The Difference Between Your ‘For Now Guy’ And Your ‘Forever Guy’

1. The ‘forever ’ kind of guy loves like there is no tomorrow

The forever guy will go out of his way to see you often and if busy he will check in on you regularly


2. The ‘forever’ kind of a guy would not be ashamed

A for now will want you to get all dressed up when you go out with him. A forever guy will be proud of you however you are dressed. He will be affectionate to you in front of the whole world.


3. The ‘forever’ kind of guy will bring out the best in you

The forever guy will be interested in your life and will encourage you in all aspects of your life.


4. The ‘forever’ kind of guy will not be intimidated

If you are with a guy who is not in it for the long haul, he might get intimidated if you are succesful and might be resentful if you are more succesful than he is. A forever guy would be proud of your success and be fully supportive.


5. The ‘forever’ kind of a guy would make you feel beautiful

Even if you have complexes and do not feel you look good, a forever guy would love you in a way that would make you finally feel good about yourself and feel beautiful

All of these fears and inferiority complexes will become non- existent in his presence. He will make you feel like no matter what your physical appearance is, he accepts you with all his heart.

6. The ‘forever’ kind of guy would make you feel secure

The ‘for now’ kind of guy will say goodbye and take off after a hang out but the ‘forever’ kind of guy will drop you home. He will be your personal bodyguard in a crowd of people and when you are with him, you know that no harm could ever come to you!

7. The ‘forever’ kind of guy makes you feel good and at home

When you are with your “right now guy” you may feel good, but when you are with your forever guy, he makes you feel complete and your times spent with him is like nothing you have had with any previous partners.

8. The ‘forever’ kind of guy will become family

Boyfriends usually treat your family well, but the forever guy will treat your family like it is his family. You will be part of his family as well and will gladly spend time at your family’s home.


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