Are you perpetually single? Or are you always dating but never settling down into a relationship? Do you have an endless list of bad dating stories? Do you shudder when you think of some of your ex-boyfriends? Are you constantly wondering what’s wrong with you? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes we just attract the wrong kind of guys. It’s not your fault! In fact, everyone attracts the wrong guy – we all just attract a different kind of wrong guy. Wondering why you are constantly being hit on by players or getting Tinder messages from stage-five clingers? Turns out, it’s all to do with your personality and your zodiac sign! Astrology can totally explain why these loser guys keep knocking on your door. Read on to figure out what you’re doing and why your astrology sign keeps reeling in bad fish.

Aries Attracts The Man Child

Aries, you are totally living life to the fullest. You always have awesome things happening in your life and you’re not afraid to say no to adventures. You’re active and would be happy to spend your time skiing, hiking or hitting the beach. So naturally, people around you are attracted to your awesome life. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that many of your friends and family want to be you or at least come along for the ride. Sadly, your awesome lifestyle means you end up attracting the man-child. The man-child wants to live your awesome life, but he doesn’t want to do any of the heavy lifting. He doesn’t want to plan anything or pay for anything. He’s totally counting on you to take care of everything for him. At first, this guy may seem awesome because he’s down for a good time. But it’s not going to work out. This guy has no intention of cleaning up his life and getting his stuff together. Plus, commitment is going to be a big issue because what man-child can handle a serious relationship? None!

Taurus Attracts The Manipulator

Taurus, you’re a great friend. All of your besties love how loyal you are and how dependable you are. If someone is going to remember a birthday and have a card and gift ready, it’ll be you, Taurus. Unfortunately, that makes you a prime suspect for this bad guy: the manipulator. The manipulator preys on your loyal attitude. He knows you’re going to be true to him and that he can depend on you. And he’ll exploit that to take advantage of you. He’s a total Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type. One moment he’s super sweet and the next he is a complete jerk. He’ll draw you in with his charming personality but then show his true colors once you’re already attached. Your friends may try to warn you against him, but you always give these guys the benefit of the doubt. Sound familiar? Remember that your friends are only trying to look out for you. If they smell a rat, they might be onto something.

Gemini Attracts The Lazy Man

Gemini, you are a total social butterfly. You’re spontaneous and loud. You love going out and being involved with your friends and family. You’re indecisive and struggle when there are lots of options, but being home alone is never an option for you. So even though your life is busy and outgoing, you still attract the lazy man. Much like Aries’ man-child, your guy is just along for the ride. He loves that you have a full life and he wants to benefit from that. But he’s not going to be lifting a finger to make it happen. To be blunt: this guy won’t be adding anything to your life. He’ll tag along and enjoy all of the awesome benefits of hanging out with you. In a worse case scenario, he’ll actually drag you down. His laziness will start to get on your nerves. If you ever put the ball in his court and expect him to plan a date night, get ready for watching re-runs on the couch all night while he reluctantly orders pizza.

Cancer Attracts The Needy Guy

Cancer, you know that you are the mama of the zodiac. You love nurturing people and creating a nice and comfortable home. You are sensitive and emotional. You give love and attention. Your friends always come to you for good advice and a shoulder to cry on. Sadly, this can also mean that you get taken advantage of. People will suck up all of your love and emotional support without giving any back. And it’s never worse than when you meet the needy guy. A needy guy will totally drain your energy. You might not even realize it Cancer because you are such a giver. You couldn’t imagine not being there for your man. You pride yourself on being a supportive and sweet girlfriend. So you wouldn’t think twice about making your man his lunch, buying him dinner, giving him a pep talk before his big meeting, rubbing his shoulders while he plays on his X-box and tucking him in. See the problem here? You’re spending so much time taking care of your guy that he sees you as more of a mom than a partner. Plus, when does he get to take care of you?

Cancer Also Attracts The Guy With All The Baggage

Sorry to break the news to you, Cancer. But not only are you attracting the needy guy, you’re also attracting the guy with baggage. There’s something about your mothering personality that draws in all of these problem guys. It’s like they’re coming home to mom to fix their sh*t. And Cancer, you totally fall for it! You love the idea of fixing a guy or converting a bad boy. A man with baggage just sounds like a fun challenge for you. You’ll happily take on his baggage and bend over backward to help him out. But that’s exactly why this guy is seeking you out. It’s not because he loves you and thinks you’re awesome (which, you are) but because he needs help with his baggage. Ensure that your man is giving you just as much love and support as you are giving him. If you’re the only one putting in the time and carrying that baggage, it’s time to drop the bags and run.

Leo Attracts The Rebounder

Leo, you are the total package. You’re smart, beautiful, and have an awesome personality. Sadly, your total package makes you perfect bait for the rebounder. The rebounder is just looking for the next girl to get over his ex. And with you, he’s found the best choice. Not only will he be able to get over his ex, but he’ll be able to rub it in her face because you are just that amazing. You’ll know you’re with a rebounder if he can’t wait to change his Facebook status and plaster pics of the two of you all over Instagram, especially if his ex and her friends are still following him. At first, you might love all the attention. It’s much nicer to have a guy who wants to show you off than one who wants to hide you away. But you know that things don’t work out with a rebounder. His heart is not in it for the long haul. And that’s where your pride comes in, Leo. Don’t let your pride blind you from seeing that this guy isn’t for you. Instead, use it to be so proud of the person you are. You don’t need scum like him hanging around.

Virgo Attracts The Mama’s Boy

Oh, Virgo. Get ready, lady. Like your Cancer sisters, you also have some mothering tendencies. You worry about everyone and always have other people’s best interests at heart. You have your life in order and pride yourself on your accomplishments. And while all of these traits are great, they make you very attractive to the mama’s boys of the world. A mama’s boy sees you and thinks that they can come home to mom. All of your worryings remind them of being taken care of by a mom who cares. They see your life together and expect that you’ll be able to do the same for them. At first, you might enjoy this aspect. You’ll see all of your worrying and taking care of as love. But one day you’ll wake up and realize you have a child, not a boyfriend. End things and send this mama’s boy home to his real mama.

Libra Attracts The Social Climber

Libra, you are a super social lady. You love going out with friends and family. You love being on the town. You are always invited to the hottest parties and have the most enviable Instagram photos. You have a super hard time turning down an invite to a good time. So while you’re hitting all of these parties, club openings and art galleries, you’re probably meeting a lot of really cool people. Sadly, one of those cool people might be the social climber. The social climber is a guy who just wants to be with you so he can get into all of those awesome parties and hot restaurants. He sees that you are a star on the social scene and he wants in on your brightness. He wants to use you to advance his own social life, get in with your friends and enhance his own life. Be warned, this guy is going to be a charmer. He’ll tell you whatever you want to hear to gain your trust and love. But be careful with this one. If he gets all upset and distant at the thought of turning down an invite or missing a networking opportunity, he might not be with you for the right reasons.

Scorpio Attracts The Passive Dude

Scorpio, you are the fiery sign of the zodiac. You’re strong and you’re stubborn. You are passionate and brave. You are totally the person who is willing to get into a loud debate at the bar over just about anything. You don’t back down from a dare and you totally stick to your guns. So how does a wild and active woman like you end up attracting a quiet and passive dude? It turns out, this passive guy is so attracted to your passionate lifestyle. He loves the idea of it, he just doesn’t want to do it for himself. Just like the man-child with Aries or a lazy guy with a Gemini, he is totally relying on you. He wants to join in, he just wants you to take the lead. Sometimes, this can be great for you Scorpio. A passive guy is never going to fight back against you, tell you-you’re being too loud or challenge you to a debate. He’s totally going to let you do your thing. But Scorpio, you live off of the drama and the passion. A passive guy is going to bore you.

Scorpio Can Also Attract The Fighter

On the other end of the spectrum, our lucky Scorpio ladies also attract another type of bad guy. If you’re not attracting a boring passive dude, you’re attracting a fellow fiery fighter. The fighter is also attracted to your passion but in a different way than the passive guy. Both admire you. But the passive guy wants to follow while the fighter wants to push you back. He’s going to be just as fiery and passionate as you are. He is strong and stubborn. At first, you might enjoy being with someone exciting who can challenge you. This guy is going to call you on your stuff and keep you on your toes. This is a nice change from the passive guy. But, things can get exhausting with the fighter. If every conversation turns into a fight, that is super draining. Sometimes you just want to pick a restaurant without screaming at each other in the car. Your fights can get very volatile, which could turn ugly and even violent depending on you and your partner. Be careful with the fighter. At best, he’ll exhaust you and drain your energy. At worst, things could get very messy.

Sagittarius Attracts The Guy Who Can’t Be Serious

Sagittarius, you are the wanderer of the zodiac. You love traveling the world, discovering new cultures, and being a curious adventurer in all aspects of life. To many, your life looks like it’s a constant good time. People are so envious of your ability to travel whenever you want and just get up and go. They think your life is all about fun. And that’s exactly where the guy who can’t be serious comes in. This guy thinks your life is a ball. And he wants to be a part of that. He’s a bit better than Aries’ man-child – you’ve got the man teenager. He sees your life as a never-ending spring break. And he can’t wait to grab his sunscreen and tag along. He wants all the fun of your life but is not ready for any of the work. If you’re off to Bali, he wants to spend his days on the beach and doing water sports. He won’t understand your plans to go to the temples, try local food, and spend some time working so you can continue to fund your travels. He’s all about the good time and surface level relationship.

Sagittarius Also Attracts The Clinger

Sorry, Sag. We’ve got another lousy guy for you. Just think of this as your punishment for being so awesome! Because your life and you are amazing, you happen to attract a lot of duds who wish they could be as awesome as you. Let us introduce you to the clinger. The clinger is going to be the guy who is hanging onto your every word when you tell the story of the time you ate pizza with a famous footballer in Italy or got your camera stolen by a monkey while on a safari in Tanzania. This guy can’t get enough of your life and your vision for your life. Of course, it’s going to feel very flattering to have a man listening to you attentively and telling you how amazing you are. Many people may scoff at your untraditional life and travel schedule, so getting this guy’s validation is going to be great. But be careful! The clinger is just looking for a glorified travel agent. He wants you to plan out awesome adventures for your life and then drag him along. He won’t be independent or do anything for himself. He is totally reliant on you and will just stick to you like glue through it all.

Capricorn Attracts The Jerk

Sorry to break it to you Capricorn, but you actually attract jerks. Are you looking back at your dating history and nodding? Yeah, we thought so. Here’s the thing, Cap. You are an emotional and connective person. You love feeling close to those in your inner circle. You pride yourself on judging people based on their inner beauty rather than their outer beauty. So how do you end up attracting jerks? Don’t worry, Capricorn – it’s not because you yourself are a jerk. You’re the farthest from it. But that’s why jerks are attracted to you. Evil always wants to corrupt good, right? This guy cares about his outer self way more than his inner self. He’s the type of guy who had no problem being rude to the waiter or saying something snarky to the cab driver. He’s going to spend way more time in front of the mirror getting ready than you will. And connecting with him will be next to impossible. Basically, this guy is nothing you want. Run far far away from him!

Aquarius Attracts The Boring Guy

Aquarius, you are brilliant and quirky. You love to solve problems in creative ways. You enjoy finding balance and peace in the world. You love being connected to the outdoors. You’re a super interesting person and live your life in a unique way. Sadly, this attracts the boring guy to you. The boring guy loves what you have going on. He’s going to want to listen to all of your interesting views. He’s the guy who will let you talk about anything and everything for hours while you’re out to dinner and drinks. And he’ll happily follow you to your art class and out on a weekend hike. You might think you’ve found such a great guy with an open mind who is a wonderful listener. But it’s time for you to start listening, Aquarius. What is your guy saying? Nothing! The boring dude has absolutely nothing to say. If he does speak, he’s going to be just repeating your own opinions back to you. You’re far too interesting a lady to settle for someone this boring.

Pisces Attracts The F-Boy

Pisces, we’re so sorry to break it to you. But yes, you attract the f-boy. And here’s why: Pisces, you’re an emotional and sensitive person. You totally wear your heart on your sleeve. You want to be friends with everyone and you’re super selfless. Your friends love how supportive and kind you are. Sadly, that makes you the perfect bait for an f-boy. This guy is going to appear really cool. He’ll look good, dress nice, have an awesome job, and a really charming personality. You’re going to fall for him fast. However, nothing about this loser is real! He is totally made up. And you can bet that he is making up lines and feeding them to you. He is taking advantage of your trusting personality and a big heart. You are just too sweet for him! He loves the idea of getting in with a sweet girl like you who is going to take care of him and make him feel loved. But as it goes with all f-boys, this guy is going to cut and run once he gets what he wants. He’ll leave you totally broken hearted. Protect your heart Pisces and get out now!

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Are you perpetually single? Or are you always dating but never settling down into a relationship? Do you have an endless list of bad dating stories? Do you shudder when you think of some of your ex-boyfriends? Are you constantly wondering what’s wrong with you? Don’t worry, it happens...