What Color Is Your Energy According To Your Zodiac Sign

Each of us possesses our own unique energy field, similar to an aura. This energy field is invisible to the naked eye; however, it can reveal a lot about us. The frequency at which our energy is vibrating is a reflection of a much deeper, unconscious level of our being. As we grow and change

Find Out The Biggest Downsides In 2018 For Each Zodiac Sign

Patience is a virtue, but you don’t need a prediction to know this. It seems like we forgot how it feels like to live in good times that are not shadowed by pessimism. According to horoscope 2018, this year is going to be beneficial in anticipating an optimistic future. There are many, many signs that

The Little Things That Irritate People About You According To Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re sensing that you’re buggin’ those around you, you could be spot on. Of course, we all have some undesirable traits that can get people annoyed with us, but it turns out, some signs are more prone to irritating qualities that can certainly get on people’s nerves. (Plus, you can probably see it based on their

Zodiac Signs That Shouldn’t Date Each Other

Your zodiac sign has some say in our personality traits, affecting the career (or side hustle) we choose, how we handle our money, the friends we make, and of course, who we get into a relationship with. But do people really date based on their zodiac sign? According to astrology experts, that’s exactly what you shouldbe doing.

Why A Person Would Ignore You – Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Why are you being ignored? Aries (March 21 – April 19) The quickest way to get an Aries to ignore you is if you start revealing your tendency to be quite clingy and needy in a relationship. An Aries is always going to want to only surround itself with people who are independent and self-reliant.

The Reasons People Fall In Love With You Based Upon Your Zodiac Sign

Falling in love can be intense. Which is why it’s no surprise that many people’s love lives are often filled with all sorts of confusing highs and lows. The deeply meaningful connections and experiences we have with others can be overwhelming and tricky to navigate. We all approach relationships in different ways and look for

Why You Attract The Wrong Guy – Based Upon Your Zodiac Sign

Are you perpetually single? Or are you always dating but never settling down into a relationship? Do you have an endless list of bad dating stories? Do you shudder when you think of some of your ex-boyfriends? Are you constantly wondering what’s wrong with you? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes

Your October Horoscope For All The Zodiac Signs

Libra season just began, and you may feel like everything is placid. But that’s not the case. A lot is happening below the surface for all signs—your subconscious is whispering, not shouting, at you. That’s why it’s so important, this month, to pay attention to small signs, feelings, or coincidences. This is a building month,

Daily Horoscope For All Signs – 20 August 2017

Today’s Solar Eclipse occurs in your sector of romance, hobbies, creative self-expression, recreation, and children, dear Aries. Events happening now and in the coming weeks set you up for new beginnings in one or more of these areas of life. This is a passionate period for you when you discover the need to enjoy yourself,

How Sensitive Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign

Are you overly sensitive? Aries (March 21 – April 19) You are just too stubborn. You always like things to be done a certain way and you get overly sensitive whenever things don’t go according to plan. You also have a difficult time admitting that you’re wrong because you are always so invested in your

These zodiac signs are most passionate and powerful together

by CureJoy Editorial Did you check the papers every day when you were a kid to see what your horoscope for the day was? You don’t have to believe in astrology completely to still find it interesting. Just because your husband of twenty years is a Taurus while you’re a Sagittarius, there’s no reason to