What does the day of the week you were born say about your personality?


As much as the day of the week matches the name of the Roman gods, it also matches the personality of an individual. Each birth day of the week has a defined personality. This includes:


Most of the people born on this day are meant to be leaders. They take their family and close friend bond very serious. They are born to be creative yet somehow they are selfish with their ideas. They empathize with people and hence this make them good negotiator ensuring everyone get what they want.


They are the type who love good life hence saving for them is pretty much hard. They have favor among people and people always want to help them. They have a lot of energy and this is why they are successful in their career. They are very honest and some of the people hate them for that, this is because they never sugarcoat. They also don’t take it nicely with criticism. They get overwhelmed if they cannot control a situation.


They are quick to learn, this is why they are good in school and work. They love learning from people. This is why they get along with many different type of people. They are very relaxed, and easy going. This is what many people love about them.


Charisma is inborn, they love being respected as well as respecting other people. You love working on your own. They give it all in their work because they love being at the top. They are suitable for leadership. They love seeing the positive side in everything. They love variety and easily get bored.


They are emotional especially in a relationship. They don’t handle well setback, in fact they hold grudges for long. They appreciate beauty and this is why they have a tendency of being more creative than the rest. They are very spiritual and have a deep sense of intuition. Wisdom is something that comes naturally for them.


They have a tendency of thinking about the past and what they could do in the future and they forget the present. They are easily trusted and they bear a lot of responsibilities. They tend to be perfectionist and can take more time in appearing good in their looks. They are pessimistic and very confident. It may not be appreciated by many because it come out as snobs


They are more of givers. They are also optimistic. They don’t open up their arms to just anyone because they think people are always up to something. They love being alone. They get frustrated when things don’t go their way and may not finish a project they started. They are very cautious on what people will say.

Was this accurate for you?

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