4 Thing to avoid on your spiritual journey

Spiritual living has never been more accessible or widely known than in our day-in-age. There seems to be an almost endless amount of resources: gurus, self-improvement classes, yoga teacher trainings…on so on. These are all important and each has a purpose. However there are pitfalls in anything including in spirituality


Here are 4 tips to avoid if you’re really serious about your spiritual path.

1. Pursuing perfection

Many people pursue the idea of enlightenment and spiritual perfection. You won’t wake up every day feeling fantastic….nor do others. Life is not all rainbows and unicorns.

You will also make mistakes in life by thinking negatively and judging other people. This does not mean you are a bad person spiritually, but means that you are human.

Spirituality recognises that our nature is both light and dark and makes room for that.


2. Stop waiting for something to happen

Breakthroughs on the spiritual path only come from hard work and perseverance, so it’s easy to get lazy. Who wants to work if they can avoid it 🙂

The ultimate manifestation of this is when you start to believe some kind of miracle is going to happen and pull you out of whatever funk you’re having.

You end up forgetting all of life’s precious moments.

You can’t wait for things to just fall from the sky…you have to act.

Take the power of your spiritual life into your hands!

3. Stop following others blindly

In spirituality it is important to find your own path as it is easy to be influenced by family, close friends, partners or culture – especially with regard to religion. Even if you do not agree with everything it is easy to go with the flow.

If you have not found what works for you start looking. You have to find a way to realise your own opinions and values.

It’s easy to just go with the flow…even if you don’t necessarily agree with everything. Once you begin to fulfill your own spiritual needs, you will feel much happier.


4. Do not exclude others

The spiritual community gives tremendous support towards spiritual goals, but when it comes to people outside the group, it is easy to have the view that they are not important. This could be viewed as the dark side of spirituality.

True spiritual growth is including others and not excluding them.

Author: Matt Caron



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