Chakra Colour Meanings

chakra mean

Crown ChakraThe Crown chakra colour is violet (sometimes seen as white) and is located at the top of your head. Known as our psychic centre, through this chakra we connect to the Divine via claircognizance. Problems with our immune and nervous systems, cancers, headaches, dizziness, learning disorders, major depression, multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia are                  centred here. This chakra is located near the pineal gland which regulates our physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Solar Plexus ChakraThe Solar Plexus chakra colour is yellow and is located in your stomach area. This chakra is highly complex, relating to your self-worth and sense of power and control. Digestive and weight problems are centred here, as well as issues relating to the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys and stomach.

Heart ChakraThe Heart chakra colour is green (sometimes seen with pink flecks) and is located near your heart. Our desires and feelings about relationships, love and compassion correspond to this chakra. Problems with our heart or circulatory system, blood pressure, asthma, allergies and sleep disorders are centred here.

Throat ChakraThe Throat chakra colour is blue (light to royal blue) and is located in your throat area. Through this chakra we express what we see, feel, think and desire. It is very useful for manifesting and self-protection by communicating what we want and what we don’t want. Disorders affecting the jaw, mouth, thyroid and tonsils are centred here, as well as issues of victimisation and inability to say no or yes.

Third Eye ChakraThe Third Eye chakra colour is indigo blue and is located between your eyes at the brow area. Clairvoyance is the main function of this chakra, as well as manifesting through visualisation with the pituitary gland, which is located here. Eyesight issues, headaches in the brow, hormonal imbalances and glandular or endocrine issues linked to the pituitary gland are centred in this chakra.

Sacral ChakraThe Sacral chakra colour is orange and is located just below your belly button in the abdominal area. This chakra corresponds to our feelings and creativity and it is especially important to women because it is the centre of the female reproductive system. Addiction problems show up in this energy centre as well.

The Root chRoot Chakraakra colour is red and is located at the base of your spine. It corresponds to our survival and safety needs, as well as sexual function. Issues around money and basic material needs show up in this chakra. This is also the root area for addiction problems.



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