While growing up, everyone has the curiosity of discovering as many types of kisses as possible. From the French kiss to the Spider-man kiss, we used to make a mental note each time we discovered a new one. Then we would daydream about trying different kisses with that one special person.But very few people know that not every person has the same type of kiss. A person’s Zodiac sign has a huge influence on the type of kisser they will turn out to be.


Libras may not always initiate a kiss, but will send occasional glances towards you to show that they want you. If you are in a party or in a group and you catch their hint, they will take you aside and kiss you passionately. They are fantastic at making you want to kiss them.


Geminis are known for their versatile personalities – and their kisses are the same. They can kiss you in all sorts of ways. From bombarding you with butterfly kisses to slow sensual kisses and intensely, aggressive kisses. Geminis are a master of multi kissing. They like frenetic, energetic partners who can keep up with their changing kisses. Perhaps what they lack in skill they make up for passion! These kisses can seem a bit too wild and wet for some people though.


Capricorns are wonderful lovers with high standards. They are no nonsense kissers, but all this means is that they are judging the compatibility of both styles of kissing. They are intuitive and somewhat shy but rarely disappoint their partner. Although in the beginning it can be difficult for them to take the lead because they are so reserved, so you must give them time to act.


People born under the sign of Aquarius are deep and thoughtful lovers who keep a rougher edge while kissing. They are chilled out kissers who love to bite your lips while kissing. This is quite like their personality – deep, thoughtful but rough around the edges.


Taurus don’t always show their affection, but when they do they put lots of effort into it. They will look at your face, hold your gaze, touch your hair, and inhale your scent. When their lips will touch yours they will kiss the way you have always wanted to be kissed. They make people feel secure and cherished. They also like putting a lot of effort into foreplay. If you like romance and being catered for, Taurus are a great choice.


Pisces people are devoted lovers who love old school kissing and are often considered one of the best kissers in the Zodiac. They will pull you closer and brush their lips along yours. They will lick and bite you until you just can’t take it anymore. They will focus on you and only you during the process as they can concentrate on a single thing for a long period of time. Lucky for you!


Scorpios are fearless kissers who will always try new kisses. They would hold your body passionately and plant passionate kisses on your lips, ears and neck. They always take initiative as they are not afraid of anything and this makes them a fearless kisser. They are also willing to experiment and won’t ask for permission first. This dominance can be very attractive to many. If you like them to take control, Scorpios are fantastic kissers.


People born under the sign of Cancer love to show off their love and are known to kiss with their body and soul. While kissing, Cancerians will caress your whole body and leave no area unkissed. They will leave you feeling loved and fully satisfied.


Virgos are compassionate and sensitive kissers who will kiss you in a number of ways. They can feel which one is your favorite, and they will kiss you in the way you love the most. They are hard working, intelligent individuals who will try their hardest to discover your deepest desires.


Leos are known for their boldness and bravery. They love to be the center of your attention and will kiss you in such a grand romantic and passionate way that it can make your toes curl. They will pull out all the stops to drive you wild!


Aries are initiators and impulsive kissers. They will just grab you out of nowhere and plant a passionate kiss on you. It doesn’t matter where they are. If they want to kiss you, they can kiss you in the middle of a road bustling with traffic. They are a master of surprising sneaky kisses. They are adventurous and will always take the lead. Aries are known for their struggles with chilling out. However, this trait works to their advantage in this area.


Sagittarius are born adventurers, which is reflected in their way of kissing. They are open to different styles of kissing, from sweet butterfly to deep tongue. If you’d rather have some fun than indulge in intense kisses then Sagittarians are great.

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While growing up, everyone has the curiosity of discovering as many types of kisses as possible. From the French kiss to the Spider-man kiss, we used to make a mental note each time we discovered a new one. Then we would daydream about trying different kisses with that one...