My best friend once told me that how we spend New Year’s Eve carries on to the new year. And I am here to tell you that your love life in 2018 is a continuous of what it was in 2017. The only difference between this year and the next one is who you are and who you want to become. Numbers don’t make a difference until you do. You can sit on the couch for hours or chat with your bestie. Or, you can get real about it.

All you need to succeed is keep doing what you do while you take it up a notch. And if what you are doing is not working, then you need to switch things-up. It’s never too late to make your love life better because there’s always room for improvement and growth. There are signs that can tell you if you and your partner aren’t going to make it and there are signs that will tell you how lucky you will be with love. Here are some I put together just for you!

16. A Year Of Heartbreak: You Think You’re Not Good Enough

One of the signs of heartbreak is feeling that you’re not good enough for the one you are with. You compare yourself to his exes. You feel that nothing you do is satisfying him. You start to think you’re the problem and you begin to change yourself to fit his needs. When you’re heart about to break, you blame it on yourself more than you would the other person because it hurts less that way. You feel that everything is your fault and that things are not okay because of you. And that way you tend to disregard the dynamic of your relationship instead of addressing it. You think you need to be less expressive about your thoughts and emotions. You think you should ask less questions, worry less and care less in general.

15. Lucky With Love: You Know You’re The One

You know you’re the one for your partner because they make you feel it every single day. You are one of his priorities not options. He takes care of you like he takes care of himself. You don’t question where the relationship is going because your he shows you how committed he is to you. He doesn’t leave you second guessing. He shares everything with you and he has difficult conversations with you that assure you that you are his other half. You know you’re the one because you are the only one. You don’t feel insecure about yourself and you don’t feel the need to compete for his love or attention. You know you’re the one because he told you that you are. You’ve talked about a life together, you are planning it and soon, you’ll be living it.

14. A Year Of Heartbreak: Neither Of You Are In Love

You’re headed for a year of heartbreak when you or your partner have fallen out of love with each other. You don’t have to break up for your heart to get broken. When you stay in a relationship with someone you don’t love, your heart dies a little. And that’s where real heartbreak begins. When you share your home with someone who doesn’t feel like home, when you share your bed with someone who makes you feel cold, when you share your heart with someone who doesn’t share theirs with you. You feel empty, alone and disconnected. You’re headed for a year of heartbreak when you stop doing things for your partner out of love but out of obligation. Everything starts to weigh on your shoulder. You begin to feel trapped, misunderstood and unloved.

13. Lucky With Love: You’re Both So In Love With Each Other

You’ll be lucky with love this year when you and your partner are in love with each other. Love is not the solution to everything but it’s the fuel to any relationship and if you’ve got it, you’ve got what it takes to reach the finish line. You and your partner have passed the honeymoon stage and still are crazy about each-other. You love him for who he is and he loves you for who you are. And not just that, you both love each other the way you the other needs to be loved. You don’t hurt each other just for fun. You do what it takes to put a smile on their face and make their life easier. You share each other’s pain and you are there for one another during the difficult times.

12. A Year Of Heartbreak: You Lower You Standards

It doesn’t matter how things are in your relationship, but lowering your standards does your relationship no good. You’re headed to a year of heartbreak when you start saying yes to things you morally disagree with, when you say you’re okay with things you’re definitely not okay with and when you start letting your partner off the hook. Your relationship id not going to last if your partner doesn’t call you out when you’re being unkind or unfair. Or, when you give your partner passes on things that you shouldn’t just let go. Your relationship is going nowhere when you start avoiding things because it’s more comfortable than talking about them with your partner. The attraction you have for one another will eventually fade if you lower your standards for each other because it makes you unattractive.

11. Lucky With Love: You Compromise

You’ll be lucky with love in 2018 when you and your partner compromise for each other. You don’t compromise with your beliefs, feelings or standards. You compromise when you choose being a teammate instead of focusing only on yourself. You compromise when you stop focusing on your needs and start paying attention to your partner’s instead. And you compromise when you favor your relationship over your ego. You really want to go out for dinner but your partner had a busy day. So, you decide to eat at home instead so he can get some rest. Your partner wants to have sex but you you’re not in the mood so he understands and doesn’t pressure you. So, basically you accommodate one another and you go out of your way to make each-other feel great.

10. A Year Of Heartbreak: You Like Being Alone Than With Them

This sign is an obvious one because when you would rather be alone than being with your partner then maybe you should be single. You’re headed for a year of heartbreak when you start avoiding spending time with your partner. He asks to hangout and you tell him that you’re going out with your girlfriends. He wants to make plans with you for the holidays and you tell him that you’ll be busy with your family. He says he wants to come over and see you, and you tell him that you need to go to bed early because you’re tired. Technically, you would rather sit at home doing nothing instead of having him around. You don’t miss him when you don’t see him for a while. You don’t text or call him throughout the day like you used to.

9. Lucky With Love: He Favors You Over His Personal Time 

You’ll definitely be lucky with love when your partner would rather spend his night out with the guys with you. He gravitates towards being with you and having you around. You spend time away from each-other but you don’t go long without seeing him or hanging out. Meaning, you have your own lives but you still come together at the end of the day. You are the kind of couple who doesn’t forget everyone else because they’re in a relationship now. You spend time at home watching Netflix or playing a game together. And you spend time with your friends and family. You do meaningful and exciting things together. You go on road trips and you travel together. You always explore a new place in the city but stick to your favorite places to go every once in a while.

8. A Year Of Heartbreak: He Complains About You All The Time

Complaining can be a personal trait but it also can relate to the situation a person is going through. But, when your partner keeps on complaining about everything and all the times, it becomes overwhelming. When he starts making a big deal out of the little things, it means that he’s not happy with how things are. He criticizes the way you do things around the house. Or, like how long it takes you to get ready. He doesn’t understand the way you like to keep everything clean or how you can only sleep with the windows open. He starts to get bothered by the things he used to see as cute or adorable. He makes you feel like your every move annoys him and that he would rather be alone by himself.

7. Lucky With Love: He’s Grateful For You Everyday

You’ll be lucky with love in 2018 when your partner shows you how lucky he is to have you in his life on a daily basis. He looks at you like you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him. He’s appreciative of the small things you do for him like how you make him his favorite cup of coffee in the morning or how you get the shower ready for him when he comes back from work. He’s verbally and physically thankful for you. For instance, he says thank you and then he kisses you on the forehead. He shows his gratitude for you and how proud he is to have you by his side in front of everyone especially those who are the closest to him. He always makes you feel special and you never go a day thinking he’s taking you for granted.

6. A Year Of Heartbreak: He Makes You Sad

Unfortunately, your heart will break in 2018 if being with your partner makes you sad. It doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy, it means that he’s not the right person for you. Relationships are not about being happy all the time because we all go through our own share of difficult and painful. However, being happy is a choice you and your partner can always make. But, when your needs are not being met, when promises get broken and plans get cancelled, you get disappointment. And with disappointment comes sadness. You’re never going to be happy if your partner fails to understand and do what it takes to make you happy. You need to decide whether you would like to be sad with someone or happy by yourself.

5. Lucky With Love: He Makes You Happy

You’ll be more than lucky with love next year because the person you are with is everything you have ever wanted. He makes you laugh when you’re feeling blue. He knows exactly how to cheer you up. He doesn’t judge why you’re down or feeling depressed. He doesn’t let you go to bed angry at him or feeling bad about something that happened with you. He cares about seeing you doing well so he supports you even when you want him not to. He doesn’t make you happy because he buys you all the things you like that he can afford. He makes you happy because he treats you right. Everything about him brings a huge smile to your face. The things he does for you make your heart delighted. When you are together you feel safe and strong.

4. A Year Of Heartbreak: You’re Walking On Egg Shells

You know your relationship is not doing well when you don’t feel safe. You feel like anything you say is taken the wrong way. Your partner is sensitive to your every word that makes it impossible for you to get your point across. You are not hearing each other. Your partner takes your comments as criticism and you take his as judgement. You feel like you can’t be yourself around him. You think twice whether you share how you feel about something. You overthink your actions. You are stressed all of the time and feel overwhelmed. When you’re around him, you feel at unease because there is tension in the air. When you kiss or hug each other, it doesn’t feel genuine because it feels like you’re doing it out of habit not desire. It doesn’t feel good being around him. It feels like something is missing.

3. Lucky With Love: Your Feet Are In Cold Water

You’ll be lucky with love in the years to follow not just in 2018 because you are confident about your relationship. Your partner assures you that you’re in the right relationship through his actions more than his words. You don’t doubt his character because he’s shown you he’s a good man and that he’ll always treat you with kindness and respect. He’s shown you that you can rely on him for good and worse because he’s never left your side. He’s shown you that he’s got only eyes on you because he’s loyal and plus, he’s crazy about you. So, you don’t worry when he stays late at work because you know he’s working hard to provide for you. Your mind doesn’t wonder when you see him with his female friends because you trust him. Your heart and mind are well-rested with this man because he never failed you and never will.

2. A Year Of Heartbreak: You Don’t See A Future With Them

In 2018, you’re going to be single sooner than later because you simply don’t see yourself with your partner. When you look at your life two or five years from now, you see yourself either enjoying the single life or with someone else. You don’t make long term plans with him. You treat him like he’s staying for a little while. Perhaps, in the back of your mind, you are already preparing yourself for the heartbreak that’s coming. So, you start to push him away. You start relying on yourself more and acting like you’re not with him. You don’t say make promises because you know you won’t keep them. Basically, you feel it deep down in your heart that your relationship isn’t going to be your last.

1. Lucky With Love: You Can’t See A Future Without Them

You’ll be lucky with love because you’ve got it by your side already. You never feel like your relationship is coming to an end. In fact, you feel your love story has just started and it will last for a life time. You don’t see a life without him because he’s not just your partner, he’s your best friend, your teammate and your person. You see yourself living together, building a home and starting a family. You see yourself growing together and learning from each other. When you look at him, it all makes sense. For the first time, your previous heartbreaks make sense. For the first time in a while, timing is on your side. All that was complicated with other people becomes simple with him. And everything falls in place because he’s the right person.

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My best friend once told me that how we spend New Year’s Eve carries on to the new year. And I am here to tell you that your love life in 2018 is a continuous of what it was in 2017. The only difference between this year and the...