According to your zodiac sign this is why you feel unhappy even though your life is going great

All of us irrespective of who we are unhappy sometimes. However at times our life is going great and we have no reason to be unhappy yet we are. Why does this happen? Our zodiac signs give us some insight into why this happens. Read your sign and see if it gives you some insight

According to your star sign this is the partner you need

Venus represents love. How you act and respond in relationships is directly tied to how strong Venus influences you, which can be, and often times is, totally different than your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant influences. Knowing this will help you understand what qualities you express in love and what you’re looking for in a partner.

Mirror mirror on the wall which zodiac sign is the most badass of them all?

When it comes to zodiac sign predictions, most of us take them seriously. Everything from “Geminis are super compatible” to “Pisceans are the most unpredictable”, a lot has been said, and believed over the years. But now we have actual data to run all those assumptions by. FBI has shared the birth date of serial

These zodiac signs are most passionate and powerful together

by CureJoy Editorial Did you check the papers every day when you were a kid to see what your horoscope for the day was? You don’t have to believe in astrology completely to still find it interesting. Just because your husband of twenty years is a Taurus while you’re a Sagittarius, there’s no reason to

According to FBI crime data these are the world’s most dangerous zodiac signs

Some people believe the zodiac sign of a person is directly related to the type of crime that is likely to commit. Well, behavioral researchers have been compiling their studies of known criminals for decades and now a pattern has started to emerge when you take a closer look at their birthdays. Let us know

This is what triggers your anxiety according to your zodiac sign

We all have our stress triggers which sends us off into panic mode. Read on about your triggers according to star sign by Becca Martin Aries (March 21st to April 19th) You don’t think life can function without you properly. You’re always go, go, go even when you’re not feeling like yourself. It often causes you to

How to fix your dissatisfaction with life based on your star sign

by Kim Quindlen Aries (March 21st to April 19th) You’re losing your hunger for growth and knowledge, because you’re not spending your time and energy on stuff that challenges you and forces you to be better. Whether it’s a bland job, a mediocre partner, or a lack of passions outside of work, you need to find

How you handle breakups according to your zodiac sign

  Is your relationship not going as you expected? Do you suspect your partner has lost interest in you? In the following article you can discover how each zodiac sign handles breakups. If you don’t have a tough stomach and you are dating a Taurus you are in for treat. Don’t expect to ever see

Find out the perfect partner for your star sign

Not everyone is into constellations, zodiac signs, or believing that the universe is responsible for all of our encounters with each other. However, there are also a variety of others who believe that their soulmate is entirely dependent on their zodiac sign as far as comparability goes. It’s important that we take the time to