Here we have the horoscope for all star signs from 30 October until the 5 November. See what the week has in store for you.

This week could start off emotional as the Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune. Don’t be afraid to tune into your intuition and look to the future. Be confident and positive, and success will find you. On Saturday, the Full Moon is in your relationship sign; expect your SO to provide all the emotional intimacy you need. Try to steer clear of drama even if you are feeling restless – it can become quite tiring for everyone.

The Moon in Pisces makes you emotional – feelings run high with your family, and is much to be done. Take time out and have a couple of early nights so that stress and tiredness don’t swamp you. A relaxing massage or facial might help! You have loyal friends – they’ll rush to your side and help boost your self-esteem, while your guy will supply the romance.

You have many ideas and schemes on the go – but do they have merit, or are they just unrealistic dreams? Neptune is ensuring your intuition is sharp but you still need to be practical and take precautions where necessary. There will be opportunities for single Caps to meet that perfect romantic partner or to take a relationship to the next level. Just make sure it’s real love, not just an infatuation.

Having the same values as those close to you and those involved in your career is important, and could easily make you overly sensitive to criticism. Take care not to spend more than you can afford, no matter how good a project sounds. Listen to expert advice rather than relying on friends. A property or domestic matter could be finalised at last, so you can finally enjoy moving home or renovating.

Whatever happens this week, don’t fall into the self-pity trap. The Full Moon places travel, learning new skills and teaching at the top of your agenda – and with this your self-esteem should soar again. You’re a strong woman, and you don’t need to resort to emotional blackmail. You might want a secure relationship – but does your guy want it as well? Keep things light for now.

This week is all about love and commitment, your feelings and your sexuality. Think very carefully before you commit to something you don’t really want. The Full Moon is urging you to look at your finances and investments to ensure they’re in line with your core values – even if this means spending less and sticking to a more stringent budget.

Your love life and other relationships are the focus this week. Your guy is giving you the support and love you need – but if you’re feeling emotional about friends, the Full Moon will bring matters to a head so you can decide who your true friends are, and who just drains your energy with their demands. This will help you focus on your goals in a more stimulating way – and boost your finances too.

You feel uncertain about the direction your life is taking. Ask yourself whether it has real purpose, and whether it will fulfil your dreams. You also find your relationships confusing. The Full Moon wants you to consider things carefully, weighing up all pros and cons. Your intuition is strong; let it guide you. Your creative talents are influencing your love life too – make sure you give space to the Goddess of Love.

Take care if you’re travelling long-distance, especially if this involves your romantic partner. Neptune warns that things are not as they seem, and that your expectations could be unrealistic. The Full Moon is emphasising your role at work or in your friendship group, and is urging you to take on more responsibility. On the plus side, the financial rewards should be rolling in right about now.

Partnerships – both business and personal – are under scrutiny. Before you overreact, wait a few days so that you see everything in a practical light rather than an emotional one. The Full Moon puts the emphasis on your career and your home life. Again, take time to consider your options before you make any changes. Venus is telling you to discuss all your plans with those who matter – especially your guy.

Asking others for advice might not give clear or truthful answers, so do your own research before taking action – especially if it involves a business partner. The Full Moon is shining a light on further education, as well as on opening your mind to the possibility of travel and working in another country. Your social life will be fun … but it could be expensive, so watch your spending.

Your health comes under scrutiny this week so be extra-careful if taking new medicine. As the end of the tax season approaches, make sure you complete your forms on time to avoid problems. Venus is adding to your charm, which is a wonderful asset – but even this can’t always get you out of trouble! Romance could easily move up to a more committed relationship.

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Here we have the horoscope for all star signs from 30 October until the 5 November. See what the week has in store for you. SCORPIO This week could start off emotional as the Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune. Don’t be afraid to tune into your intuition and look to the...