Venus represents love. How you act and respond in relationships is directly tied to how strong Venus influences you, which can be, and often times is, totally different than your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant influences. Knowing this will help you understand what qualities you express in love and what you’re looking for in a partner. How can you feel satisfied in a relationship and in love if you don’t know how much Venus influences you? If you weren’t satisfied in all of your relationships, you probably picked people who are not compatible with your sign. Ideally, you should pick a partner with the same element, whether that be earth, air, water, or fire, or of the same vibration, whether it be feminine, earth and water, or masculine, fire and air.

This may not be exact science, but overall, knowing your Venus influence will help you explore what you want. It will also help you understand what you need in a partner. The more you gravitate towards signs that don’t satisfy your soul, the more you’ll keep getting your heart broken. Otherwise, you’ll be giving and giving and giving until you can’t give no more, until you’re a puddle on the floor, and until your heart is no more. So if you’re planning to settle down, take a serious look at what your Venus compatibility is. Get your natal chart done as soon as possible. Study your Venus influence and then get to know yourself. This will assist in the process of locating the mate you need and deserve. Don’t underestimate the power of being alone with yourself and asking serious questions about what type of partner you really want. It sure beats another heartbreak, that’s for sure.

12. Aries

Aries thrives on action, period. If the relationship is stagnant, things move slowly, or there’s no spontaneity, then you’re going to get your heart broken in the long run. Aries, you don’t like to sit still or wait around. You want to feel alive all the time, and you want to keep moving. If you find yourself waiting for your partner more often than not, and feeling frustrated about that, then move on, girl. That person is not the one for you. You want someone who can keep up with your energy and give back as much energy as you put forth. Stop thinking that because others slow down, you should, too. It’s not in your nature. You’re quick to start a fire and quick to put it out, keep that in mind. And don’t let other’s character try and put out your fire for love. You want a fast-paced kind of love, then you should go for it. Don’t settle. Look for someone who’s into physical activities, like any and all sports, hiking, or dance. Your heart will get broken if you don’t have the option to be physically mobile or a feeling of excitement. If someone is super relaxed or a homebody, you’re best to not even start anything lest you get burned by your own love flame.

11. Taurus

There’s no way around this, Taurus, so face the facts. You require security of the utmost kind and of a two-fold measure. What does that mean? You need financial and emotional security. You’re all about having the best in life, and you will get your heart broken if you don’t have complete and utter support from your partner on this matter. Don’t feel bad about this. It’s part of who you are, Taurus. You like the finer things in life and you like to feel secure in love. If those needs are not met, if you don’t even recognize that in yourself, then boom! – the heartbreaks will come left and right. Find a partner that can give you that stability. Don’t try to settle for a love that doesn’t include an emotional and financial safety net. If you catch yourself paying for things more often than not, if you feel tossed aside and ignored, you’re sure to get your heart not just broken, but smashed. Go for the partner that gives you what your heart desires, a life full of luxury and genuine love. Ending up with a person without a job is not the one, don’t even think about it.

10. Gemini

If you catch yourself biting your tongue, holding back, and keeping things in more often than not, then Gemini, sorry to say, that the relationship you’re in is not the right one. Gemini’s need to express themselves, and that includes all forms of communication. From long conversations to physical displays, Gemini’s need to express themselves in this regard. If you cannot express yourself in a relationship, that’s why you keep getting your heart broken. Pick someone who wants to listen or who’s happy to talk with you. But don’t pick someone too serious because you will feel weighed down by such a character. Go for light, playful people who are not going to judge you. If you think you like the serious, buttoned-up partner who’s shy and quiet, you’re wrong. Don’t even consider a partner like that for you, Gemini, because that is just twisted. A fun person is the way to go. The more problems your partner has, the more serious they are, and the less likely you are to feel happy. Thus, the heartbreaks.

9. Cancer

Cancers are usually in tune with their emotions. That is a fact. If your partner is uptight, closed, or secretive about how she/he feels, then you will not feel invested in the relationship. You love displays of emotions from your partner. You want to hear about his bad day and you want to be a shoulder to cry on. It’s okay to want those things, Cancer. After all, you’re quite sensitive, and we love you for that. If you’re not seeing and feeling the same emotions from your partner, then the relationship will not work. You will only get your heart broken. If you don’t receive reassurance and compliments, romantic whispers, or affectionate words, the relationship is not for you. You will get your heart broken. Be sure you find someone who is as emotional as you are and be genuine about it. Anything less will only put strain on your heart strings and cause them to snap. Be honest about the fact that you want to be told how much you’re loved and cared about, too. A lackluster relationship will only cause you pain, Cancer. You’re looking for a partner who wears their heart on their sleeve.

8. Leo

Yes, Leos are known for loving the spotlight, and that’s no different when it comes to love. If you are a Leo who’s been chasing those wallflowers, then it’s no wonder you’re getting your heart broken. Leos demand attention. If you’re mate doesn’t allow you to express that (and detests the attention), things will fizzle and fade quickly between the two of you. Someone who avoids the spotlight, hides in the shadows, and lacks vanity is not the one for you. You need someone to match your need for all eyes on you. Stop going for someone who’s unassuming and lets you shine. No, that will not do for you, Leo. You need someone to step into that spotlight with you, shine as much as you shine, and steal the show with you. If you’re with someone who isn’t confident, that person is not for you. You need someone like you, you need to feel proud of your partner because they represent you. If that need isn’t met, your heart will get broken. You’ve been warned.

7. Virgo

If an impractical person approaches you, then Virgo, you want nothing to do with him or heer. Stop falling for the fairytale romance, the stuff you read in novels or see on the big screen. While it’s appealing and looks nice, it’s not for you. That type of love is for another sign, not for you. Not at all. You’re simple, straight forward, and even a bit cold and detached. You need a partner that can understand that about you. Your love language is service, so you will be all for doing things for your partner, like running errands, paying the bills, and organizing the house, rather than full on affection. If you are selecting partners who are emotionally and physically needy, it’s no wonder you keep getting your heart broken, Virgo. Stay true to your version of love and stop aiming for a love that was created by someone else. For you, it’s about practicality. Also, go for someone who is helpful. Look for partners who are responsible, modest, and intelligent, otherwise you’ll be digging yourself into another relationship grave.

6. Libra

Libras need a partner who is physically attractive. If you think you can go for a mate based on intellectual stimulation, think again. You need to have a strong physical attraction to your mate or the relationship will fall apart quickly. Being balanced is also huge. This means the right amount of emotional and practical. You do not want someone who cannot handle emotions or who cannot handle the daily grind of life. Stop going for partners who put on displays of emotions, are sensitive, don’t have their sh*t together, and are average looking. That’s not what you’re about, Libra. Just keep it real. Also, partners who are vulgar or don’t know how to carry themselves in public will rub you the wrong way. Don’t think you need that bad boy type, the rebel without a cause. Nope, that’s not for you. That type is more suitable for another sign, but surely not for well-balanced and classy Libra. Keep going there and you’ll keep getting your heart broken.

5. Scorpio

There’s no easy way to put this, Scorpio. You are super, duper, über intense when it comes to love. Your version of love is unconventional. You need both passion and drama alike. If your partner isn’t equally as intense and enthusiastic in love, then it won’t work. Look for a partner who can match your obsessive nature. If your partner isn’t as crazy about you as you are about her/him, then you’re going to get your heart broken. It’s just that simple. Partners who push your love away, don’t love you 100%, and aren’t faithful to you have no business being with a Scorpio. Girl, go for someone who requires elements of drama when it comes to love. Also be with someone who is totally committed and devoted to you and love itself. Anything less will not satisfy you. If you are with someone who can’t understand an all-consuming love, says love isn’t that deep, and doesn’t believe whole-heartedly in love will be the one to break your heart. Stop with the conventional mate and traditional love story –it’s not yours, Scorpio. And don’t be sorry about it. The right one is out there, just as mad about love as you are.

4. Sagittarius

If you are dating or falling in love with people who are not your best friend, then you’re going down the wrong path, Sagittarius. You need a straight up best friend with benefits arrangement. A Sagittarius is all about that adventure life, picking up and going somewhere, trying something new, and being bold and brave. If you’re going for the meek and mild, not only will the relationship dwindle, but you might get your heart broken. Without that best friend element, the relationship will turn stagnant, which is the complete opposite of what you want in a relationship. You’re all about growth. You need movement, vibrancy, and danger. You need all these elements at once. Then later, an opportunity to philosophize the stone. If you’re selecting partners who do not fit this bill, don’t even waste your time, please. You will end up frustrated and heart broken. Without adventure, things won’t go anywhere. Find someone who explores life as much as you do. The partner who looks good on paper will be the one you should run away from.

3. Capricorn

Capricorns are into a more serious kind of love. What does that mean? A love that is determined and focused is the love for Capricorn. Flighty, daydreamers will be the partners to avoid. Those partners will mess up Capricorn’s business like nature. If you keep going for the laid back lover, the one who sits back and waits for things to come or happen, the one who doesn’t have many goals, you will, each and every single time, get your heart broken. You demand ambition, you feed off of it, actually. Setting goals and achieving them is sexy for Capricorn. You’ll just have to accept that side of you. It’s ok to want those things. You want the partner who is successful or who takes success very seriously. Without ambition, you will be bored. Without growth, you will be uninterested in him in no time. The type of love you seek is about maturity. If you keep going for the flirty partner, you’ll be disappointed. Take your love life seriously, Capricorn, and face the facts. You want someone who can handle the business of life and everything that comes with it. It’s seeing goals met that gets you going, not kisses and hand holding.

2. Aquarius

Love for Aquarius is all about friendship. First, friends then lovers. If that is not the order of things, then don’t even consider the possibility of anything long lasting. You want to have someone to talk to, to share your deepest, darkest secrets with. More importantly, you want someone who can break conventions of beauty and of all social order. You’d better look for the partner who doesn’t mind being a little unattached in love and who is, either mentally or physically, bizarre. People who can connect to soul and spirt are who you need. It’s not about the love, so much, but about the bonds you create between you and the other person. The partner who thinks different than the rest of the world will be the one for you. All collective thinkers, all copy cats, all non-thinkers will break your heart. Be true to yourself and go for the partner who understands that there’s more to life than love. Human bonding goes beyond conventional romantic relationships. Let that guide you to your soul mate and not another heart break.

1. Pisces

Pisces, listen up: Without a soul connection, you’re bound to repeat the cycle of heart break time and time again. For you, it’s one hundred percent about soul linking. There’s no other way to put it. The physical aspect is just that, physical. You’re craving for a relationship to go deeper, all the way a person’s spiritual essence. Spirituality is number one for you, Pisces. Should you find yourself chasing partners who don’t even dabble in spirituality or who are shallow, you’ll get your heart broken. No way can you last with someone who doesn’t stimulate your soul and your chakras. Financial security means nothing to you, so stop chasing these partners. You want someone who is compassionate and who can show you a love outside of this world. It’s all about the soul, and if you disregard establishing a soul connection, you will get into relationships that are not satisfying to your essence.,cancer,capricorn,gemini,libra,pisces,sagittarius,taurus,virgo
Venus represents love. How you act and respond in relationships is directly tied to how strong Venus influences you, which can be, and often times is, totally different than your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant influences. Knowing this will help you understand what qualities you express in love and what...