We all know so many couples that seemed really in love, but after a while, they broke up. Both individuals tend to say they just don’t know how it happened after a breakup. But it’s a good bet one or more of the following killed their love.

Here are ten things that will destroy any relationship

1. You give your partner an ultimatum.

If you make your partner choose between yourself and something else that’s very much important to them, then that’s just plain unfair. You shouldn’t expect them to choose you in that scenario either. When you truly love someone, you never give them ultimatums. You never make them choose between your relationship and something else that is close to their heart. You have to be able to find a way to conflate all of those things in a healthy romantic environment.

2. You invade your partner’s sense of privacy and personal space

You have to remember that just because you’re in a relationship together doesn’t automatically meant that you are granted unlimited access to the various aspects of your partner’s life. You aren’t entitled to owning and controlling your partner like some sort of object. You have to respect that your partner is still a human being who has boundaries and rules that you have to respect if you still want to keep them in your life.

3. You treat your partner like a baby

 You shouldn’t ever be treating your partner like some immature child who doesn’t know how what they’re doing. You have to remember that equality and balance are essential aspects of a harmonious relationship. If you constantly envision yourself as someone who is above your partner in the relationship, then you can likely expect your partner to get fed up of that kind of treatment fairly quickly.

4. You don’t allow your partner to be their own person

You are always expecting your partner to play a mere role in your own life, but you never allow them to be a primary player in theirs. You dictate everything for them. You discourage them from their goals and dreams. You don’t support them in their endeavors. And in the end, your selfishness will be the reason that they leave you.

5. You request for a temporary break in the relationship

Temporary breaks are always tricky. While it can work for some, it’s never an advisable method of addressing rough patches. You can still stay together as you work through your problems as a couple. You can take some more space to do your own things, but that doesn’t mean that you have to completely hit pause on your relationship.

6. You still play immature relationship games

 You have to remember that relationships can only ever really be sustained by two mature individuals. So if you find yourself constantly playing immature relationship games with your partner, then you are just killing the romance. You don’t want to “text first” because you think it makes you weak. You don’t want to apologize because you don’t want to give your partner leverage. You give your partner the silent treatment instead of just telling them what’s wrong. These are all immature games and you need to stop them.

7. You demand for too much communication.

Communication is essential for any relationship. But there is also this concept of having too much of a good thing. Remember that you don’t ever need to be in constant communication with one another. You don’t always have to be conversing every single second of every single day. You have to allow one another to live each other’s individual lives. Communication is important – but it’s not something that needs to be done round the clock.

8. You constantly hold the mistakes of his past over his head

At some point, you have to acknowledge that the mistakes of your partner’s past don’t necessarily define their present or their future. You have to stop holding their past mistakes over their head. There is no point in reopening old wounds just to make them feel bad about themselves. This is a very effective method of just driving your partner away.

9. You still maintain an unhealthy closeness with your ex

No one likes it whenever the ex is still in the picture. But for a lot of secure and mature partners, they would be able to bear the fact that you and your ex are still friends. However, it’s highly likely that no one would be able to bear scenarios with you still being intimate and flirty with an ex. It’s a very weird circumstance that very few people (if any at all) want to be a part of.

10. You act unfaithful or disloyal to your partner

Cheating is always going to be a big no-no in any relationship. You can’t expect your partner to still want to be with you if you’re constantly cheating on them whether in a physical or an emotional capacity. And yes, it’s possible to be emotionally cheating on someone. You don’t have to be having sex for you to be cheating. Whenever you flirt with the intentions of gaining someone’s emotional favor, that’s already an act of cheating in itself. And if you keep on doing that in your relationship, don’t expect your partner to want to stick around.


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We all know so many couples that seemed really in love, but after a while, they broke up. Both individuals tend to say they just don't know how it happened after a breakup. But it's a good bet one or more of the following killed their love. Here are ten things...