10 Things To Know Before Dating An Old Soul

People who have old souls may have some trouble in today’s dating world because we’re so…well you know, old fashion. There are so many rules for us to think deeply about and romance can come in so many different colors. 

In fact, when it comes to romance, we old souls almost always refer to our novella-like daydreams for guidance, which can be a bit of a setback. But hey, its like what kids say nowadays – it is what it is.

Here are some things to know about dating an old soul:

1. We date the normal way. Most old souls prefer to date the traditional way of meeting people face to face rather than online. It’s nothing against today’s generation, it’s just that it’s easier for us to talk to you in person. We know that it’s really you and it leaves more room for honesty. Due to online dating and hook-up culture, there are so many rules for dating in today’s world that we tend to over think them, making dating complicated. Rather than staying at home to “chill” or going to a loud club, we’d rather go out to more sedated places like an indie movie or a nice restaurant. 

2.We talk out our thoughts. Since we tend to go into in-depth thinking about well…everything, we sometimes need someone to talk to about our thoughts in order to get them out there. Try not to laugh if we talk to you about finally figuring out that the sales associate is also a soccer coach. It might be silly to everyone else, but it’s an important find for us and it means we trust you with our thoughts.

3. We enjoy spending time with you. Old souls love to learn the stories of everyone around them, so don’t be surprised if we get a bit clingy by sending good morning texts here and there, wanting to cuddle with you while reading a book, and planning pasta themed picnics for us at a local park every other weekend. It’s because we really like you and we’re eager to get to know you. At the same time, however…

4. We like our personal space. For the most part, old souls are generally introverted, which means there will be times where we’ll get a little distant. Old souls like to have some personal space to get our thoughts in order. But don’t worry, we’re thinking of you, too. Very deeply, in fact.

5. We will be honest…sometimes brutally. Call us the party pooper and we’ll wear it like a badge. Since we old souls do our best to look out for the ones we love and care about, we’ll let you know that going to a haunted house probably isn’t a good idea. We’re already thinking about you possibly getting a panic attack or having nightmares or maybe getting an exorcism. So yeah…probably not.

6. It’s okay to ask us for advice. Since old souls are compassionate people, we love to give advice to those who need it in order to help them. So don’t be shy or embarrassed to come to us if you need advice for things like changing careers, trying yoga for the first time, or even whether or not you should continue to be the wingman for your best friend anymore.

7. Confrontation is our enemy. We know that the best way to solve problems with others is to confront them, but we really rather not. We hate the idea of having to argue with you, so we try to avoid it, but at the same time, our wisdom won’t allow us to. Still, we can’t help but think ahead to what our conflict will be, often overexaggerating it. 

8. Say what you mean. Since we’re deep thinkers, sending us mixed messageswhether through text or conversation will only pull our already overly-active minds into a pit of confusion and over thinking. So please just be honest with us even if it’s harsh. You’re doing yourself a big favor by telling us like it is. We’re not big fans of confrontation, but we’re willing to work it out with you and it helps to do that sooner than later.

9. We get passionate about the past. Old souls usually feel misplaced within their own generations, so try not to be weirded out when you stumble upon our 50s inspired wardrobe or various record albums (with a record player) from the Beatles. We feel like we belong to another time period in the past, so we’ll naturally gravitate to any evidence that has to do with that period. It’s safe to say we’ll probably drag you into the time machine with us.

10. We have a different view of romance. Our idea of romance may be making you chicken soup when you have a sore throat, playing cards with after a long day of work, or taking a stroll in a park as the sun sets. In fact, when it comes to sex, we like to make it meaningful because we consider you special in our lives. Old souls enjoy finding pleasure in simple things others normally take for granted and what’s better than bringing someone we love along for the ride.


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