Although it may seem counter-intuitive, letting go is a necessity of life – for the more you are burdened with, the less freely you can move. After all, you can’t help but collect some mental  baggage as life ticks by. Why not use the energy of fall to help you lighten your load?

To help get you started, here is a list of things to consider releasing, plus a bonus meditation to help you do it:

Good Riddance! 15 Things to Let Go of Now

1. Unworthiness – Let go of feeling you are less than others and instead claim your right to self-love. Know that we are each unique yet equal, and that you, too, are worthy.

2. Guilt – If you carry guilt, you carry pain. As much as you can, let go of guilt and instead choose a new perspective to rearrange how you define your guilt. If your intentions are good and you’re doing your best, forgive yourself and move-on. Every day is a new chance for positive change.

3. Fear – This is the number one way we hold ourselves back. Instead of feeling fear, try choosing to view things with curiosity and arm yourself with knowledge instead. We only truly fear what we do not know.

4. Judgment – When you are in a state of judgment you are in a negative mind-set. Live your life as you choose whilst fostering an understanding that different people are allowed to make different choices than you.

5. Anger – Anger is born of fear. When you are angry, you are actually afraid that some aspect of your life is out of your control. Try to take a step back from reaction and first seek to understand the source of your anger. This puts you back into choice as you can either accept the situation, or take steps to alter it.

6. Blame – Blame puts the responsibility, and subsequently power, in someone else’s hands. Own- up to your role in your life creations rather than blaming your issues on someone else. Personal responsibility is mandatory if you want change.

7. Worry – Worry is a negative habit of the mind, born of a fearful imagination. It colors your projections with fear, causing anxiety, pain and yet offering no solutions. Strive to keep your thoughts in the present moment, for it is only here that choice and action can occur.

8. Control – A controlling mind-set is a fearful one. We all have the right to our own choices. Rather than trying to make life as you believe it ought to be, and force people to behave as you want them to, try learning to accept people and things as they are.

9. Past – The past is probably one of the heaviest and most worthless loads one can carry because there is nothing you can do to change it. Choose to learn from your past lessons, accept them, and keep your focus moving forward toward the future you prefer.

10. Perfection – Perfection is a misconception of reality, for it is based on opinion rather than fact. If you suffer from perfection, ask yourself whose ideal you are trying to live up to and why. Observe how this may be holding you back from your own achievements. Understand that there is no such thing as perfection except the perfect expression of one’s own individuality. Truly, no one can live your life better than you, so do your best and forget the rest.

11. Production – While it is usually necessary to strive to some degree in order to progress in life, it is also necessary, vital even, that you also relax. If you cannot stop yourself from constant work you will inevitably crash and burn-out. Remember to take a time-out every day to recharge and rejuvenate, knowing that when you fill yourself-up, you have more to give.

12. People pleasing – This is a losing game, for no matter how hard you try, you will never please other people all of the time. If this is a habit you have, let it go and replace it with a regular affirmation of self-love and acceptance.

13. Competition – You are always where you need to be. Let go of expectations of yourself based on what others are doing. The only person you should compete with is yourself, always working to be the best version of you.

14. Denial – That which you do not accept binds you. When you deny a negative aspect of yourself you actually reinforce it unconsciously. Look at yourself with truthful, yet gentle, vision and take steps to make necessary life adjustments. If you can be in total acceptance, you can be free.

15. Feeling sorry for yourself –  Behind every heroic story is a resilient person who let-go of self-pity and carried-on. Feeling sorry for yourself stops your personal progress dead in its tracks. If you need to take a moment after a difficult situation to feel sorry for yourself then do it, but don’t linger. As soon as you can, dust yourself off and get back up on your feet, knowing always that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and yes, you will get there soon.

Ganpati Kriya – Meditation for releasing attachments

This kundalini yoga meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, helps you to let go of the attachments of the mind and the impact of past actions. Once you are free of past negativity, your life will become positive, allowing your life blessings to flow:

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose, with a light neck lock.

Eyes: The eyes are 1/10th open. Concentrate at the Third Eye Point.

Mudra: Place the wrists over the knees, hands in Gyan Mudra (index fingertips touch thumb tips). Keep the arms and elbows straight.

Mantra:  Saa-Taa-Naa-Maa-   Raa-Maa-Daa-Saa-   Saa-Say-So-Hung

Part I

Chant the mantra on a single breath, as you press the fingertips of each hand sequentially (thumb to fore finger, thumb to middle finger, thumb to ring finger, thumb to little finger) with each syllable. Use a monotone voice. Continue for 11 minutes.

Part II

Inhale deeply and hold the breath. Move the body in a slow twist and stretch motion. Move each muscle of the body. Move the head, torso, arms, back, belly and hands. Then exhale powerfully. Repeat this 5 times.

Part III

Immediately sit straight. Look at the Lotus Point, the tip of the nose. Become totally calm, absolutely still. Meditate for 3 minutes.

To End: Inhale and hold the breath for 30 seconds as you physically move and rotate your body as if it is going through spasms. Every muscle must be stretched, squeezed and turned around, from the muscles in your face, head and neck, down to your toes. Exhale. Repeat this 3 more times. Then inhale, sit calmly and concentrate on the tip of your nose for 20 seconds. Exhale, and relax.

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Although it may seem counter-intuitive, letting go is a necessity of life – for the more you are burdened with, the less freely you can move. After all, you can’t help but collect some mental  baggage as life ticks by. Why not use the energy of fall to help...