We all have good and bad habits, and often, the bad ones tend to stick in our minds the most. We might not be able to stop biting our nails when we get bored or nervous, even if we know that we shouldn’t be doing that, or maybe we always “forget” to clean our bathroom when it’s always the grossest area in our apartment. When we’re in a serious relationship, our worst habits tend to become even more obvious since our partner is definitely going to have to deal with them on a regular basis. Of course, the same thing goes for them, and we have to get used to the things that they do all the time, too.

There are a lot of good and bad habits that we ladies have that guys absolutely love… and then there are some things we do that they can’t really handle. Sure, they might not be dealbreakers, and they might never tell us how they really feel. But they’re still thinking about these things. We rounded up confessions from men IRL thanks to Reddit and Thought Catalog. Read on to find out 10 habits of yours that he loves and 10 habits of yours that he just can’t stand!

Habits He Loves

20 “My wife makes little lists for everything that helps keep us really organized. It’s something she’s done since she was a little girl. And I still see the cute little A+ student in her every time she’s making one.”

This guy confessed this in a thread on Reddit, and you’re probably thinking how cute this is, right? It’s impossible to read this confession and not immediately go “awww.”

Making lists is definitely a girl thing. Sure, there are probably some guys who do it, too, but it seems like more of a girl habit. It’s the best way to keep track of everything that you have to do, whether that’s the groceries that you have to buy (avocados, obviously) or other chores that are on your mind. It’s nice to now that something that you do every day is actually super attractive to guys. Being organized really is such a nice feeling, especially since your days are probably just as packed as everyone else’s.

19 “When I see her glancing at me in the grocery store or over dinner or while doing the dishes, and she was giving me that ‘I love you’ look in the most objectively unromantic context.”

Thanks to Thought Catalog, you now know that giving your boyfriend a look that basically says those three little words is a good habit to have. It’s most likely something that every guy would absolutely love.

Because what’s not to love about that warm, cozy feeling that this is your person and your true love and that they really get you? It’s why people are so focused on finding their own love story. They just want to find something like what this guy is describing. It really is the best thing ever. If this is one of your habits, too, then rest assured that your boyfriend adores it and would never want you to change or stop. Even if he never tells you, now you know that he’s into it.

18 “When she leaves me a cup of coffee on the counter before she goes to work, with cream and sugar and everything.”

This Thought Catalog confession is really sweet and adorable, and this sounds like a habit that every girlfriend (and boyfriend) should adopt.

Honestly, what kind of person leaves for work before their partner and doesn’t make them a cup of coffee? That person is definitely a monster. 100 percent. It would be a deal breaker (or at least a warning sign that the relationship wasn’t the best that it could be). Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but coffee is a seriously important part of life and it’s only true love if your partner understands that. This is also a great habit to have because it proves that you’re being thoughtful and that you care about your partner. You should always be doing nice little things for each other.

17 “It isn’t so much specific things as the fact that she is always being considerate. This morning, she woke up before me and left for work before I even woke up. There was coffee made… and my phone had been plugged in to charge.”

Nothing says love like coffee and a charged phone. That might sound kind of silly, but like this guy confessed on Reddit, doing something like this for your significant other proves that you’re kind and considerate. And nothing is hotter or more attractive than that. Sure, people might disagree with that, but once you settle into the groove of a serious, committed relationship, these little habits add up and prove how much you love each other.

Taking care of your partner is a really nice thing to do and a great habit to adopt, as long as they’re doing the same thing for you, of course. If you get into the habit of helping them start their day like this girl does, it’s truly awesome.

16 “When my girlfriend makes me a lunch for work and leaves me a little note. Its small but it makes my whole day.”

Thanks to Reddit, now you know that guys really do love sweet things like this. You might have wanted to do something like this for your own boyfriend but you figured that he would think that it was too adorable or too girly or something like that. Well, now you know the truth: he just might fall in love with you even more.

This might sound too good to be true and it might sound like something that you would forget to do or run out of time for. But, really, being a good partner means compromising and doing things for them, and leaving them a sweet note really doesn’t seem like that much work. It would definitely strengthen your relationship. And he would probably get into the habit of reciprocating, and you would love that.

15 “When they wake up and are extremely lost-looking while being wrapped up in blankets. Like you live in the Arctic, but cuter.”

What’s better than waking up next to the person that you love? Nothing. Well, maybe waking up next to the person that you adore with some coffee and pancakes (and bacon), but that’s beside the point.

You definitely do what this guy is describing, don’t even try to pretend. And it’s definitely as cute as he thinks that it is. Hey, what can you say? It’s hard to wake up sometimes, and it’s even tougher when it’s still dark outside at 7 a.m. and it’s freezing and your cozy bed is the best place ever. Okay, so it’s still pretty hard to get up in the summer, too.This is an adorable habit that a lot of girls absolutely have, so it’s nice to know that guys think that it’s so great.

14 “When they are really into a hobby or a certain subject and they rant about it, I find it adorable. I love seeing girls really invested in something and I find it amazingly attractive.”

Who knew that guys found rants attractive?! Well, now you know, and it’s the greatest news ever.

It’s not that you’re trying to rant, of course. It just happens. You can’t help it. If you’re chatting about your latest TV obsession or something that happened at work or your latest conversation with your best friend, guess what? You’re going to get excited and hyped up and probably end up ranting. Because a rant isn’t always a negative thing. It doesn’t always mean that you’re upset or angry. Sometimes it just means that you’re passionate, as this guy says in his confession. And you’re definitely grateful to him for saying this and shedding light on this very important subject because it’s amazing to learn that guys find this habit really cute.

13 “Swearing.”

You might consider swearing to be a bad habit, and most people would agree with that. After all, it’s not that great to swear all the time or even some of the time. But you’re not perfect and of course, you’re going to say some swear words. That’s just the way that it is.

If you thought that swearing was a bad habit that you should break, think again, because according to this guy, it’s a habit that guys love. They honestly think it’s really attractive when girls swear. Of course, they probably think that way if they’ve already got a massive crush on the girl who happens to be swearing. If you like someone, you’ll basically think that anything and everything that they do is really awesome and really attractive. That’s the rule.

12 “There’s a girl I know that sits with her legs pulled to her chest with her arms wrapped around them, then rests her head on her knees and smiles at me when we’re talking. I forget whatever it was that I was talking about every time.”

You definitely have some kind of habit like this one, whether you sit in this exact same pose when you’re hanging out with your boyfriend or you tend to sit cross-legged even at your kitchen or dining room table. Everyone has these kind of body language habits. They’re hard to let go of, even if you tell yourself that you should act like more of a so-called grown-up.

What this guy is describing does sound super cute, so if this is something that you do, then don’t even worry about it: your boyfriend probably loves it as much as he does. And that’s really great to know. All you want is to know that your quirky habits are adored and appreciated by the person that you adore and appreciate.

11 “Peeing with the door open.”

Do you do this? Don’t lie — you know that sometimes you do. And that includes times that your boyfriend is staying over or hanging out at your place (or if you live together, then you still do this).

You know that you should close the bathroom door. Sometimes you’re too lazy to do that, and other times, you just figure that it’s not really such a big deal. You might consider this to be kind of a gross habit that you adopted somewhere along the way, but according to this guy, it’s something that guys might actually like. Hmmm. Does this mean that you should keep doing it? Probably not. But it’s nice to know that they’re not that grossed out. That’s a sign that you’ve found your soulmate for sure.

Habits He Can’t Stand:

10 “She leaves bobby pins – everywhere. Does not pick them up. Forgets about them. Then later on (after an indeterminate amount of time) complains she is out of bobby pins. Maddening.”

A Reddit user really doesn’t enjoy when his girlfriend leaves bobby pins all over… but, really, he should totally understand that she’s not doing this on purpose. Because girls know a universal truth: bobby pins have a life of their own.

It’s something that you’ve learned yourself, and probably the hard way. You, too, have faced the sad reality that you’re just never going to be able to find a bobby pin when you need one. And when you need one, you really, really need one. Your hair isn’t cooperating and it’s the worst day ever. It would be awesome if guys understood that, but apparently, some of them don’t. This may be a bad habit but, hey, this is something that all girls do. Guys should get used to it and accept it.

9 “My girlfriend thinks it’s funny to give me TV shows spoilers.”

Raise your hand if you do think that this is funny. Yeah. It kind of is, right?!

Okay, okay, fine, you can see how this would be super annoying to someone. It’s not like you want anyone, let alone your boyfriend, to do this to you. It’s bad enough when you’re really into a TV and can’t log onto Twitter or Facebook without seeing your best friend totally spoiling the season or series finale for you. Ugh. It’s seriously the worst. If you have a bad habit of spoiling TV shows for your boyfriend (or anyone else in your life), it’s definitely a good idea to stop that immediately. Everyone will breathe a giant sigh of relief and like hanging out with you so much more.

8 “Takes forever to text back, but when we hang out she is never off her phone.”

Guys definitely hate it when girls are on their phones all the time… and, let’s face it, this is something that girls hate, too. So, basically, everyone thinks that this is an annoying AF habit. And it would be great if everyone stopped doing this. It’s pretty rude and makes the person that you’re with feel like they’re just not interesting or important to you.

If you’ve found yourself guilty of texting too much or spending too much time on social media when you’re supposed to be spending quality time with the person that you love, then you can probably relate to this guy’s confession. And you might be feeling kind of bad about it. Instead of going down a rabbit hole of negative emotions and guilt, just stop with this bad habit and it’ll all be okay. Okay? Good.

7 “She’s gonna hate me but, she gives me the breakdown of her day at work, and I mean EVERY detail.”

And here you were thinking that it was a good thing when couples shared the best and worst parts of their day…

Part of being in a relationship is talking about what’s going on in your life, and that definitely includes what happened that day. This guy’s not having it, though. He doesn’t want his girlfriend to tell him what happened at work that day in so much detail. This isn’t a habit that everyone has, but if you do this, you probably never considered the fact that your boyfriend might not love it. Of course, there are worse things than listening to your partner share things with you, so this doesn’t seem like such a terrible thing to have to deal with. As long as you’re not whining or being super negative, it should be okay, right?

6 “I’ll sit down on the couch, put my feet up, get comfortable. She’ll come in, sit down next to me, and then ask me ‘Can you get my X?’ where X is anything she could have gotten on the way to the couch.”

This confession is kind of funny, just because, yeah, it’s annoying when someone does this, but… it’s also pretty silly to get so upset about it. No one wants to get up when they’ve just sat down on a comfy couch, but come on. Is it really that big of a deal?!

Of course, if this is a habit that you have and you do this all the time, as in every day, then that would be a different story. And anyone would have a right to find it super frustrating and want their partner to stop this ASAP. It’s also not that great to make your boyfriend get you stuff and wait on you. It’s totally fine if they offer, but otherwise, you’re a big girl and can do it yourself.

5 “Fake voice. It’s just irritating.”

As this guy confessed on Thought Catalog, it’s not that great when a girl uses a “fake voice.” You know the one: when you pretend to have a much more high-pitched voice than you actually do. And when you kind of talk like you’re a baby (or like you’re talking to a baby in that super annoying way that people have).

A lot of girls do think that this is really cute, but this guy finds it super irritating, and you can be sure that most people agree with him. If you do this around your boyfriend or brother or male friends and they never say anything, you might think that they like it, but chances are, they agree and think it’s a bad habit.

4 “Trying to make us jealous. Sometimes a girl will go on and on about some other dude like it’s going to somehow motivate us into trying harder.”

Another Thought Catalog confession, this one’s about girls who try to make their boyfriends jealous. As you can probably guess, this doesn’t go over very well and is basically a terrible idea. If this is a bad habit that you have, you should definitely stop doing this.

If you try to make your boyfriend jealous, it will probably end up backfiring and have the complete opposite effect. Instead of realizing that he loves you more than anyone else and could never see him with another girl, he might be so mad and upset that it starts a big fight. And before you know, he’ll break up with you and move on and you’ll be alone. Sounds good… not. So this is definitely a habit that you want to forget about ASAP.

3 “Generally attempting to be a member of the Kardashian family in appearance/demeanor. That stuff must be to impress other girls, not us.”

This guy confessed on Thought Catalog that if a girl wants to look or act like someone who is part of the Kardashian family, he doesn’t think that it’s all that impressive. He’s right when he says that girls really love that famous family. He’s basically saying that he wants girls to be who they are and not try to be or look like someone else, which is a really great message.

If you start dressing like one of them or start wearing your makeup like one of them, it’s definitely true that your boyfriend would just kind of react with a shrug. He wouldn’t be as excited about it as your best friend or your sister. This might sound like a unique bad habit to have, but it’s true that some girls do this, and now you know that some guys aren’t big fans.

2 “Overuse the dog filter on Snapchat. We get it, you like the dog filter. Really could apply to any filter.”

If you do this, then now you know that some guys aren’t into it. At least this guy who confessed this on Thought Catalog isn’t, so you can be sure that other guys agree with him.

Of course, you don’t have to stop using this filter, or any filter that you want, because even if some guys think that this is a bad habit that girls have, who cares?! Honestly, this is a fun and enjoyable filter to use, and sometimes you just need to do something that brightens up your day and puts you in a good mood. Sometimes people get too picky and too upset about little things. And this is totally one of those times. If you love this filter, then go ahead and use it to your heart’s content. You don’t always love things that your boyfriend or other guys do, either.

1 “Not telling me what you want and thinking I’ll guess the right thing.”

Another Thought Catalog confession that makes a ton of sense and is really pretty eye-opening. It may be obvious that you should never hide anything from your boyfriend and that you should always be honest about what you’re thinking and feeling. But even though that’s obvious, it’s not what you always do.

It can be tempting to want your boyfriend to read your mind and figure out what’s wrong and what you’re so upset about, but this is a super unfair thing to do. Would you want him to do the same thing? Nope. Definitely not. It’s honestly great news that guys want you to be honest about your emotions, so instead of hiding them, why not embrace them? Your relationship will definitely improve, and who doesn’t want that?!

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We all have good and bad habits, and often, the bad ones tend to stick in our minds the most. We might not be able to stop biting our nails when we get bored or nervous, even if we know that we shouldn’t be doing that, or maybe we...