Abused Piglet Dumped At Animal Shelter Undergoes Amazing Transformation

Though we may never know why some people abuse animals (or other people), it’s heartening to know compassionate individuals do still exist. The Dodo shares a story about the folks at Sale Ranch Sanctuary , who saved a young piglet’s life. The pig, named Cherry Blossom, lived in unspeakable conditions before she was finally dumped at an animal shelter in California that primarily

What Your Birth Month Says About You

JANUARY * Ambitious and serious * Loves to teach and be taught * Always looking at people’s flaws and weaknesses * Likes to criticize * Hardworking and productive * Smart, neat and organised * Sensitive and has deep thoughts * Knows how to make others happy * Quiet unless excited or tensed * Rather reserved *

Norwegian billionaire giving away most of his fortune to save our ocean from plastic

A former-fisherman-turned-billionaire from Norway known for being a ruthless businessman now says he plans to give most of his wealth away. Kjell Inge Roekke is the tenth-richest man in Norway, with a net worth over $2 billion. In an interview with Oslo’s Aftenposen newspaper published Tuesday, he revealed plans to bequeath his holdings in ways

Shocking pictures of the ugly ducklings who transformed into beautiful swans or cobs

These people are attractive and charming, they gladly pose and smile in front of the cameras, and they enjoy the attention of thousands of people worldwide. But years ago they were ordinary teenagers who had their own problems, fears, and complexes. Jennifer Garner   © vev.ru   © depositphotos.com Joe Manganiello   © depo.ba   © people.com Scarlett Johansson