15 Brutally honest confessions from people who used to be homeless

In January 2015, statistically 560,000 plus people in the United States were homeless. Of those, 206,000 were people in families. 358,000 were individuals. Approximately 15% of the homeless population are considered “chronically homeless” which basically means that they’ll die on the streets. 2% are considered “chronically homeless” people in families. 8% are veterans. It’s very difficult

The Effects Of Negative Emotions On Our Health

Joe Martino, Collective Evolution, Guest | Humans experience an array of emotions, anything from happiness, to sadness to extreme joy and depression. Each one of these emotions creates a different feeling within the body. After all, our body releases different chemicals when we experience various things that make us happy and each chemical works to create a different

250 Emaciated Lions Found During Trophy Hunting Farm Raid

by Amanda Froelich Thanks to one man’s activism, 250 lions were rescued from being killed by affluent trophy hunters. It’s a lesser-known fact that the African lions’ numbers are diminishing rapidly due to persecution by livestock farmers, habitat destruction, and human greed which has led to trophy hunting. In effect, only 10,000-15,000 free-roaming African lions remain

Stunning rare albino animals

by Angela Nelson Colorless creatures In the animal world, color is key. Sometimes color may reveal a gender, as with the bird kingdom, where male birds tend to be more colorful than females. Sometimes color can be a warning sign to stay away, such as with poison dart frogs or venomous coral snakes. And of course,

Orphaned Gorilla Makes A New Best Friend

Parry the orphaned gorilla began his life in the wild with his mother but everything changed when she was killed. Parry was whisked away, out of the home he knew, and into an environment totally unsuitable for a gorilla. He was kept as a pet in someone’s home until he did what all gorillas do, he grew

Tear off your mask your face is glorious

By Frank M. Wanderer Tear off your mask. Your face is glorious. ~ Rumi In our daily life we tend to cover our real face with a set of masks. Our personal identity is the collection of our various masks. We immediately put on one of those masks whenever we are not alone. Whenever there is