10 Things You Will Regret Not Doing In Your Relationship

People often say they regret nothing. After all, every action has led them to where they are now, and that is either a great thing, or at least a positive learning experience. Bad choices can teach us a lot in relationships. But what about those times when you could have done something, but didn’t, to improve your relationship, or make the most of it so you can be as happy as possible? There is always something you can do and these are things you’ll regret not doing in your relationship because they are simple but fundamental things to ensure you are healthy and as happy as you can be together.

1. Turning off electronic distractions when you are together.

Come home from work and turn it off, or set  a time when those devices are off. Ban them from when you are sitting and talking together. Ban them from the bedroom. Ban then from meal times. Value each other’s company more than work when you aren’t at work and definitely more than social media.

2.Complimenting your partner every day.

Find something nice to compliment your partner on. Make it thoughtful rather than generic. Pay attention to the details, efforts and changes in your partner. It;s important not to become oblivious to each other.

3. Praising your partner to others

Be proud of your relationship. Be as excited that you found each other and still choose each other today, as you did when you first met. Let your partner see you cherish them not just when you’re alone, but around others. Use superlatives and adjectives. When you describe your partner or introduce them, don’t just use their name or label. Add words like wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful, sweet. Little words carry a big message.

4. Repairing conflicts earlier

You’ll regret leaving arguments to fester and grow bigger, needlessly. Be the person who wants to solve your conflicts and repair hurt feelings, working together as a team..

5. Carving out alone time together on a regular basis

If you  don’t make time for each other you’ll eventually regret it if you’re in a position of loneliness or one of you wants to make a major change in how much time you spend together. Invest in nurturing each other from the start and always keep it as a priority.

6. Initiating sex more

Have sex even if you’re only lukewarm at the idea. One day you may look back and wish you’d spent more time just enjoying each other sensually and sexually, rather than running errands or being on time for everything. Be late to a party or event once in awhile and  sex before you go out. It tells one another that no matter what else is going on in your lives, that part of your life together is really important.7. Forming a positive relationship with your partner’s family and friendsCreate a shared world and shared life togetherto make you feel close not just with one another, but with those who are important to them too.8. Laughing a lotFind things that make you both laugh and do them a lot. We do this naturally in  in the beginning of a relationship and sometimes let it slide once the details of life together creep in. Laugh more. Couples who laugh together stay together longer, and are happier. It’s not rocket science, but many couples can’t remember the last time they made one another laugh or shared something fun and funny together.9. Keep trying new things togetherGrow together, expand your world together. Stay interested in life and the world as it changes, and do it together. Don’t find yourself regretting that you’d done something different or something at all, and life feels old fashioned and unexciting anymore, or your partner raced ahead and feels stimulated, while you feel left behind. Embrace opportunities together, get out of your comfort zones, together.10. Speaking your mind and heartYou will regret it if you aren’t an active participant in your relationship and don’t say something when it’s truly important to you. Don’t bottle your emotions, don’t stay quiet just to keep peace. A healthy relationship is one in which both partners feel they have an equal voice so speak up; contribute to the growth and happiness of your relationship and be heard. Communicate. Love and understanding blossom from open communication.


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