Please Sign Petition To End Inhumane Practice Of Dogs Being Bred For Human Consumption

South Korea is the only country in the world known to intensively breed dogs for human consumption. Thousands of dog meat farms across the country breed an estimated 2.5 million dogs each year who are confined in small, barren cages outdoors. They live in states of perpetual fear, boredom, hunger and disease, often resulting in self-mutilation. For those who survive, their fate is a brutal death at one of the nation’s markets or slaughterhouses.

Most people in South Korea don’t regularly eat dog meat. Public opinion is turning and, like us, they agree that dogs are friends not food and that all dogs are equally worthy of compassion and protection from cruelty.

Humane Society International and our partners are committed to ending the dog meat industry in South Korea, by exposing the cruelty, raising vital public and political awareness, and increasing support for a phase out. A vital step towards this goal is the legal recognition of all dogs as companion animals protected from cruelty.

Please sign our petition calling on the South Korean government to identify all dogs and cats as companion animals under the law regardless of breed or place of birth, and to ban the slaughter of these animals for human consumption.

Please sign the petition HERE to call for the end of this cruel practice.

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  1. Peter


    While I support efforts to ban cruelty to animals I don´t see why dogs should be better protected than other animals like e. g. pigs. I´d sign a petition to stop factory farming and other forms of cruelty in a heartbeat. Asking for recognising dogs as friends is not going to fly though. It will only turn the average South Korean against what they will perceive an exaggeration, I´m afraid. This would do more harm to your cause than benefit. And I´m saying this as a dog lover to who his dog is a friend.

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