How many past lives have I had? Who was I in my past life? Why do we come back again and again? Is the current issue I am dealing with related to one of my past lives? These are just a few of the questions clients ask me during their private sessions. The subject of reincarnation is fascinating to many. I do have the ability to see a person’s past lives but I prefer to guide the individuals as they discover their past lives on their own. There  are countless ways you can access past life information. Today I will share with you 8 ways you can explore your past lives. The information that can be uncovered through a past life regression can help one understand where fears, strengths, interests as well as beliefs may have originated from.

8 Easy Ways to Explore Your Past Lives

  1. Schedule a session with a trained hypnotherapist or past life regression specialist. 
  2. Listen to a guided past life regression by either Brian Weiss or Dick Sutphen. 
  3. Paying attention to your dreams. Often past life memories come through our dreams. Keeping a journal by your bed will help you sort out the messages you are receiving in the dream state. Before going to bed, ask your Higher Self to reveal to you past life experiences that will be helpful to you in your current life. 
  4. A regular meditation practice will help you uncover information by asking questions about one past life at a time ahead of time and allowing yourself the natural process of understanding and remembering the information that will come through meditation. 
  5. You can schedule a session with a trusted psychic or skilled Akashic Record Reader. The Akashic Records exist on a dimension (plane of existence) that the stores the information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. 
  6. Take a look at the skills that are effortless for you.  Do you excel in certain areas without any formal training?  For some people they are able to play an instrument, read music, speak another language or even weave a basket without any formal training. Chances are these abilities are carried over from another lifetime. Explore these talents further through one of the other techniques I have suggested. 
  7. Trust in yourself with the information that you are receiving through the regression process. It will probably feel like you are making all of it up. You are probably receiving accurate details with the information that is coming through. 
  8. A shamanic journey with a trained shaman can help you journey into your past lives. Often this type of journey is very healing because it can help you retrieve fragmented aspects of your soul that have experienced trauma from past life experiences. Please do take your time in seeking a practitioner. There are many wonderful and ethical practitioners out there but there are also some who are not the “real deal”.

A Little Advice to Help You Along The Way

  • Make sure the information and story “feels” right to you. A past life reader may say they “see” a certain lifetime and you aren’t sure the details resonates with you – listen to your gut feelings. If it doesn’t resonate, then leave that information out of the equation. Just because someone else says they are “seeing it”, it does not mean that what they are saying is accurate. It could even be that specific lifetime isn’t important to you in this experience. Trust yourself! 
  • Some lifetimes aren’t pleasant ones and it may be more harmful than beneficial for your personal growth in this lifetime. In these cases, it is best to go to a trained professional in this field. How would you know if this is the case? You may have some resistance with your own meditations or even have anxiety about the whole reincarnation process. 
  • Try to not over-analyze the information. Sometimes all of the pieces are not given to us in one session. We will receive the information at the pace that is for our highest and best good.
The most important lifetime is the one you are living now. We have the veil of forgetfulness put on us so that we can focus on one lifetime at a time. You are here to grow as the personality in the current life you are living now. Who you were before is not nearly as important as whom you are now. You are here to experience. Your past lives do affect you in this lifetime, and at the same time, this lifetime has influence on other lifetimes, past, present and future. I encourage you to use the wisdom you will gain from uncovering your other lives to empower and heal your soul in the here and now. lives
How many past lives have I had? Who was I in my past life? Why do we come back again and again? Is the current issue I am dealing with related to one of my past lives? These are just a few of the questions clients ask me during...