There comes a time in life for most people when they make the decision that it is time to change. While you might not be there just yet, I can almost guarantee that by the time you get done reading this you will be!

The following 55 sentences are something you need to really take in. Read them slowly and carefully to allow yourself the time to really grasp each one before moving onto the next. Hopefully, by the time you are done reading, you will be ready to make some much needed changes in your life.

1. Your culture limits you in ways you cannot understand until you learn to overcome it.

2. Comfort is the enemy of achievement.

3. You are settling and wasting away, the limits that have been laid out in front of you should not be where you stop.

4. We are in charge of our own destiny, and we only have one life to live. Use your time here on earth wisely.

5. Success can mean whatever you want it to mean.

6. Getting by and being happy are not the same thing.

7. Most of us will spend our lives in jobs we hate, dealing with people that we don’t like. Use your time to put yourself in a better position.

8. Don’t ever turn down an opportunity for change, as change means progression.

9. Explore new terrain until you find your soul home.

10. We are born dying and must find a way to enhance the life we have during the time we have it.

11. As human beings we are naturally curious, and that curiosity needs to be fed or it will become overwhelming.

12. Taste new things, meet new people, and see all the wonders this world has to offer.

13. We are surrounded by opportunities, but miss so many. How many have you missed? Well, the time to STOP is now!

14. Don’t jip yourself out of a good life.

15. Stop deceiving yourself, you are better than that!

16. Learning is better than knowing.

17. Home is not where you are born, home is where you find yourself.

18. This world is an exciting place full of wonderful things.

19. Why would there be so many amazing things to see if we were not meant to see them?

20. Get motivated and figure out what it is you would love to do with your life.

21. Challenge the status quo.

22. Allow yourself to change for the better.

23. Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.

24. Clinging to the things we already know is not the only way to live our lives, sometimes we have to just go for it.

25. Some people travel the world and get out there and do the things that they dream of. Other people travel inside of themselves and choose to only see the world in their own minds. The choice is yours, and I suggest you choose wisely!

26. There is so much potential inside of you.

27. We learn more from failure than we do success, so utilize your mistakes.

28. The way we spend our days will be the way we spend our entire lives. How are you spending your days?

29. Change is not a bad thing.

30. Do not fight the universe, it has a plan for you.

31. Let go! You have to stop fighting life, and learn to go with the flow. Where is your life taking you?

32. You are capable of amazing things and should unearth your potential.

33. Life has the potential to be so much more than it is.

34. Your dreams can become your reality, but you have to make the first move.

35. You are your own worst enemy.

36. There is an endless list of rules and expectations laid out before you by society, and that is not the way it should be.

37. March to the beat of your own drum.

38. Forget everything that you think you know about life.

39. Learn what you need to know.

40. Finding out things for yourself is the only way to know what the truth really is.

41. We all have to die someday, don’t let your life be for nothing.

42. Other people should not be able to manipulate the world in the way that they do. Stop giving people the power to dictate the way you choose to say and do things.

43. The easy way is never the right way. You have to work for the things you want in life.

44. Do you want to be boring and live a boring life?

45. If opportunity never knocks, build a door.

46. The past is gone and has no effect on the future unless you give it that power.

47. What are you waiting for? The longer you wait, the older you get and nothing else is accomplished other than old age.

48. The biggest risk we face in life is not accomplishing what we are capable of.

49. During our lives, we spend more time with ourselves than we do with anyone else. Because of this, it is important that we make ourselves as interesting as possible.

50. Reach your own conclusion about this world and who you are.

51. Don’t let other people tell you who you are supposed to be.

52. You will do great things if you wake up and smell the roses.

53. Just because everyone else is stuck does not mean that you have to be.

54. Everyone we come in contact with has loved someone, lost someone, and is afraid of something.

55. By accepting our limits, we can surpass them. life,life
There comes a time in life for most people when they make the decision that it is time to change. While you might not be there just yet, I can almost guarantee that by the time you get done reading this you will be! The following 55 sentences are something...