The king of all the gods and goddesses Zeus, loved the humankind so much that he gave every single person a unique gift. Zeus was always finding ways to help the mortals so he gave every zodiac sign a gift that will help them throughout life and it will define them from the rest.

There is a myth from the ancient Greeks that says that all the zodiacs were given a special gift, that will enrich everyone born under a specific sign.

Aries was given Honor

The myth was that Jason and the Argonauts have traveled a long journey and were faced with a lot of difficulties so that they could retrieve Fleece of a Golden Ram that was hiding in some mysterious place. Even though Jason was facing many difficulties, he never gave up and Zeus turned the Fleece of a Golden Ram into a constellation.

That is why Aries was given the honor as a gift. They are enthusiastic and never stop believing because their faith is greater than everything else.

The Taurus was given the gift of Power.

The myth here is that Theses volunteered to be sacrificed by the Gods. He found a way to kill the Minotaur, a monster that was killing one young person from his city every single year, and saved his city.

They were given the gift of Power so that they can overcome every obstacle that comes on their way. Their great strength comes from the hearth and if you really want to achieve something there nothing that will stop you.

The Gemini was given the gift of Communication.

Here the myth is that two twin brothers have joined Jason and the Argonauts in their journey to find the Fleece of a Golden Ram, but Castor was killed and Pollux was left heartbroken. Zeus wanted to help Pollux so he invited him to join him on the Olympus and went Pollux denied the invitation Zeus turned him and his brother into two shining starts so that they can live together forever.

Their gift is communication so that they can use this skill to overcome many obstacles. Because they have great communication skills they are loved by many people, and they are an interesting company.

The Cancer was given the gift of Loyalty.

Here the myth is how Hercules managed to kill the monster with many snakeheads called Lernaia Hydra. Because Zeus cheated on Hera, Hercules was born. Hera was so jealous and she wanted to kill Hercules so she helped Hydra by summoning the King of Crabs. Hercules managed to kill him and Hera turned him into a constellation.

Cancer’s gift is loyalty. They are true and loyal friends and not just as friends but also as family members. Their heart is so big that when they give so much they cannot see if someone is taking advantage of them.

The Leo was given the gift of Pride.

The legend says that there was this Nemean Lion that was terrorizing people and Hercules was able to kill him. After he killed him he skinned him and used his impenetrable skin as a shield.

The Leos were given the gift of pride so that people with bad intention won’t be able to hurt them. But, they should bear in mind that they should take pride in the spiritual and not the material stuff because they are good, wise and worthy.

The gift to the Virgo was Adaptability.

The myth here was that Hades the king of the Underworld kidnapped Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, and Demeter was so helpless that he had to ask Zeus to bring her back to him. The three of them came to understanding that Persephone will have to spend 6 months on earth and other 6 in the underground.

And that is why they were given the gift of adaptability so that they will always find a way to live through anything and adapt to every circumstance that may occur.

The gift for the Libra was Justice.

This is inspired by the goddess of Justice Themis, who had a very accurate golden scare on which she measured the good and the bad in humans.

Because Libras were given the gift of Justice, they always tend to measure the negative and positive and come to a fair judgment. This gift helps them understand why certain things happen and accept them.

Scorpios were given the gift of passion.

The myth here was that Orion, a great hunter, saw 7 beautiful nymphs and started hunting them. They asked the Goddess of Earth, Gaia, to help them and she sent a venomous scorpion after him. The scorpion eventually stung him and he died. And they all became stars.

The gift of passion makes the Scorpio able to go after anything he wants. But, they should bear in mind that too much passion may lead them to unwanted territories.

The gift to the Sagittarius was Luck.

The myth here was about the king of Centaurs, half horse and half human, who was the son of Poseidon. He was Hercules and Jason about the arts of sciences and the arts and magic when one day he got accidentally by Hercules with a venomous arrow. Because he was half God he was unable to die so Zeus decided to end his suffering and made him a star.

The Greeks did not see the death as a bad thing because they believed in the afterlife, which is why this story is perceived as positive. Also, it is believed that this sign is blessed with the luck to get whatever they want and whenever they want, by Zeus himself.

The Capricorn was given the gift of Success.

This myth is inspired by the story about the Goddess Amaltheia, who was in charge of nurturing the god Zeus. Because she was able to nurture him so well, he turned her into a bright constellation, to show others that sacrifices can lead to great things.

Therefore the gifts to the Capricorn were Success and abundance. But, bear in mind that these two won’t just fall from the sky; you really need to work hard to achieve them.

Uniqueness was the gift to the Aquarius.

The myth is about a handsome prince named Ganymedes, he was so handsome that even Zeus was enchanted by his beauty. He brought Ganymedes to live with him on Olympus and gave him the task to pour the nectar of eternal youth to his glass and the glasses of the other Gods.

The uniqueness was the gift to the Aquarius, making them look like this world is not worthy of them. But because they feel like they do not belong to this world it might make them isolated.

The gift to the Pisces was Fantasy.

Pisces was inspired by the myth about the demon called Typhoon, who was chasing Olympians and turn them into animals. He was chasing after Aphrodite and her son Eros and turned them into two fishes. Eventually, Zeus beat him.

The Pisces were gifted with Fantasy so that they can overcome the bad days and turn them into something beautiful. They possess both Fantasy and Visualization, but they should focus more on the second and it will help them reach their goals.

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The king of all the gods and goddesses Zeus, loved the humankind so much that he gave every single person a unique gift. Zeus was always finding ways to help the mortals so he gave every zodiac sign a gift that will help them throughout life and it will...