You already know we’re all different: Some people need a little coaxing to let their hair down, while others like to just go for it — no preliminaries, no beating around the bush, just straight to the hot stuff they crave.

How about that hottie you’ve been eyeing? Find out whether they’re the go-for-it type or the kind that needs a little more finesse before giving in to seduction.

What’s even more interesting, what about that special someone? Wouldn’t you like to know their style when it comes to getting hot and heavy? Well, now you can find out! For some naughty and yet oh-so-insightful fun, read about their sign. You’ll learn everything you need to know to stoke their fires and satisfy their every erotic craving!


When it comes to the mating dance, Aries will take the lead every time. Laid back? Reserved? Follow-the-leader? No way! Once they’ve got their lover in their sights, there’s no stopping them. They have a strong drive and a passionate, even combustible sensuality and make for a hot, exciting lover. Highly spontaneous and impulsive, the Ram will go after the object of their desire without a second thought, and they’re willing to try anything once. They can be incredibly enthusiastic behind closed doors, but like a bonfire, their heat can change suddenly — and blow out of proportion, or blow out altogether.


Taurus makes for an incredibly sensual, seductive lover. But they’re far from undisciplined; they’ll woo their object of their desire slowly and surely, taking the patient, steady approach to reach their goal. And once they reel in the prize, their lover had better prepare for a long, hot night! No erogenous zone will be overlooked, and soft caresses, sweet murmurs and sighs of satisfaction will reign. They might not be imaginative or spontaneous but instead, their lover will enjoy a basic, straightforward sexuality that is marked by incredible endurance. The Bull will take as long as they need to get what they want, and enjoy it thoroughly once they do.


Lively Gemini makes for a light, clever touch behind closed doors. They aren’t big on romance or a slow build-up — at least, not of the traditional sort. For Gemini, stimulating conversation is romance, and builds to a desire for stimulation of a different sort. Once that intellectual connection is made, anything is possible! Gemini is the Sign of the Twins, which makes for quite the diverse and dexterous bedroom experience. They won’t be big on sentimentality or emotional displays; in fact, they can be a rather restless lover who needs a lot of variety in order to stay interested. Talk is big for Gemini so make the most of it by verbalizing desires to stoke the fires!


For Cancer, the biggest turn-on is emotional security. If the connection is strong and true, they will really let their hair down and can be one of the most imaginative, romantic and generous lovers of the Zodiac. But they can take a while to warm up, especially if the connection isn’t completely solid; just like the Crab, at the first sign of trouble, it’s back into that shell, where they’re all but unreachable. A romantic, emotional approach definitely works best with the Crab and monogamy is the name of the game. After all, their heart rules their head and body. Once their heart is involved, the rest is sure to follow.


Saucy Leo is a generous and demonstrative lover! They want to go the extra mile for the object of their desire, as long as their efforts are rewarded — and appreciated. Pampering and being pampered are big with them; indulgence is one of their most sensual pleasures. A night out on the town that’s followed by wonderful, all-night bedroom play — what could be better? The Lion wants to be in charge in the bedroom, which works because they know exactly how to treat their lover right. They possess a strong and vital sensuality and an ardent, passionate and devoted nature.


Virgo makes for a very skillful and attentive lover, albeit they’re a highly selective one who has particular ideas about what kind of lover they’re looking for. They can be rather reserved in the bedroom, and need a gentle, patient and trustworthy lover who will take their time in the courtship and seduction phase. As Virgo is connected with Mercury, the Planet of Communication, they can tend to be stuck in their head a lot. But rest assured: the sign of Purity has definitely thought – and fantasized — plenty about all the wonderfully naughty things they’d like to do. They’re just waiting for the right person to come along and coax out that wild side!


Libra likes to keep their lover thoroughly pleasured! They aren’t happy unless their lover is satisfied, and they’re willing to put time, energy and effort into sating their partner’s every desire. Since Libra is connected to the Love Planet, Venus, the power of Mars is softened in this sign; they’re all about romance and affection. They’re happiest in a relationship, and are likely to be quite the graceful, considerate and refined lover. Intimate moments will take on a rosy, romantic hue, but don’t let others mistake this for dreaminess – the Sign of Balance is definitely willing to take the lead, as long as their partner is willing to follow.


Everyone else had better watch out, Scorpio is the most potent and passionate sign in the Zodiac! Since Scorpio is ruled by Mars, they have double the drive. They’re nothing if not intense, and they’ll pursue their desires with a single-minded determination. And they definitely know what they’re doing between the sheets. Their erotic urges run deep and strong, they’re instinctive in their sensuality, and their emotional side ties it all together, making for quite the smoldering lover. The Scorpion also can be rather dominant, both in the bedroom and out. With that kind of sizzle, their lovers will beg for more — and that’s just how Scorpio likes it!


Sagittarius makes for an exuberant, energetic lover who won’t be held down! They have a fiery, athletic and adventurous spirit. Slow-paced, dreamy intimacy will just dampen their drive; they’re all about reaching new heights with a lover. Adventure in the bedroom is key – with them and outside the bedroom is even better. Think quickies in the great outdoors or a fast, heady grope in the elevator between floors. The Archer is ardent but restless; without plenty of variety, they will quickly grow bored. They’re definitely more light-hearted than romantic when it comes to sensuality; sex will be more like a playful romp than a drawn-out, intense encounter.


On the surface, Capricorn could appear quite self-possessed, even reserved or cool natured. But beneath that exterior, lie smoldering passions. They make for a very patient lover, one who is calculated in pursuing their desires. They know just what they want when it comes to both sex and relationships, and they won’t waste their time pursuing someone who is too out-there or different from them. The Goat is a confident lover whose natural, quiet charisma can be quite compelling. They’re capable of great self-control, and their passions burn steadily. And once they know they’ve found the right person, they’ll really let their hair down.


Good thing, Aquarius doesn’t care what anyone else thinks — because they can really turn some heads! Their motto might be “The weirder, the better” — or perhaps “Anywhere, anytime.” They’re in it for the experience, and love to try new and unusual positions and techniques. They’re quite innovative in the bedroom, so others should prepare to experience things they might never even have imagined. The Water Bearer is not an emotionally attached lover; they take an intellectual approach, even to something as instinctive as sex. The good news is, their passion won’t burn out of control, and they’re able to remain good friends with an ex- lover.


Pisces makes for a highly emotional, even intuitive lover, they’re someone who senses what their partner desires and they strive to give it to them. They can be somewhat shy or reserved when it comes to sensuality, and won’t be very aggressive, even behind closed doors. They are most comfortable with a take-charge lover who will lead the way — but others need to treat the Fish with tenderness, as they are sensitive and easily hurt. If treated well, they’ll be the most generous, romantic and imaginative lover around. Fantasy is big with them, as is conversation; naughty talk could be just the way to get them warmed up!

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You already know we’re all different: Some people need a little coaxing to let their hair down, while others like to just go for it — no preliminaries, no beating around the bush, just straight to the hot stuff they crave. How about that hottie you’ve been eyeing? Find out...