Trust is very important in relationships. In the beginning you are so head over heals that you do not think past what you see. Over time usually you can find out if he is trustworthy or not. As time passes you can get a sense whether he is trustworthy or not.

Here are some clear signs that you CAN trust a man. No one is perfect, but if any of these signs are missing, can you really trust him?

1. He’s Honest With Others

If you catch him telling little white lies it’s an indication that it’s easy for him to come up with an excuse or reason to not tell the truth. Everyone has those moments, but in general, if he’s trustworthy you shouldn’t be catching him being untruthful with anyone, not just you. If he’s dishonest with others, he’ll have no qualms about being dishonest with you.

2. He’s Open Around You

Sure, not every call is meant for everyone to hear, but if he consistently leaves the room to take or make calls, he could be hiding something from you. Of course, it’s not polite to answer his phone on a date, and he probably doesn’t want to communicate with other girls in your presence when you are not exclusive, but once you’re in a relationship, he should be happy to answer his phone with you in the room.

3. He Has Nothing To Hide

If you need to borrow his phone or laptop, he’ll let you do so easily. He trusts that you won’t snoop around, while not worrying that you’ll see anything that you shouldn’t. Does he let you come to his place sometimes without making a big deal about putting things away before you get there? If he’s trustworthy, he’ll let you into his life in a comfortable way, without making you feel like you’re intruding on his privacy.

4. He’s Open About Your Relationship

In a trusting relationship, you’ll both acknowledge each other to others. If he tells his family that he’s studying or working when he’s with you, he hasn’t told them about you yet. Even if you’re not officially a couple, he should be telling people he’s with a friend or on a date. If he’s hesitant to talk about you or introduce you to friends and family, it could be that he’s in another relationship already. It’s not uncommon to date several people at once in the early stages of getting to know each other, but if he’s devious about hiding that from you it’s suspicious.

5. He’s Available And Reliable

There will be times when he can’t meet up but he’ll tell you upfront when he has other plans. If he’s canceling at the last moment, often has to rush away on some pretext, or doesn’t like to stay the night, he’s probably not being entirely honest with you. A trustworthy person is a dependable person. If you agree to meet and he consistently cancels without a lot of notice, he’s not dependable.

6. He Trusts You

If a man is constantly suspicious or finds it very hard to trust you, chances are that you shouldn’t trust him either. If he’s suspicious of you, it could be a guilt thing on his part. Or he might be looking for ways out of the relationship, but wants to make it your fault. Of course, he won’t trust you completely off the bat, just as you will take time to trust him. But there’s a difference between learning to trust someone and not even trying to find that trust.

7. He’s Open About What He’s Not Sharing

Trust builds over time, so it’s okay for him not to trust you with everything. He may tell you that he’s not ready to talk about some areas of his life yet. Being honest when he’s not comfortable talking with you is a good sign. Rather than coming up with an excuse or lie about something, he’ll tell you that he’s not ready to talk or discuss that topic yet.

8. He Treats You With Respect

What does he do with information you’ve already given him? If he makes fun of you, teases you in front of others, or makes you feel uncomfortable when you’ve shared something with him, he can’t be trusted. If instead he’s there for you, helps you to deal with things as they come up, and is discreet with the information you’ve shared with him, you know you can share more with him.

9. He Treats Others Well

It’s always a good sign when a man is respectful and trustworthy with others as well. How do his friends or work colleagues treat him? How does he treat them? It’s pretty easy to see if a man is respectful to others. If he’s nice to other people, including strangers, it’s more likely he’ll be good to you and treat your heart with care.

10. Listen To Your Gut

It might seem odd to trust feelings, but in the end, what you feel deep in your gut is probably the right thing. If you’re unsure if you should trust him, then go very slow. Of course, you can get it wrong sometimes, but in general, the warning signs should make you feel uncomfortable at the very least. Even if you find it hard to admit, most women have a very strong sense of what’s going on beneath the surface. If you have alarm bells going off in your head, listen to them! If you do feel like he’s being honest to you—and you’re not ignoring any signs, chances are you’re spot on.,respect,trust
Trust is very important in relationships. In the beginning you are so head over heals that you do not think past what you see. Over time usually you can find out if he is trustworthy or not. As time passes you can get a sense whether he is trustworthy...