Although a lot of the time we wish we could be just like the celebrities we adore and admire, the truth is, celebs get a pretty raw deal. Whereas we can just lounge about in our sweats and hoodies when we don’t feel like putting much effort into our appearance, celebrities have to be on show most of the time. And when they’re not, they’re hounded by the paparazzi, ever-ready to snap an unflattering shot in order to make us all feel a little better about ourselves and take these shining stars down a peg or two.

Here we take a look at some of the celebrities whose drastic changes between their glamorous, red carpet looks and their casual, grunge looks have left us pretty speechless. As you’ll see, a lot of these famous people look like completely different people when they’re not all done up to the nines, but for a few of them here, you’ll see that their natural beauty shines through, even if they’re going more casual than we’re used to. It can be pretty rare to get a glimpse of these celebs not looking their best, but here they are, exposed looking just like the rest of us. Get ready to be surprised, these changing looks are about to shock you.

20 Demi Lovato Looks Almost Like A Different Person

Demi Lovato’s look has changed significantly over the years, but no matter what she wears or how she does her hair, she always looks beautiful. That being said, even the most gorgeous and talented women have their off days, and clearly the picture we see of Demi in her casual clothes was one of those days where she just couldn’t deal with the hassle of being glamorous. People sometimes underestimate just how much time and effort it can take to look fantastic, and news flash, celebrities don’t roll out of bed looking camera-ready, same as us. We think it’s great that Demi doesn’t always feel the need to look perfect, and whether she’s rocking glam or grunge, there’s no taking away that mega-powerful singing voice of hers.

19 Even Rihanna Looks A Little Rough Sometimes

Let’s just get one thing straight: Rihanna is an icon. Not only is she a singer, an actress, and a fashion queen, she’s also a beauty brand mogul to boot. We’re pretty sure there’s nothing Rihanna can’t do. Even though she’s known to be a beauty and the founder of her own beauty line Fenty Beauty, there are days that even Rihanna doesn’t look her best. Clearly the picture we see of the singer in her casual wear was taken without her thinking she would be snapped by the paps, and we feel for Rihanna as admittedly, she’s not looking her best. However, knowing Rihanna, getting papped looking less than great won’t bother her one bit. Rihanna has shut down many bodyshamers and trolls in her time, and we doubt an inconsequential thing like a bad photo such as this one would ever get her down.

18 Tyra Banks Doesn’t Always Look Like A Top Model

Tyra Banks is one of the most famous ex-models in the world. At one time, she was the It girl everyone wanted on their catwalks, and eventually she turned her modelling career into a business empire with her hit TV show America’s Next Top Model. She is the smize queen we love, and let’s be honest, we all tuned into her show back in the day in order to learn how to pose for the camera. Tyra has had her ups and downs in the past, and although we know her as this perfect beauty queen, we can clearly see that even the original Top Model herself has her off days. Here we see Tyra in a less than flattering pic taken while she was clearly exercising. We don’t blame her for not looking her best, though, it’s hard to look high fashion while breaking a sweat!

17 Katy Perry Looks Like Any Other Person Without Her Glam Team

Katy Perry has a large fanbase and is known for her often daring outfits. Who can forget her crazy “California Girls” getup? She’s always usually rocking an outrageous set of clothing, so it almost seems weird to see Katy in something “normal”. Her muddy-green zip-up sweater and unadventurous headband look oddly bland on the singer in the picture above, and she doesn’t have her whole glammed-up face of makeup on like we’re used to here either. Katy Perry recently opted for a daring platinum blonde pixie cut, and we have to say, she looks amazing with her short ‘do. There’s no denying that Katy Perry looks better all glammed up, but it’s comforting to know that the biggest stars have their off days too.

16 Adele’s Voice Shines Through No Matter What She’s Wearing

Adele is the celebrity we all wish we could be friends with. When we watch her in interviews, she exudes such a normalcy and friendliness that it’s hard not to be enchanted by this British songstress. Part of what makes Adele likeable as well is the fact that clearly she isn’t afraid to be photographed not looking her best. If there’s one celeb who probably couldn’t care less if people saw her in an unattractive light, we’d guess it was Adele. Here we see two completely sides of the singer, one looking a bit shabby, and the other all glammed up. Naturally, Adele’s red carpet look is absolutely gorgeous, but there’s something about her grunge pic that just makes us want to pull up a chair and have a cup of tea with her. Never stop being you Adele.

15 Cara Delevingne Doesn’t Always Look Like A Catwalk Queen

Cara Delevingne is one of the hottest models around. With her signature eyebrows and her edgy pixie crop hair, she’s made a name for herself as being one of the most gorgeous, talented models in the business. It’s fairly shocking then, to see one of the world’s most beautiful people looking as rough as Cara does in this first picture. Taking bedhead to the extreme, Cara seems to have maybe had a pretty hard night before this picture was snapped, or maybe she’s just not a morning person. Either way, this first pic is a far cry from her picture-perfect look she’s sporting in the other photo. We often see Cara looking quite serious on the catwalk or in high-fashion shoots, so seeing a picture of her with her  smile is refreshingly beautiful.

14 Even Sofia Vergara Can End Up Looking Like A Plain Jane

Sofia Vergara’s personality is larger than life, and her looks are out of this world too. The Colombian actress is best known for her role in the comedy sitcom Modern Family, and whether she’s on the show or doing interviews, Sofia certainly knows how to make us smile. While usually we only see the actress looking glamorous and gorgeous, there have been a few occasions when she’s been snapped not looking her best. She definitely looks more grunge than glam in the left-hand photo, and the difference between the two pictures we see here is striking to say the least. It must be exhausting having to look incredible 24/7, so we’re not surprised that Sofia has let her glam guard down here and there.

13 Cardi B Appreciates Some Make-Up Free Times

Cardi B has taken the music world by storm and her hit “Bodak Yellow” won her an instant fanbase. She was recently the darling of the iHeart Music Awards, winning the best new artist award and she wowed the crowds with her sensational acceptance speech. Cardi B always looks great, and her sense of style is uniquely her own. However, even the world’s best and biggest rappers need a day to just lounge around and not bother with makeup and fancy outfits, and this first picture shows Cardi B looking more grunge than glam. With all the success and attention she’s been getting lately, we wouldn’t be surprised if the singer needed to take some time off from being in the spotlight. So to that we say, you do your grunge thing Cardi B.

12 Katie Holmes Let The Stress Get To Her

Katie Holmes had a rough few years. With her divorce from Tom Cruise in 2012 and her subsequent walking away from Scientology with her daughter Suri, Katie has undergone a lot. We’re not surprised then to see this photo of the actress looking a little worn. Clearly the stress of breaking up TomKat and dealing with the backlash from the church of Scientology took its toll on the actress, and if we’d had to go through all that, we’d probably look just as awful. Now though, with her Cruise history well in her past and her new blossoming relationship with Jamie Foxx, Katie is looking all sorts of beautiful. She’s sporting a new, trendy pixie haircut and is letting her natural greys shine through. Katie, you’re strong as hell and we hope you’re in a happier, healthier place.

11 Anne Hathaway Channels Some True Mia Thermopolis Vibes

Anne Hathaway has been a little quiet on the Hollywood scene these days, but that’s just because she’s prepping for a super big 2018. With multiple projects already in post-production, including the highly anticipated, all female Ocean’s 8, Anne is going to be hitting our screens in a big way in the upcoming year or so. However, while it’s undeniable that Anne Hathaway is a Hollywood stalwart, that doesn’t mean that she always looks like a glamorous movie star. The pic we see above on the left really does show Anne looking her worst. With a slouchy beanie and a blotchy, makeup-free face, the actress hardly looks like Princess Diaries royalty. This really is a drastic difference between her grunge and her glam look, and we’re sure Queen Clarisse Renaldi would not approve of this first look one bit.

10 Zendaya Isn’t Always On Show

Zendaya has been having a huge wave of success and acclaim recently with her star role in the musical hit movie The Greatest Showman. There’s no denying that Zendaya’s part in the film was one of the best bits of the movie as a whole, and many who had not heard of this young actress before instantly fell in love with her. Zendaya has come a long way since her Disney days, and one thing’s for sure, she certainly has glowed up. While she might look breathtaking on the red carpet however, let’s remember that this actress is only 21 years old, so she’s bound to have her scruffy, grungy days. Even when she’s not looking glam though, Zendaya looks adorable, and we’re pretty sure she’d look great no matter what she was wearing and how little makeup she had on.

9 Jennifer Lawrence Looks Just Like Any Other Girl, Just The Way She Likes

Jennifer Lawrence is considered by many to be a great, modern-day Hollywood beauty. The young actress is outspoken, opinionated, and has her own special brand of humor, which many consider make her even more beautiful for it. Jennifer has spoken a lot in the past about how she loves eating junk food, and we don’t really think of her as being one of those actresses who’s overly concerned with looking great all the time. As we can see, Jennifer isn’t afraid to walk the streets looking a whole lot less glamorous than we’re used to seeing her. While these two photos were taken some time apart, it also goes to show how much Jennifer has evolved over the years, as she got more comfortable and more used to the world of being a Hollywood star.

8 There’s a Night And Day Difference Here With Kristen Stewart

It’s amazing how Kristen Stewart has managed to shake off her reputation as just being “the Twilight actress”, and has developed into a reputable and talented star in indie and blockbuster films in her own right. And, just as her career and evolved, so too has her look over the years. Long gone are the days when she sported long, brown tresses, opting instead these days for a hairstyle that varies between a buzzcut and a longer pixie cut. We’ve watched Kristen develop her own sense of identity over the years, and she really seems to have found her signature style. Her androgynous choice of clothing is as chic as it is hip, and looking at recent photos of her, even her casual style is more glamorous than it used to be. That first pic is a far cry from the K-Stew we known nowadays.

7 Scarlett Johansson Is Stunning No Matter What

Universally known as one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, Scarlett Johansson is an effortless beauty. With her pouty lips, extraordinary physique, and her singular talent for acting, she’s one of the brightest stars in Hollywood. However, even the biggest stars have their not-so-shiny moments, and clearly Scarlett was caught at a bad moment in this first photo. Admittedly, it’s not a great angle to have your photo taken at, and of course, she probably wasn’t expecting to be snapped by the paps that day. However, when we think of Scarlett, we never think of these slightly unflattering, grungy photos. Instead, we always think of her as a Hollywood goddess, like we see on the right-hand side, and see her as a brilliant talent with good looks to boot.

6 Mila Kunis Can Have Her Rough Days Too

Mila Kunis is funny, talented, and ridiculously beautiful. She’s certainly a triple threat, and she genuinely seems like a really sweet, kind-hearted person too. The Ukraine-born actress is best known for her roles on That ‘70s Show, Friends With Benefits, and Black Swan and her marriage to Ashton Kutcher made them both officially known as one of the cutest couples in Hollywood. For a long while, Mila and Ashton were keeping their relationship under wraps when the first started dating, and this first photo we see here was taken at a time when Mila was sneaking around trying to see Ashton in private. You know it must be true love if you’re comfortable letting your S.O. see you in maximum grunge-mode like this, but we’re thrilled to know Ashton loves Mila whether she’s glammed up or grunged down.

5 Lady Gaga Gets Bare and Natural

Lady Gaga was once known for her provocative outfits and out-there style, and if there was an award for craziest fashion, she would have definitely won it. Lady Gaga has since toned down her sartorial strangeness, but is still known for her provocative attitude and of course, her amazing voice. It can be strange seeing Gaga without all of her normal frills and makeup, seeing her face stripped down to his natural state. Here we see the singer without any makeup, looking distinctly different than we’re normally used to. Looking at these two pictures in contrast with each other, we can see that Gaga really does go all out when she’s in glamor mode. Either way, this singer is beautiful inside and out, and her voice makes her all the more sensational.

4 Madonna Sometimes Looks Unlike Her Queen Of Pop self

Madonna has been in the music industry since the 1980s, and has become an icon for her sound and style. She was a trendsetter in fashion since the early days of her career and there was a time when everybody wanted to look exactly her. Britney Spears might be the Princess of Pop, but Madonna is the certified Queen. It’s surprising then seeing pictures of the singer looking a little less than music royalty, like she appears to be in this first pic. Madonna has aged gracefully over the years, and has somehow defied looking her age for decades. However, this first photo is very revealing of Madonna’s true age, and she’s looking a little bit haggard without her usual face of makeup. When she is in full glamor mode though, no one makes an impact quite like Madonna, and she looks fantastic in this photo of her on the red carpet.

3 Gigi Hadid Doesn’t Always Put Fashion First

Gigi Hadid is an indisputable fashion queen, and was the first ever true Instagram supermodel. She is known for her killer looks and her talent for being a model, but even the world’s biggest glamour queens can often be caught looking a little worse for wear. Here we see two very contradictory images, one of Gigi looking like she just woke up and rolled out of bed, and one where she looks like the most beautiful woman in the world. It must be hard being known for being gorgeous, as people won’t let you forget the times when you didn’t look picture perfect. Well, sadly for Gigi, she’s held to a very high standard, and when she slips off the glamour train, boy does she slip hard.

2 Amy Adams Is Great In Grunge Or Glam

Amy is a true darling of Hollywood, and has the rare talent of being great at both comedic as well as dramatic roles. It’s a shame that she has continually been snubbed at the Oscars, as her skills as an actress really should be recognized more. Aside from her talent, Amy is also known for her beauty and and as we can see here, she looks almost as good in her grunged-down look as she does in her more glamorous get-up. Whether she’s sporting a baseball cap and jeans or a plunging evening gown, Amy looks like a true star. She has such a likability and a warmth to her that how she looks and what she’s wearing doesn’t really seem to matter at all.

1 Jennifer Lopez Is Age Defying In Her Natural Beauty

J-Lo is one of those singers who’s so ingrained in our cultural consciousness, that it doesn’t matter if she’s releasing new music or not, the fact that she’s J-Lo is legendary status enough. She’s also one of those few celebrities who pretty much looks exactly the same as she did twenty years ago. We’d like to know what kind of magical, eternal youth elixir she’s been taking, as the singer looks absolutely incredible, despite the fact that she’s almost 50 years old. Even in this more grungy, casual photo, Jennifer looks younger than she is, and her causal wear looks great on her somehow, even if it seems like she’s not putting much effort into her appearance. All in all, Jennifer Lopez remains one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, and we’ll be keen to see how much longer she can sustain her youth-defying looks.

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Although a lot of the time we wish we could be just like the celebrities we adore and admire, the truth is, celebs get a pretty raw deal. Whereas we can just lounge about in our sweats and hoodies when we don't feel like putting much effort into our...