Pick A Stone And Reveal The Truth About Yourself

Which stone will you pick?

1. Opaline

It means that you want freedom from the hustle of civilization, where you feel the need to disconnect from everything around you and find inner peace in your senses and thoughts.

2. Malachite

This means that major changes are out for you. Many changes are to come – specifically in your love life. It’s a good time to consider the scheme of your life.

3. Sun stone

It depicts that you are a true optimist. Many good things are in store for your positive nature – don’t stop spreading the shine everywhere

4. Mahogany obsidian stone.

Your subconscious is trying to tell you to break out of old habits and create a new life – without allowing jealousy and envy to creep into your thoughts.

5. Howlite

It might be important to look out for synchronized messages in events as the “other side” might be trying to tell you something. Keep it touch with your spiritual side.

6. Dalmatian jasper

It indicates that you have a fun and loving nature and that you need to keep your new life alive and exciting by seeking new adventures and friends.

Source: playbuzz

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