Lightworkers are people who makes every situation seem easier, who light up a room just by being in it and who seems to have an almost superhuman wish to help others and make things better…and once you know the belief behind lightworkers you may just start to look at that person a little bit differently.

Lightworkers are the flame carriers, they hold the light energy of this planet in balance and have come to Earth in order to help shift it into a higher level of consciousness.

Lightworkers are souls that have agreed to come to this planet in order to fulfill this duty. They have agreed to carry this flame inside of their soul in order to illuminate and enlighten the world.

Lightworkers are healers, however how they choose to heal is entirely up to them.

Some Lightworkers take on the role of being a spiritual teacher, psychic or energy healer, whereas as others do their work with more subtlety.

When a Lightworker enters the physical world, they often struggle to manage their flame within. Often, a Lightworker forgets their purpose and their flame is dimmed or extinguished altogether.

It is through this dim flame that the Lightworker goes on their own healing journey of self-discovery. When their flame is out, the Lightworker has to dwell in their own shadows in order to learn how to reignite their flame.

This can be a difficult process for most Lightworkers, however, once their flame is shining brightly again, they become more powerful and are guided to their calling.

All callings are different for Lightworkers, however, their ultimate objective is to help people dig through their own shadows in order to find their light.

Often a Lightworker is responsible for balancing out the energy of fear with the energy of love on this planet.

They do this by –

  • Helping others awaken
  • Healing others through their voice, words or hands
  • Through holding space and energy for others

Lightworkers are also powerful manifesters and can often create or control things using their thoughts. They also have an innate ability to heal and make those around them feel safe and comfortable.

Most Lightworkers are also intuitive, have the gift of mediumship or are very sensitive to energy.

A Lightworker will often enter your life through a time of awakening or hardship and will help you to realize your own strengths, abilities and purpose.

  • You’re always helping people. It’s your natural instinct to put others first. You enjoy giving of yourself and “paying it forward” without expecting or wanting anything in return.
  • You’re naturally kind, compassionate, and thoughtful. People love to talk to you because they’re attracted to the love and light that you radiate. Perfect strangers want to share their problems with you because they feel safe and comfortable in your energy. Because you’re so nice and have trouble saying “no,” you may find that you’re taken advantage of by people known as “psychic vampires.” They’ll completely drain you of your light energy unless you set boundaries. You must learn to put yourself first. You can protect your energy and still be kind.
  • You know you’re here for a higher purpose, but you may not know exactly what it is yet. You may wonder, “Is this all I’m going to do with my life? I really feel like there’s something else I’m meant to do.” Follow your heart, be patient, and ask Archangel Michael for guidance. Your life purpose will be revealed to you when your soul is ready. You may still have lessons to learn. Have faith, and trust the process. Everything happens in Divine timing, and God definitely has a plan for your life.
  • Because of your natural desire to help others, you’re drawn to occupations in the areas of medicine (including the veterinary field), psychology, social work, energy healing, human or animal rights advocacy, humanitarian organizations, environmental causes, motivational speaking, mentoring, teaching, or life coaching. It’s likely that you’ve gone through your own healing process in preparation for your lightwork.
  • You had a very difficult life as a child, as an adult, or both which has tested your spirit.  You’ve gone through challenges that have empowered you and strengthened your character. The people who have had the most difficult lives are often the ones who will have the most positive impact on the world. Everything happens for a reason.
  • You’re an “empath,” which means that you’re very sensitive to the emotions of other people. This goes way beyond feeling empathy. You have the ability to literally feel another person’s mood or emotion so deeply that you may absorb it as your own! For this reason, you should ask Archangel Michael to shield you with “white light” to protect your energy field. When you have to interact with someone who’s experiencing a negative emotion, after you disengage from that person, ask Archangel Michael to “cut the etheric cord” from that person’s energy. Because you’re so sensitive, crowds may make you feel agitated and overwhelmed. As an empath, it’s important that you find time for solitude so you can reconnect to source, ground yourself, and balance your energy.
  • One or more of your five senses is hypersensitive. Since you’re acutely aware of the slightest sights and/or sounds, you may be bothered by loud noises and/or bright lights. These amplified sensitivities mean that clairvoyance (clear seeing) and/or clairaudience (clear hearing) may come easily to you. You may also have claircognizance (clear knowing) and/or clairsentience (clear feeling). These hypersensitivities and “sixth senses” are gifts to be embraced.
  • You’re easily irritated by inconsiderate people. You find rude behavior intolerable and don’t understand why everyone can’t exhibit common courtesy. This is just your ego reminding you that you’re still human. It’s best to let these annoyances go because karma will take care of itself, and you need to keep moving forward with your life purpose.
  • You’re creatively gifted and enjoy expressing yourself through writing, composing music, art, photography, or performing. Your talents are God-given, and they are meant to be shared with humanity to make the world a better place.
  • You’ve experienced a “spiritual awakening” that has led you to the realization that you truly are a multidimensional being — not only the human body and mind, but also a soul whose energy resides in the universal collective consciousness.  This realization has empowered you to transform your fear-based thoughts into love-based thoughts which has raised your vibrational energy beyond the density of the Earth and has provided you with inner peace and happiness.

For those who resonate with the journey of the Lightworker, here are 10 more signs:

  1. You feel called to help heal or guide others
  2. You are sensitive to energies or empathic
  3. You possess gifts of mediumship or psychic abilities
  4. You feel strongly about environmentalism and the treatment of animals
  5. You feel an affinity to the healing arts and have explored many healing modalities
  6. You are very aware of your own fears and the fears of those around you
  7. You experienced a strong spiritual awakening
  8. You love being around people but also need your alone time to recharge
  9. You are aware of the power of your thoughts and your ability to manifest
  10. You see the number 911 frequently (this is the calling card of a Lightworker)

Lightworkers are really here to help heal the planet by healing those who inhabit it.

Lightworkers believe they are here to inspire change and to guide us, and they each deliver a piece of Heaven to the world whenever they can.

If you recognize yourself or someone around you as being a Lightworker, treat them with respect and help them to honour their gifts for without them, this planet would be a lot darker.

Do you resonate only slightly with the Lightworker journey?

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Lightworkers are people who makes every situation seem easier, who light up a room just by being in it and who seems to have an almost superhuman wish to help others and make things better...and once you know the belief behind lightworkers you may just start to look at...