The importance of love in one’s life

No living being should live without love. Love is as important as the air that we breath. It is one of the most purest feeling on earth.
To me love is not a theory to believe in,
It is a feeling to live with.

Love has a great impact human being. It makes one

  • selfless
  • noble
  • tolerant
  • less violent.
  • learns to sacrifice
  • feel happy about oneself
  • overcomes jealousy

It is one of the very few immaterial things that makes one feel happy.
Love is more like a positive energy that flows through the body that makes you feel how beautiful life is.

Life is a continuous struggle with many ups and downs. We fail a lot more than we succeed. When we are down and out it is our loved ones that makes us feel good about ourselves, the fact there is someone who believes in you gives one strength to face the world next day

There is a medical condition known as “Failure to Thrive” in which children do not gain weight at the expected rate.
Although there are many possible causes for this condition, one such cause is being deprived of the necessary parental/caregiver love and affection, even if physical needs are still met.
F.T.T. can cause many short- and long-term physical, emotional, intellectual, and social effects, all dependent on the length of time the child is affected.


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