Spiritual Growth and Sex – How Do They Get Along?

We know well the low vibrations- sadness, despair and hate, jealousy, malice, everything that makes us feel bad.. so where from the things listed here you read pleasure?

Well yes- pleasure is high vibration.

In the path of spiritual growth the pleasure from sex is increasing and our sexual appetite grows because in subconscious level we intuitively know that sex is love. This is the physical expression of unconditional love that we are able to experience in the material world.


When our bodies merge into this dance of love- sex, there is no judge, no low vibration. There are bodies that express love in a physical way.

It is scientific proof that in the moment of oragasm, our brain works in 100%. Not bad for the persons that use not more than 10% most of the time, right? 😀

Oh, oh.. and before I forget- the  dolphins make sex for pleasure- What is wrong with the sex then? NOTHING.

The spiritual energy KUNDALINI is the sexual energy in our bodies. So that means that Spiritual growth and sex are very good friends.

There are people who stop doing sex when follow the Spiritual growth path. We all read about them. But there is no pointed reason for that. Why they stop doing sex, where is the reason…Some of this spiritual individuals say that they do not experience sex, because for them the sex is not interesting anymore…. Some of them stop, because they feel ecstasy all the time and they just don’t need sex to feel it. ( or so they say 😉 ) The important thing is that this Spiritual persons do not think that the sex is low vibration. So why we should think such a thing?!

Sex is a great pleasure and if it will make me feel more happy, then this is absolutely spiritual action. So don’t waste time and call to your beloved one for a little happy, high vibrational time ( ok, maybe not a little), and have fun. Let us celebrate this:

God gave us THE SEX. He loves us so much that He connected both- Spiritual growth and sex  to make us more Happy, more Free, and more Loved .



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