There are moments in our lives when we might be more vulnerable to other people’s negative energy in a same way as we are more vulnerable to a flu virus for instance.  Have you ever caught the flu and spent days in your bed while the rest of your family members were just fine?

You caught a virus because something (stress, bad food, lack of sleep) caused your immune system to be weaker.  In the same way, you can be affected by negative energy from other people when you are in a weaker emotional state or out of balance state.

Negative energy sent consciously or unconsciously from other people may be behind some of the unexplained problems and tribulations in your life.  Main reason is often envy and jealousy.  You may start to feel down, lose zest for life, ability to focus and create and your success at work may stop.

Negativity can also come from some bad people that are dissatisfied and self-centered for very long time.  They know that their thoughts are bad, but they are unable to change or fight them.

On the other hand, negative energy can be sent by people who care excessively as well.  For instance if mother keeps wishing for a long time that her unwelcomed son-in-law leaves her daughter finally.  That energy is going to be very harmful to him.

Why is it that some people make you feel awful just by being around them? Often, it’s an energy thing. Their energy field can bring you down.

Worse, it can happen that their bad energy follows you. It clings to you. You can’t seem to shake the creepy or depressed feelings or the physical symptoms–like cold skin or a dull headache–that come from having been near them.

Learn to Energetically Recognize Yourself from “Other”

People who are spiritually sensitive are more subject to noticeable symptoms, but everyone can be affected by another person’s bad energy even when they’re not aware of it. Many of our readers are empathetic, good people who feel the emotions of other people and the energies of places. Empathic people pick up other people’s feelings and physical problems very easily, and if they don’t know better they can perceive someone else’s energy as their own.

By being aware of your own aura, you are taking the first step to manage the energies you allow, or don’t allow, into your life. Mindfulness is the key, awareness is the answer. You have your own energy signature. No one else is the same as you in this way. By taking the time and awareness to feel your own consciousness, you are tuning into what is “you” so then, you will also be aware of what is “not you.”

Some people, maybe you, reading this have felt the presence of a departed loved one or another spirit at some time. How is this possible, that you can recognize the presence and identity of a spirit? You can do this because every being has a unique energetic frequency; you included, that is unmistakable. When you become aware of your own Light body, aura, or energetic frequency, (all interchangeable terms) you will no longer confuse your own energy with someone else’s.

Be prepared, though. Keeping your own energy up and vibrant and free of other people’s negativity requires a conscious, deliberate, disciplined effort. It’s an easy choice, really, because by doing so you will experience what it is to feel truly alive, and truly free. Joy and freedom, spiritual, mental, physical health and aliveness to your core is what you will get.

These are the rewards of one who will consciously work to honor and protect their own sacred space, their auric boundaries.

Walk in a Bubble of Light Daily

At the start of each day, before you leave the sanctuary of your home or room, have a Light Bubble meditation exercise, or any one of the exercises mentioned on this site that places a Light barricade around your own aura. Reinforce this in your mind during the day, and especially when contact with undesirable energies can’t be avoided.

Use Discernment about Physical Contact

Most people, unaware of spiritual reality, have auras that are open and defenseless against invasion by other energies. When they have indiscriminate contact with others, such as hugging out of mere politeness, they are vulnerable to unwanted energetic exchange.

Likewise, many people don’t know there is no such thing as “casual sex.” During sexual activity, the aura is wide open and vulnerable to whatever energies are attached to the other person. Many a person has acquired negative energy, which adversely affects their life, from one-night stands and a “friendship” with “benefits.”

While this is a spiritual truth and a practical fact that is not popular in a culture that prides itself in sexual liberation, not all that is called “progress” is truly progress! If you are going to have sex with an essential stranger (someone you have not entered into a commitment with and that you do not really know that well) then the use of conscious auric protection is essential, even though this won’t be enough over the long haul. The only answer is: if you can’t have heart-centered sex with someone you truly know and truly love, don’t!

Make an Energetic Safety Zone When You Are Around People in Trouble

There are wonderful people in this world who like to take in stray puppies…and stray people. They step up to the plate to help troubled folk, which is noble, but not all people in need of a helping hand are good for you to be around. There are safe ways to help, and there are personal boundaries. Opening your life, your wallet, your house, your most personal spaces to the refugees of the world also opens your aura to an assortment of energies you may not be prepared to deal with. When you offer help of this nature, be mindful of the energies that are you and the energies that belong to the other person and keep your energetic boundaries intact.

Whenever you have involvement with people who are seriously ill, have drug addictions, alcoholic problems, psychological imbalances, psychopathic, neurotic, or severely dysfunctional behaviors, know that these beings have energies that need cleansing and you should use auric protection around yourself, otherwise you may find yourself having to deal with negative energy that has been transferred to you.

Choose Your Friends and Associates Wisely

Fact is, there are people you just should not be around! Period! Every person has their own level of tolerance and their own soul mission with regard to other people. Some of you have spiritual connections that need to be worked out with people who are challenging to be around. But remember this: never, ever are you expected by the Divine to take on other people’s energies!! Learn “self” from “other” and keep your own space sacred and inviolate. This is your spiritual duty to yourself.

Toxic relationships happen. The people you should minimize or eliminate contact with will give you certain feelings and experiences. Stay away from people who:

  1. Make you feel drained, exhausted, or give you unpleasant physical symptoms like aches, palpitations, chills, upset stomach, etc.
  2. Talk incessantly about themselves, their problems, gossip about others or dwell on negative or morbid subjects.
  3.  Demean you in any way whatsoever.
  4. Try to control you or boss you excessively.
  5. Engage in any form of deceit.
  6. Rage on about other people, their bad relationships, using hate terms and ugly or profane language.
  7. Try to pry information out of you or otherwise invade your privacy without your consent or request.

Know When to Leave and When Not to Look Back

Let’s face it: too often you keep people in your life that don’t belong there because they make you feel bad. Do something about that. You are in charge. Whether it’s a friend, family member, neighbor, whoever: if the relationship does not lift you up or contribute good things to your life, leave it! And don’t look back.

Time for a Look in the Mirror

We can’t end this article without mentioning that life often sends to us what we put out; meaning, if you want good energy from others, give good energy! Many a time I have found that those who complain the most about the bad energy of others are dripping with it, themselves! If this is a frequent problem in your life, it may be time for a good energetic cleaning within yourself, first.

By being positive and loving yourself, you are establishing a strong aura that is far less vulnerable to incoming negative energy. Like attracts like, and that’s a fact. If you are having a problem with attracting the wrong kind of people into your life and it’s been a pattern, it’s time to take the opportunity for self-reflection this brings to you. Everything in your life is geared to help you grow spiritually, and having a good attitude about bad experiences is a good way to get your life on track!

Auric and Energy Cleansing Methods

Yes, I’ll say it again: a daily spiritual practice to envision and protect your auric Light Body is absolutely essential to keeping bad energy out! Also, when you’ve had some form of contact with someone who has upset you or made you feel bad in some way; take a bath with ½ cup of salt added to it! This is your first remedy and will soothe superficial damage to your energy field.

When energetic interference from bad energy goes deeper, meditation and “decording” (which is a spiritual action of cutting cords between energy fields) can be needed. Emotional counseling may be needed to break toxic relationships apart, and certainly inner work to strengthen a healthy sense of self is almost always a necessary step toward healing.

And of course, when you need help resolving issues with bad energies from other people, it’s probably time to talk to me. I will do a clairvoyant energetic assessment and provide personal guidance relative to your situation. You can have a good life, free from the draining and damaging effects of negative energy!

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There are moments in our lives when we might be more vulnerable to other people's negative energy in a same way as we are more vulnerable to a flu virus for instance.  Have you ever caught the flu and spent days in your bed while the rest of your...