Amazing Video Of Great White Shark In Shallow Water

Dale Pearson saw something thrashing about in the shallow waters of the ocean. He and a friend rushed down thinking that they could help whatever was stranded. They initially thought it was a hammerhead shark or a beached whale. As he got closer he got the suprise of his life. It was a 14 feet long great white shark swimming in 3 feet of water.

Dale and his friend went very close to the shark but made sure to keep behind the shark in knee-deep water where the shark could not swim. It came into the shallows, lay motionless, then move out again and repeating this action.


The shark had two open wounds on its back which may have been caused by a boat propellor. He believes the shark came into shallow waters for food. Stingrays are often found in these shallow waters and the great white most probably stayed motionless in these shallow water waiting for its meal.

After a couple of days the shark left. The injury to its back was not considered to be life threating.

Watch the video Dale Pearson took.


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