Google Declares War On Alternative Media – Here’s Over 400 Sites They Don’t Want You To See!

Google’s crackdown on any truths it disagrees with has just hit an all new low—and the company now openly describes its Orwellian agenda in public documents for you to see. It’s no longer conspiracy, and it’s no longer sugarcoated: the monolithic search engine has stated clearly in writing that any views and beliefs contrary to mainstream opinion

Horrifying abuse of former racehorse champion brings rescuers to tears

Countless people visit race tracks and arenas every year in order to see champion race and show horses do what they do best: perform. While some may be aware that life for these horses behind closed doors is often horrible, most people are completely oblivious and assume that such beautiful creatures are well taken care

Graphic video exposes how famous brands like Louis Vuitton make their crocodile handbags

WARNING: After watching this deeply disturbing and chillingly graphic 3-minute video, you will never buy crocodile skin bags ever again. Not for children or sensitive viewers. Due to the content the video cannot be embedded here so copy the link and put in browser to view. Crocodiles in Vietnam are skinned alive to make