Science vs Astrology-This Is How Your Birth Month Affects Your Life

The idea that the month a person was born in can predict what their destiny will be has been a mainstay of numerological and astrological practice for thousands of years. While a large segment of the population believe that there is little evidence for supporting these ideas, scientists and statisticians beg to differ. It has

Innovative Zero-Energy Air Conditioner Is Naturally Cooling Households In New Delhi

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory Due to cost constraints and environmental considerations, few families India can afford conventional air conditioning units. Fortunately, there is an aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly alternative that is working just as well for residents in New Delhi. Arch Daily reports that New Delhi-based Ant Studio has created a zero-electricity air conditioner that

According To Scientists 10 Years Is All the Time We Have to Save Earth

Climate change has been at the forefront of politics in countries all over the world as we continue to see the devastating effects it is having on planet Earth, and now scientists claim we have just 10 years to save the planet before disaster strikes. Fortunately, they’ve also developed a model they hope will be

Research shows that magic mushrooms grows and repairs brain cells

Magic mushrooms’ or ‘shrooms’ can grow and repair brain cells, according to research. When consumed, these psychedelic mushrooms can cause a person to hallucinate for an extended period of time. Research gathered from the University of South Florida has shown that psilocybin, the component found within these psychedelic mushrooms, has the ability to grow new brain cells.

Rat Develop Tumours After Eating GM Corn Study Banned From Journal

The journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology has been ordered to pull a study from their publication that showed rats developed tumors after consuming genetically modified foods.  A study conducted by French Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini found that rats that were fed a diet of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn and Roundup herbicide developed severe tumors as