Physical Body
a. Shoulder holds the name/year of the past life.
b. Heart holds all the details.
c. Spine holds the DNA processing
In reality, every part of our body holds a piece of cellular memory about everything we ever did, do or will do and that is the reason we can see past, present and the future at once. We just have to learn to access this information. Eventually, you have to learn to look inwards, that is where the answers are. There are no answers outside of our own physical and spiritual bodies. Once we truly understand this all limitations will be lifted from our belief systems. This all comes down to having faith, trust and love. Learn to let unconditional love in.

Ongoing Work

45. Make a list of all your perceived weaknesses and negativities.
46. In further meditations ask to be taken to the past life relative to the weakness so it can be resolved using the method above.
47. Eventually, when you do this often enough and really work hard on your own issues, you will be able to help others clear their issues.
48. However, work on your own issues before trying to help anyone else

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It is commonly believed that our present life on this planet earth is being lead by our past life Karmas, (Karmaashaya, cumulative actions of our past life or if one may call in contemporary terms, bank balance in our saving accounts, accumulated by us in previous lives). There are...