The Difference Between A Mature And Immature Relationship

Relationships aren’t defined by the amount of time you spend with somebody. They’re defined by the quality of time you spend, by the degree of understanding you have with the other person about what your relationship means. Here are some fundamental differences between a mature and immature relationship.

1. An immature relationship is fraught with questions about the longevity and faithfulness of the individuals in the relationship. A mature one knows how to clear the air out, talk about all the questions, find the answers and continue eating that slice of chocolate cake together.

2. An immature relationship is constantly keeping you wanting for something — for comfort, for love, for company. A mature one satisfies your wants but also makes sure it gives you what you need — joy, contentment and compassion.

3. An immature relationship consists of two people trying to make one person, connected to the hip and filling in all the presumed ‘gaps’ in each other’s personality to compensate for their perceived shortcomings. A mature relationship consists of two people who are happy in who they are, regardless of their shortcomings, capable of conquering everything separately and together.

4. An immature relationship is characterized by spurts of passion and intensity, which fizzle out after a while. A mature relationship is steady and tempered — like a healthy heartbeat, running on energy, care, selflessness and affection.

5. An immature relationship is always in the pursuit of itself, searching for its own existence. A mature one exists, knows that it exists and goes to bed snuggling happily.

6. An immature relationship lives in fear of a third party being the reason behind its imminent end. A mature relationship lives assured, knowing that no third person can take away what it has.

7. An immature relationship will question and distance itself from your past because it is incapable of handling the truth of it, no matter how devastating and problematic it must have been. A mature one understands it and sticks by your side if your past tries to find its way back to you.

Regardless of the number of weeks, months or years your relationship might have lasted, take a while to think about whether it’s a mature one or not. We all want our relationships to be mature, tough and able to withstand everything.


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