THIS Test Will Tell What Type Of Lightworker You Are

First of all, lets clear things up about what “Lightworker” is. Lightworker is someone who constantly feels the need to help and heal people. Lightworker’s purpose is to connect people with their divine spirit. Lightworkers are (they believe) heavenly guided people and the purpose of their existence is to help people around the world. Modern societies have brought much harm to this world and its nature, it is their duty to fight against these modern harms.

We distinguish three types of Lightworkers:

  • Indigo Type
  • Crystal Type
  • Rainbow Type

Each one of these has its own purpose and they have differences between them. We’ll start off with the indigo type.

Indigo Type

They are considered the “older” type, since most of them are born somewhere around 1970-ties. Indigos are highly sensitive and psychic. They have strong temper and warrior spirit because their purpose is to take down systems that no longer serve people. Here we include governments, legal and educational systems that lost their integrity. To accomplish their goals, they need to have strong tempers and big determination.

Crystal Type

First thing you notice on crystal types is their eyes, they are big and their staring is strong enough to see your soul. Crystals are wiser way beyond their years and also are very sensitive to: emotions of other people, colors and sounds. They possess magnetic personality, which attracts people to them, jealous people abuse this personality trait but still crystals win them with their empathy. Their intuition is unmistakable and also, they have developed senses about supernatural stuff. Most of them were born between 1990 and 2000.

Rainbow Type

Rainbow types are the latest types, since their birth is in the new millennium. They are the most technologically advanced type out of the three since they are born and live in modern times, where they have all the information and access they need. If you stumble upon them, first thing you’ll notice is their loving and positive nature. They have a very modern and developed “ never give up “ mindset. Rainbows are very enthusiastic and possess huge amount of energy which often will surprise you. They being kept in a single place, they love to travel and experience adventures, also they hardly suffer from ego and also are never judgmental.

Each type has their own purposes, indigos are here to liberate us from the old and corrupted systems, crystals are here to create a new world, much better from the previous one, rainbows are here to improve the new world, to give it life and to establish harmony with the nature itself. Lightworkers are our defensive mechanism against the harms many people tried to do to this world, here everything is connected to everything.

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