Beginning of every relationship is when everything is all sunshine and roses. You show the best version of yourself because you want to leave a good impression, but it’s not going to last forever. When you’re dating the same person for a while, you’re bound to annoy each other at one point or another. It’s inevitable. It just means that you’re comfortable with being who you are. You show him your best and worst traits. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to sabotage your relationship solely on your annoyance. Maybe if you keep on forgetting what you’re doing is annoying, and you don’t change your ways or habits.

There are some things guys don’t like to hear, and it includes questions like, “Do you really love me?” He doesn’t like it when you question his love for you. He gets annoyed when you ask him, “How do I look? Do I look fat or ugly?” every time you try on new clothes because it’s a trap. No matter what he says, you won’t believe it. Don’t ask for his opinions if you’re only going to reject his compliments. Giving him the silent treatment when you’re upset is probably on the top of the list of annoying things you do. He has absolutely no clue what he did wrong, but he knows you’re not fine even when you say you are.

When You Ask Questions Like, “Do I look fat in this dress?”

There are some things guys don’t like to hear, and it includes questions like, “Do I look fat in this dress?” You put your man in an awkward position. What do you expect him to say? He’s not going to say, “Yes, you look fat.” He’s obviously going to tell you, “Of course not. You look beautiful in that dress.” In his eyes, you look good in everything and anything because he likes you. It gets annoying after a while when you constantly ask him if you look fat or ugly in this and that, and when you reject his compliments every time he gives you one. It makes him feel like you don’t value what he thinks. So try not to ask him these questions anymore or simply reply to him with a thank you.

When You Constantly Text Him When He Has A Guys’ Night Out

Guys need to have a guys’ night out just as much as girls need to have a girls’ night out. You’re not letting your man have that when you constantly text him when he’s out with the guys. You need to give him some space and let him have fun doing whatever guys like to do together like watch a sports game at a bar or play video games without you interrupting his night every few minutes. It’s annoying when you text him that you’re bored and talk about insignificant things that can wait until the next time he sees you. You come off needy and clingy which are not exactly attractive. Maybe when he goes out, you should go out with your girls to keep you busy from being on your phone all night.

When You “Steal” The Blankets At Night

One of the most annoying sleeping habits you can have when you’re sharing the bed with your partner is when you “steal” blankets from him at night. It’s inevitable because you can’t control what you do when you’re sleeping, but stealing blankets is just as bad as snoring, grinding teeth, and sleep talking. You especially need the blankets during the cold weather, so it’s annoying when he wakes up cold in the middle of the night and sees you hogging the blanket while he has nothing to cover for himself. When he tries to pull the blanket from you, you don’t let him or get angry at him. If this happened to you, you’d be annoyed, too. You should get an extra blanket so that no one has to worry about taking anyone’s blanket.

When You Don’t Clean Up After Yourself

Can you imagine walking into your place after a long day at work to relax but there’s no place for you to sit because of all the crumbs on the couch? Yeah, it’s not great. The stained cups you used the other day are still on the coffee table, dirty dishes that smell bad are piled up in the sink, and there’s hair everywhere — they’re all too much for him. Maybe you have a busy schedule so there’s no time for you to clean or you just don’t like cleaning at all. If you can’t clean up after yourself, then don’t make a mess for someone else to clean. He might not nag or say anything that could upset you, but it annoys him when you don’t clean up after yourself.

When You Say, “I’m fine,” When You’re Really Not Fine

It makes guys uncomfortable when you say, “I’m fine,” when you’re really not fine. Your man asks you if something’s wrong because it looks like you’re in a bad mood, but you say, “I’m fine.” You say you’re fine, but he knows you’re not because your facial expression says otherwise. Maybe you’re mad at him for some reason like when he smiled at another girl at a cafe, and you don’t want to talk to him about it. Maybe you want to see if he cares enough to figure out on his own why you’re upset with him. Either way, it annoys him because he wants you to be straight up honest with him if there’s a problem instead of making him guess all the time. He wants to know the problem, resolve it, and make you happy.

When You Complain About Getting Hit On

No one likes a complainer. When you vent to him about your friends, family, or co-workers is one thing, but when you complain to him about getting hit on at a bar or cafe, then it’s different. He’ll be upset at first, but if you continue to tell him about every guy who flirted with you like, “This guy told me I’m cute,” then he’ll get annoyed. He doesn’t want to hear any of it because it makes him feel insecure. He knows you’re beautiful and amazing. He knows guys will want to date you. But you don’t have to rub it in his face every time another guy throws you a compliment. It also seems like you’re desperate for his attention. He’ll get tired of it after a while.

When You Arrive Late To Meet Him

Let’s be honest — we take a long time to get ready, and guys know it, too. It’s still inconsiderate to make him wait all the time. Even if he never complained to you, it doesn’t mean he’s not bothered by it. When you’re constantly late, it shows that you don’t have much respect for him. His time is just as important as yours. If it takes you an hour to get ready, then manage your time wisely so that you don’t arrive late to meet him. It’s annoying when he made a reservation at a restaurant for 8PM, and you arrive twenty minutes later. Being late happens sometimes — legit excuses like an unexpected traffic or you’re stuck in a meeting. Being fashionably late is not okay. When you tell him you’re on the way when you’re really at home straightening your hair is wrong.

When You Keep Talking Over Him

No one likes getting interrupted. When you cut your man off while he’s talking, you’re pretty much telling him that whatever he’s saying, it’s not as important as what you’re about to say. Maybe you do it because you already know where he’s going with his story, but it still doesn’t make it right. It’s definitely annoying when he’s about to tell a funny story to friends at the dinner table, and you jump right in and finish the story because you got excited or he was really slow at getting to the point. No matter what the reason is behind you keep talking over him, it annoys him because you’re not listening to him. Interrupting and talking over him or anyone can seem rude. You should wait your turn, and he’ll appreciate it.

When You Take Forever To Make A Decision

It can be pretty annoying to deal with someone who can’t make up their mind. When you take forever to make a decision, you put everything on hold. Your man asks you what you want for dinner, and you take a while to think about it. You finally tell him you crave pizza, but you change your mind and decide to go with a burger instead. Obviously, he’d be annoyed because he’s hungry and you keep making him wait. He wants to eat already. It’s also annoying when he asks you other questions like what movie you want to watch for date night, and you always say, “Anything,” or “I don’t know.” He likes it when he’s in charge, but like many other guys, he also likes it when you take the lead every now and then.

When You Ask Him, “Do you still love me?”

Your man’s not going to tell you he stopped loving you or that he loves you less than before when you ask him, “Do you still love?” If anything, it’ll make him wonder what he did wrong to make you want to ask that question. It’s nice to hear him say, “Of course I still love you.” It reassures you that his feelings haven’t changed. But if you need constant validation, then you’re going to annoy him. It shows that you’re insecure about your relationship with him, and that might end up driving him away. Also try to refrain from asking him questions like, “Do you really love me?” or “Will you still love me if I gained ten pounds or shaved my head?” Overall, guys don’t like it when you question his love for you.

When You Take Food Off His Plate

You’re at a restaurant with him, and you make your order. He asks you if you want fries or any other side dish to go with your meal, and you say no. But when the waiter brings his plate with sandwich and fries, you take some of his fries. It annoys him when you take food off his plate especially after you told him you didn’t want to order anything else. He ordered fries because he wanted fries. If he wanted to share them with you, then he would’ve offered them to you. If he didn’t, then don’t touch it. When you want something, you should just get it. If you can’t finish it, then maybe he can, or you can take it to go. Some people don’t mind sharing food, but there are others who don’t like to share at all.

When You Overshare On Social Media

He gets annoyed when you overshare on social media like when you broadcast your love life to everyone. It’s no one’s business but yours and his. It might be hard to stay away from social media when you’re feeling happy and wanting to tell everyone that you guys are a couple, but you should try. It makes him uncomfortable when you constantly upload pictures of him and you with romantic messages on your social media. He also doesn’t like it when you post selfies every chance you get like when you wake up, or you’re out dressed in revealing outfits. He doesn’t understand why you feel the need to have to tell and update everyone on everything. Overall, when you excessively share your love life on social media, it could be because you’re feeling insecure.

When You Take His Clothes And Forget To Return Them

Wearing your man’s clothes is one of the best feelings because they’re big and comfy. Maybe you like it because it smells like him. Anyways, it’s cold out, so you borrowed his jacket to keep yourself warm. You spilled coffee on your shirt, so you took one of his from his closet. He might think it’s cute if it’s happened like once or twice, but if you constantly take his clothes and forget to return them, then it’s a problem. He’ll definitely be annoyed and even more annoyed when you can’t find the clothes you took from him especially if it was one of his favorite items. It’s not necessarily to say he doesn’t have anything else to wear, but if you take something that’s not yours, then you should return it.

When You Talk During A Movie

There’s probably nothing more annoying to your man than you asking questions and talking during a movie. He doesn’t like it when you ask him questions like, “Is something going to happen to her?” or “Is he going to die?” especially when he’s watching the movie for the first time. You’ll definitely irk him. He doesn’t want to miss out on anything, and he can’t pay attention to the movie if you keep asking him questions he doesn’t know. Because you’re too busy talking during a movie, you end up asking him what happened again and again. Maybe you won’t have to ask him so many questions if you only paid attention to the movie. Try not to make sarcastic comments, either, because it could ruin the movie. You should just enjoy the movie with him and ask questions after.

When You Always Make The Conversation About Yourself

He finds it annoying when you always make the conversation about yourself. You seem disinterested when he tells you a story of when two girls were interested in him, and it was hard for him to decide on who to take to formal because they were both nice girls. But when you see an opportunity to share your story, you jump right at it. You tell him how there were so many guys that you lost count who persistently asked you out on a date, but you never gave in because none of them were your type. You come off self-centered when you try to one-up him. Not every conversation is a competition. Try not to look like you’re at the edge of your seat waiting for him to finish telling his story so that you can share yours.

When You Chew Your Gum Loudly

It’s obvious that a lot of people’s pet peeves is when people chew food with their mouth open because nobody wants to see what’s inside their mouth. Yuck. Chewing gum is probably on the top of the list, too. Maybe you chew gum because you’re bored or you just like the flavor of it. But he might find it annoying when you’re popping bubbles endlessly, and the awful smacking sound can drive him crazy. He probably doesn’t want to say anything because it’s weird to tell you to stop chewing gum, but it bothers him when he’s trying to focus on something, and all he hears is that smacking sound from your gum. It’s distracting. It’s not to say you shouldn’t chew gum when he’s around. Maybe you can try to chew a little more quietly.

When You Can’t Put Your Phone Down

It’s really hard to put down your phone with all these social media apps: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat. You’re always on your phone because you fear of missing out on something interesting like when you’re in group chats with your friends. But it’s important to give him full attention when he’s trying to have a conversation with you instead of nodding at everything he’s saying and constantly asking him, “What did you say?” It’s annoying when he has to repeat himself because you weren’t listening to him. Your priority seems to be your phone, and that makes him feel insignificant. Try not to be glued to your phone when he’s talking to you. If you really like him, then catching up with your friends and checking social media can wait a bit.

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Beginning of every relationship is when everything is all sunshine and roses. You show the best version of yourself because you want to leave a good impression, but it’s not going to last forever. When you’re dating the same person for a while, you’re bound to annoy each other...