Soul sex is the surrender of yourself to your partner


Everywhere we turn we are bombarded with sex: media, magazines, movies, billboards. It’s everywhere and constant. Marketing and advertising uses sex to sell everything from hamburgers, to underwear, to cars.

As you know Sex itself is an incredibly powerful energy that when not understood can be the source of much confusion and suffering.

Regular sex is simply about a release, or relieving yourself of stress. It’s the type that leaves you deeply unfulfilled.

Soul sex is the understanding that it is really the exchange of energy, your energies and your partner’s. It’s alchemy that when engaged together in love can open and heal you, your mind, your body, your heart and Soul. Real sex is an energetic exchange and sharing not just a means to release or satisfy the body. Your body might be satisfied but, if sex just remains on a purely physical level, it will be a fleeting high. Real fulfillment cannot be found through the body alone. Pain and pleasure come and go.

Soul sex happens when you recognize who you are and who the other is. You are Souls, not just a physical body. When you realize this your lovemaking becomes the opportunity for your souls to connect through the vehicle of your body to dance, exchange, communicate, play and express loving as a gift to each other.

Sex moves from needing something, trying to get something, or a game of power and control. It is a letting go of control. It becomes about deep surrender to that which is living and breathing us all.

So Soul sex is the surrender of yourself, not just to your partner but also to the Divine that is living alive within him or her.

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