After cruelly having both front legs hacked off Cola can play again

In May 2016 in Thailand a 9 month old puppy was caught chewing on a neighbour’s shoes. 

The dogs owner offered to compensate his neighbour but he still was not satisfied. He returned late that night with a sword and hacked off both front legs of Cola the puppy.

He also threatened to kill the lady’s other dogs should they report him.

Colas owner called SDF (Soi Dog Foundation) as well as the local authority for help

The man was detained and given a one months sentence.

Cola was taken to SDF headquarters to recover by the co-founder of SDF.He was then given prosthetics and was adapting well to it.

Many offers to adopt Cola poured in, but the co-founders wife who herself is a double amputee and Cola formed such a strong bond that they decided to adopt him themselves.

Image: nanonews

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