At first it’s always all about how terrific you are and what a great guy you are, but as soon as the relationship starts getting serious the, “I wish you would be more this”, or “I wish you would do that”.

Men do not change, sure you can badger and nag us into being something we are not, but the resentment is sure to start festering and the relationship is pretty much doomed at that point. Sure some guys try to make a woman into something they aren’t, but it is more of a woman thing in my experience

Here are few things which you must keep in mind before trying to change your partner be it a man or women:

1. Opposite complete each other:

A biggest myth in a relation is that you feel that you and your partner must have same lifestyle and thinking. Please change this myth. In fact it’s better to have a partner who is living a bit different life than you live, this way you both can complete each other. It’s not adjustment, it’s kind of stability you will get in your life because of your partner. If you like parties and he doesn’t, make sure to respect each other’s feeling and enjoy alone time as well as parties. You both need to change your attitude for each other, rather just changing your partner’s attitude.

2. Try to understand:

You might love to live a life without any rules and regulations and if your partner is just opposite than rather to change your partner, ask yourself why he/she will leave his/her good habits for you. Try to understand your partner’s feeling and do what your partner likes sometimes, instead of keep fighting on stupid reasons like cleaning home properly or getting home late.

3. You both come from different environment:

You both come from different family backgrounds and cultures then why would you want to change your partner completely for you. Even if he/she loves to live the life which they lived since their childhood. Try to adjust to a few things, keep your ego away and talk only about the habits of your partner which you just can’t resist. Remember to be polite while discussing your partner’s irritating habits.

4. Understanding solves everything:

Understanding is most important factor to make any relationship successful. It might be with your friend, your spouse or your parents. Try to understand each other and forget about changing each other. Once you will create understanding, you will change automatically for each other.

5. Love or arranged marriage:

It doesn’t matter which you prefer, love or arranged marriage. It’s just the way how you deal with each other. When you are in love and not married, you will love all bad habits of your partner. But the day you get married , you just want to change your partner from day 1. Why so? Even if it’s love marriage for love or an arranged marriage the fact is that you both have to change for each other. Believe me , it’s never too hard to change for each other when you truly love your partner.

If you keep on ruling your partner for every small things and want to make him/her perfect then rethink again. Your partner might start telling you lies about his/her life or might leave you. If you will give lots of love to your partner , he/she will surely change some of their habits for you and give lots of love in return. You must keep in mind that you might also have to be flexible and change too.
At first it's always all about how terrific you are and what a great guy you are, but as soon as the relationship starts getting serious the, 'I wish you would be more this', or 'I wish you would do that'. Men do not change, sure you can badger and...