Spiritual shedding

A spiritual shedding period occurs when you release the old emotions, thought forms and belief systems necessary for you to move up a soul level of growth.
These periods usually happen during temporary periods of time usually marked by bouts of emotional release, lethargy and tiredness, despondency, shortness of temper and more limited patience than normal.
To know if you are experiencing a soul expansion period, known as shedding, you experience negative emotions in certain sections of time – not continuously.
Emotions, both negative and positive, are healthy to release during this time. If you are familiar with the healthy emotional release process, you are aware that the more releasing occurs, the faster and the more poignant a shift in being. The goal here is that while you shed old emotions in order to move up in your soul growth process, these emotions are not directed (blamed) at others.

When and Why It Occurs

Fears, worries, anxieties all come up as we tread upon new territory that we have not previously embarked on or territory we have to overcome in order to heal a past life pattern.
Shedding occurs more frequently when we are on the cusp of a huge soul level shift or about 7-8 major events and many, many minor events throughout life.
As you prepare to jump into the next stage of growth, these fears and anxieties must be released before you can fully dive in into the next phase.
When you are spiritually shedding, remember that it a temporary time that is necessary for you to work through these feelings and in turn, work them out and away from your system.
Each person, especially those developing rapidly, experiences more than one shedding cycle in their lifetime, of a relatively dependable frequency – once you identify the pattern.
To determine how often your soul ‘sheds’ or phases up in growth, think about the last 2 experiences in your life that you would consider spiritually awakening.
How far apart were these events?

Know a spiritual person who is going through a dark time?

The best we or anyone can do is offer support or a hand in friendship.
If you are open to soul communication, talking directly to someone’s Higher Self is often, the best way to connect with someone when they are experiencing a shift such as this
Compassion, rather than judgement about who someone is supposed to be, heals all.

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