Reasons you should love a spiritual woman

1. She aspires to be at peace

She does not like drama and does not want fairweather friends. If a boyfriend is untrustworthy she will not continue a relationship with him.

2. She feels a strong connection to others

She feels it is her duty to help other people and animals. She is extremely kind and compassionate.

3. She is overflowing with love

She is a very loving person. She loves her friends, family, the earth, animals. She finds beauty in everything.

4. She has faith

She is strong and whatever hardships befall her, she believes that it will not always be that way and that things will get better.

5. She is not materialistic

She would rather create lifelong memories with you than be given a temporary gift or jewellery.

6. She’s authentic

With a spiritual woman what you see is what you get. She never pretends to be something she isnt.

7. She is one with nature

She loves nature and is very happy watching a sunrise, sunset, walking in a forest and she feels safe in nature.

9. She finds meaning in everything

An authentic woman believes in signs from the universe. She truly believes that you have entered her life for a reason.

10. She sees the good instead of the bad

She is unlike other people who see all the bad around them and in the world. She chooses instead to focus on what is good in the world and in people.

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