Just 25 minutes of mindfulness meditation can relieve stress

American scientists studied the effects of mindfulness meditation on stress levels and came to the conclusion that just three consecutive days of 25-minute meditation can significantly alleviate stress. When stress overwhelms your nervous system your body is flooded with chemicals that prepare you for “fight or flight.” While the stress response can be lifesaving in

Meditation for children

Children are under huge pressure and they are subjected to sensory overload.  Meditation and relaxation is a necessity to help build resilience and help children feel more in control of their emotions. Here are some simple ways to encourage children to take out a few moments each day. 1. LEAD BY EXAMPLE Be a role

100 Benefits of Meditation

en Physiological benefits: 1- Reduces oxygen intake. 2- Reduces the rate of respiration 3- Strengthens blood circulation. 4- Enables you to exercise more. 5- Provides physical relaxation. 6- Reduces high blood pressure. 7- Lessens anxiety attacks. 8- Removes muscle tension 9- Cures allergies, arthritis etc. 10- Removes or lessens Pre-menstrual Syndrome symptoms. 11- Aggravates the